what can I prepare the night before, that still feels fresh the following morning?

Jan E.
Water to be room temperature & drink as soon as you wake up; your clothes for the day; & an idea of your schedule for the day
Ma Lia O.
It can be frozen food . As you can prepare it the night before and then keep it in fridge. The next morning just heat it up and eat it. You can also buy that the night before or prepare it at home.
Amy O.
Overnight oats: put a cup of oats, 2 tbsp chia seeds and a pinch of salt in a jar or bowl and mix. Stir in 2 cups of coconut, almond, or soy milk. Put it in the fridge overnight. In the morning you can stir in some maple syrup, cacao nibs, cocoa and top with fruit like cherries or strawberries. Or play with different sweeteners and toppings like nuts, etc.
Bertram G.
Here I suggests you some type of breakfasts you can simply do, that you can eadily find:
1. Overnight Oats
2. Freezer Smoothies
4. Yogurt Parfait
I hope you'll try them!!!
Nouha M.
The first thing you can do is believing that you really want to have a refresh morning.But how?
You will repeat and repeat 10 times :"I WANT TO HAVE A REFRESH MORNING".
Concerning the time for sleep ,I won't say to you sleep early but sleep in your ordinary time.
Then it is better to have a session of self-meditation or listening to an optimistic meditation.
Take care ❣️.
Maia Z.
I can set my clothes out. I can decide what I'll do with my hair. I'll grab water to drink when I wake up and ill have music read to play
Falk O.
Well starting off put a nice big water bottle next to where you sleep is always a good way to go. When you wake up its right there so you remember. As for something you can do the night before, i would recommend taking a night shower and drinking lots of water. I have a very bad tendency to not drink anything for hours on end and now that im drinking more i feel refreshed all the time and its really helping. This is just from experience and really you can do anything that gives you some happiness before bed.