What is your favorite breakfast and how do you guarantee it’s available?

Night N.
Fruit bowl, I guarantee it is available by my mom going to the store to by some. She buys blueberries, bananas, Apples, and strawberries

Louisa N.
Indian milk tea with parantha, ithe parantha is a stuffed bread usually it can be filled with potato / cauliflower/onion fillings… It's mostly available because these ingredients are really common in Indian households!

M Lissa I.
My favourite breakfast is porridge made with rolled oats, and I make sure it's always available by always stocking up on the milk and oats.

Aidan N.
Right now it’s whatever is easiest to make most of the time. Apple sauce and a hand full of pecans. A bowl of unsweet cereal. a smoothie. and when i have time oatmeal, eggs, pancakes, hash browns. things that involve cooking.

Zaide I.
I like to have a few eggs with toast and some jalapenos. Whenever my family goes to the store, those are the items we're always sure to get, so I knee when starting the whole morning habit thing with the great breakfast, I'd probably be eating those.