What is your preferred breakfast in the morning?

L Rke N.
Porridge made with water with a quarter cup of skimmed milk which is added at the last minute of cooking.
When cooked add mashed banana and top with sliced banana ground flaxseeds raspberries and maple syrup. Just before serving add crushed nuts.
Eliza S.
My preferred breakfast is 3 shortly cooked scrambled eggs, with one avocado on the side with salt and pepper on both. For a drink I usually like water.
L Rke Z.
I like to have one of three things. Overnight oats, plain yogurt with a banana, or eggs. If I’m pressed for time I use the weight watchers (now called WW) protein pancakes.
Engin T.
Brown bread with peanut butter and boiled eggs and also there is other one which is oats with slim milk, honey, flax seeds and dry fruits added in it.
Milan O.
My preferred is an omelette, pea meal bacon, and dry rye toast. Lately I have been grabbing a coffee and muffin most mornings. I am now having boiled eggs and cut fruit.
Leslie O.
My preferred daily breakfast is a light one: a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts or a nut bar or – if I’m feeling fancy – a smoothie. Going out I like to treat myself with either a fry-up (bacon, scrambled eggs, hash brown, toast, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes) or a smoothie bowl (blended berries and ice, chopped fruit and nuts on top).
Bertha Z.
I prefer hard-boiled eggs for an easy, protein- filled breakfast. However, oatmeal, a banana, or some nuts will be good on the go. If you want to stick with healthy breakfast routine; try to keep it simple, otherwise you’ll end up buying something on the go.
Evan P.
Something high in healthy fats and protein. Avocado, nuts, good quality sausage/bacon, smoked salmon. Plus fresh fruits. Plus coffee of course.
Falco G.
1 egg with a slice of cheese on top, inside 1 small pita bread. Before hand I usually drink a tumeric latte or a cup of green tea. The combination its very filling and it makes me very happy compared to a sad bowl of cereal
Seth N.
I usually prepare hard boiled eggs (two) in my instant pot, and have that along with flavored or unflavored oatmeal to which I add fresh fruit like strawberries, bananas, nuts, or flaxseed (basically whatever is on hand). It’s usually quite filling and delicious!
Herman C.
Eggs and bread. If I'm short on time, I'll use the microwave to make an egg sandwich (typically 2 eggs). If I have time, I'll bite a hole in the center of the bread and cook the egg in the hole. I don't have a toaster, so I have to cook my bread anyway haha
Penny T.
Fruits (banana, kiwi, melagrana) in a bowl with some seeds and almond milk. Green tea, lemon hot water and a couple of homemade jam-bread. Bit of cereals with the fruit. And a coffee at the end!
Charlotte E.
Right now, non processed meat and veggies like homemade beef jerky, or sauteed ground beef with veggies and usually avocado.
Sylvester Q.
I always eat non fat plain yoghurt, a piece of fruit (kiwi, Apple, pear) and some crunchy muesli that is low on sugar. And a cup of tea.
Timothe Y.
None, if I take breakfast I have diarrhea and terrible stomachache, and then I feel very tired and sleepy the rest of the day. I can only eat a little from 11:00, but usually my first meal is the lunch.
Glen A.
I prefer to have a cup of Greek yogurt in the morning. It’s easy since it comes in a single serving cup, and I don’t have to spend the time prepping breakfast. It’s high in protein as the app suggests, and if you choose the right brand there’s not much sugar. I may also grab a small bit of fruit or a spoonful of peanut butter.
Sophia Y.
Toast with peanut butter and a banana. It's really fast and easy, but it works wonders. Also, I prefer tea over coffee, as tea's caffeine is slower working and has less of a crash.
Augustin S.
i enjoy eating scrambled eggs with a bagel and cream cheese. it really fills me up and it tastes delicious. it also gives me the confidence to know that i am eating a healthy breakfast that will supply me with energy through out the day.
Lison Q.
Water, master aminos for protein, Revive-it-all for mental clarity and focus, and then coffee. Sometimes I'll splurge for the unhealthy sausage, egg, and cheese bagel from the mom & pop store.
Theda Y.
Something quick, easy and healthy. Sometimes I prepare @ few containers of overnight oats, with pesnut butter and cocoa powder, or I make a protein shake with Almond milk or Ezekiel toast with cheese or eggs.
Ida Z.
Porridge with berries when I have enough time to preparare it, eggs (even if it’s kind of unusual to have them in the morning in Italy) or a not so healthy croassaint when I am in a hurry!
Lea C.
Smoothies with constant ingredients such as Chia seeds, Peanut butter, Yogurt, Almond milk, Banana and then mix it up with Apple, Berries or Carrots
Eden C.
What I like to eat for breakfast is ether a smoothie cereal and a yougut parfait and I also some fruit because it gets my day started and I’m awake and ready to go to school or just go any were.
Lemuel Q.
Half an avocado and a cup of tea with milk. Or banana and peanut butter. I really enjoy a good protein smoothie after a morning workout too!
Villads Z.
I like to make baked oatmeal. I can make it on a Sunday and have enough to last me the week. In the morning I can pop it in the microwave, put some Greek yogurt on it, and top with my favorite fruit! Another good go to is peanut/almond butter toast with bananas on top.
Vicky J.
I prefer smoothies. I prep them the night before so it’s easy to throw them in the blender in the morning. Kale, pineapple, banana and PB is a favorite combo.
Villads C.
I would love a healthy big breakfast. Eggs and then a salad on the side, I would avoid coffee or bread in the morning. Just some protein and some veggies, I would also consider oat meal and some nuts.
Lucie C.
Poached or scrambled eggs over a toast, with smoked salmon, avocado and spinach. Also a glass of orange juice and a cup of tea.
Melissa Z.
Well, I would prefer a smoothy, granola, orange juice. Then maybe some toast.

I like small snacks throughout the day.

It depends though. Many days, Id just like a coffee in the morning to help get me going.

I kinda like a little yogurt, shredded carrot with white balsamic vinegar and sea salt in the morning . Its easy and quick. An egg on the side is nice too.

Evan E.
It was porridge with blueberries and sugar or a cereal bar but recently I’ve been trying to limit my sugar so it’s poached haha on toast (no ketchup) and a black coffe no sugar
Wyatt J.
One free range egg nitrate free bacon and ancient grain toast. Half a grapefruit.

But I do believe a green smoothie is better for me! Try to mix it up.

Mille E.
Veggie hash. A quick stir fry of cauliflower rice, diced bell pepper, diced onions, and chopped baby kale with a poached egg on top.
Aracema F.
Hot water to drink, and muesli and a hard boiled egg to eat. Sometimes coffee, sometimes a walk. Reflecting on what kind of day I’m committing myself to.
Tobias Z.
I need breakfast to be easy a lot of times that means leftovers or a couple of hard boiled eggs. I eat a lot of non breakfast food for breakfast but it works for me.
Cindy F.
Oatmeal (flavored or not), with milk or water, enhances with fresh fruit and one or two hard boiled eggs for protein. Keeps me full for hours!
Lola O.
For breakfast i usually eat a couple of eggs (differently made) and a cheese/meat sandwich. If you can buy a protein bread – even better!
Harold J.
I usually try to balance it. For example, blueberries, Greek yogurt, and coffee. Or an orange and a hard-boiled egg, with coffee. Always coffee.
Laurine Z.
Preferred? One slice of wholegrain toast, one Sunny side up egg and a glass of milk with whey protein but normally I'll just drink milk and whey protein. It's quick and convenient. I'll compensate the calories later during day.
Oldete Y.
I typically like eating Cheerios with blueberries and organic milk. I’ll have a mug of coffee to go with that and sometimes a slice of turkey breast. An hour or so after that I’ll eat an orange.
Julie N.
During the week I usually have a bowl of great grains cereal. On the weekends I have eggs and a piece of whole grain toast.
Herman Y.
My preferred breakfast are omelets because they are delicious and there is so much you can do with them. You can put things like pepperoni, mushrooms and onions, sausage, cheese, herbs, and so much more in them to keep variety and find combinations you like!
Florival Q.
Yogurt with protein powder. I meal prep for the week by dividing a container of yogurt into Tupperware and mixing in protein powder.
Vernon E.
I enjoy eggs and a bagel with some veggies such as avocado, spinach, and bell peppers. It makes me feel energized throughout the morning.
Faith P.
Two egg omelette with spinach, peppers, and tomato. Banana, strawberry, and spinach smoothie. Add flax seed. Coffee for my commute and office 🙂
Pearl I.
3 aloo paranthas with two boiled eggs

5 idlis and two boiled eggs.

Sometimes I will have milk with honey in morning aftera bit of exercize.

I'm following this since I'm trying to gain some weight and strength.
I'm 6ft tall and weight 66k

Peter J.
At least one fruit like an orange and I couple it with oatmeal or a slide of bread with egg or peanut butter, or something small. I don’t eat too much for breakfast cause the time I have to wake up for work is so early that I’m typically not that hungry. I also try to stay away from sweet foods as they make me sleepy in the morning.
Douglas P.
Something I can grab and go – a piece of fruit or protein bar. While I do love to sit down for an omelette or a Greek yogurt fruit parfait, I often don’t have the time.
Arnfried J.
I think this kind of breakfast I prefer in most cases: oatmeal (or another porridge, but oatmeal is the best for me 'cos it won' t become boring), 2 fried eggs (or scrumbled or with soya sauce a-la japanese), maybe some self-made whole-grain bread (maybe not), a cup of green tea after the meal. I don't drink coffee, and I think a glass of orange juice is a good choice for morning beverage' replacement (tried on vacation).
Marine U.
I just love oatmeal with dried cranberries. I add a little Elderberry flour and a touch of brown sugar. It’s quick, easy, and healthy.
Josilene T.
Something with protein and healthy fat. Eggs with cheese/butter is delicious or my weird concoction of plain Greek yogurt with pesto.
Sascha Y.
I actually barely have time to eat breakfast, but when I do I usually drink coffee with something, be it toast or biscuits, depends of my mood.
Wilma N.
Oat porridge with some fruits, honey, or nuts… doesnt have to be from milk, usually the water and honey make it perfect too.
Clecira Q.
Recently its fried eggs on rye bread as its quick and easy to prepare. If i have avocado would add to the side. And follow with fruit.
I also enjoy birchener muesli with figs and greek yoghurt on top but i havent yet got in to habit of preparing the muesli the night before.
Valerie Z.
Tea with milk, then scrambled eggs with a nice flavor, such as tarragon, or with salsa or gochujang. Also good, some kind of beans or lentils, preferably seasoned as in daal, with eggs on top. Keeps me going for hours.
Lton C.
1/2 cup muesli (oats with mixed nuts, berries, and seeds) with 1/4 or 1/2 cup light vanilla almond milk. If I skipped dinner the night before, I also have a banana with it. 🙂
Charlie W.
Greek yoghurt mixed with vanilla grains and agave syrup topped with a mix of roasted almonds and nuts with oats and raisins.
Ted Z.
I started my morning with tea with milk then i prefer Spoiled eggs , cheese with vegetables , juice or coffee and date with one nut
Isabelle F.
Different choices. In a hurry, protein bar and shake. Not in a hurry, omelet, fried eggs, veggie and fruit smoothie with protein.
Maxime T.
If you are non-veg. Then it will be great to have Bread with butter, cheese, jam or omelet and a cup of Coffee or Tea. If you are on a diet you are free to have salad, fruits and juice. Have a good breakfast!😊