What should I do if I wake up super early and don’t feel hungry enough to eat?

Niels F.
Go back to sleep / rest / do something else until you feel hungry. Really the important thing is you eat before heading to work / day's activity. What you eat should depend on your activity. Driving to an office job ~ very light breakfast mainly protein, cycling to a building site, big breakfast with plenty of protein n carbs.
Valentino Q.
Eat something small, light. Alternatively, you could eat a few bites of a bigger meal and pack the rest for a mid-morning snack.
Sebastian F.
Usually, I'll have a cup of tea and a glass of water on those days, at least until the hunger sets in. When that happens, I have some porridge or a light sandwich.
Ingried W.
You can wait at least an hour and if you still don’t feel hungry maybe a light snack like a piece of fruit, some yogurt or a smoothie would suffice, just to have something in your stomach to give you a little energy boost for the rest of your morning.
Malou W.
You can do some exersise first, like go for a walk or you can take your breakfast with you to work and eat it when you arrive.
Vera A.
If you don't feel hungry if you wake up super early, then drink water. That will at least fill your stomach and hold you until you feel hungry
Mille E.
If you wake up super early and don't feel hungry yet you should still honour your new ritual. Head to the kitchen as you would and take the time to make yourself the nicest cup of coffee or tea or whatever drink you like to have in the morning.
If it's a coffee, pretend you are the most pro barista and make your coffee with great care, focussing on each step of the process and enjoying it too.
If it's tea, pretend you're in Japan and have a special tea ceremony – wash your mug, dry it, smell the tea leaves before you brew/place the tea bag into the water.
Aim to take as long with this as you would with the preparation of your breakfast.
Then, if you can, add a small snack into the mix. So that you have something to wake up your tummy with. It could be a fruit or a cereal bar.

Then before you start your day, make sure you have another healthy snack with you ready so that hunger doesn't catch you off guard before lunch time!

Hansj Rgen Q.
Eu costumo fazer uma breve sessão de yoga, que alonga e aquece o corpo, preparando-o para o dia. Geralmente isso é suficiente pra que eu sinta fome o suficiente para comer bem.
Ethan F.
If it's before my usual breakfast time, wait until it's breakfast. Routine is important, otherwise you're prone to overeating.
Amanda O.
If you don’t feel hungry enough to eat, will feel it later. My advice would be to take a protein bar with you or something small to calm your hunger down until lunchtime
Aymeric S.
you should still eat something. not too big like a couple of pieces of fruit or something like that, that way you will have energy for the day. you might not notice it but it does make a difference.
Oscar Y.
I would drink water while I wake up a little bit… maybe get ready for the day before you decide to have breakfast. Or I would just force myself to eat something small in the morning like peanut butter on a banana, or some sort of combination of protein and a fruit… and then later on in the morning when you are hungry, have your breakfast. I feel that you'll eventually get used to having something right when you wake up, and maybe start pushing your breakfast earlier and have a snack later on.
Thibault Y.
Maybe you can have a glass of water or two, a cup of tea or coffee, and the have breakfast. Or you can prepare a take away breakfast, so you can have it when you are hungry.
Rachel S.
Firstly, do you need to wake up super early?
We're learning more and more about the benifits of a proper sleep! It trumps any meditation, exercise or anything else, it's how we consolidate memories and learning and kick out anything useless.
But anyway. If you wake early and aren't hungry don't force yourself to eat! There's no real benefit to that so skip the habit until you are ready to eat. If you leave your house early be sure to take some fruit and nuts with you for when the hunger does strike. I always leave the house with an apple, Banana and a shot glass I nabbed from the pub full of organic peanut butter but if you have the time there are thousands of healthy energising recipes you can prepare the night before and just take with you.
El Onore N.
i usually go with a smoothie if i don't feel hungry. there's no chewing, but you're still getting nutrients and it may spike your appetite
Phillip P.
Then maybe you can wait for a while and prepare a breakfast which is healthy and delicate so that you can get into the mood of eating your breakfast
Malo N.
Get up and moving for 30 minutes to an hour to wake up your body and metabolism. Use this time to prep an extra-fancy breakfast if you like (the smell will make you hungry by the time it's done) or do some early-morning yoga. Basically, just get moving for a bit and come back to breakfast in an hour or so. A bit of a delay is fine, just make sure you do actually eat some breakfast before too long.
Sebastian U.
It can mean that you have eaten too much before going to sleep. Eat less before sleep.
In the morning drink water and wait, water will launch digestion.
Andreas Z.
I might not understand your question as I would say: then just follow your instinct and eat at a later hour. Do you have a strict routine, that makes you doubt what to do? Do you sport in the early morning and are you required to eat before working out? Can it be that your answer lies more in a question thats not being adressed yet? And if it is just a practical matter: than why not make it super easy for yourself by making breakfast for the moment you do feel like eating breakfast: i.e. Coconut yoghurt, banana, small cut almonds and oatmeal with peanutbutter on the top tastes best after is been in the refrigerator. If you put it in a ‘to go’ jar you can even take it with you (if thats the reason you needed to get up at an early hour). Better yet, make it the evening before. It tasts even better after cooling it a whole night.

Take care, Tanja

Liam F.
Listen to your body. If you aren’t feeling hungry, don’t force yourself to eat. Learn to listen to the messages that your body is sending you. There is a rhythm and a pattern if we are keen enough to pick up those signals. Mainly, don’t worry about food. Don’t let the clock, or someone else’s expectations, control what you do. Your body will tell you what it needs. Just listen.
Sofie N.
If it’s super early I would just eat the breakfast a bit later. Or maybe eat just a little bit and later your breakfast.
James Y.
Wait until you are hungry. Also maybe you’re eating to much at night, in that case decrease your portions at dinner. My two cents 😉
Blanka U.
Trust your body. Maybe have a half an orange just to give you a little burst to start your day. It’s natural to eat when you’re hungry😊
Mark F.
Im not really hungry either when I first wake up but I try to eat something small like a piece of fruit within the first hour usually at the tale end of it. Hope that helps
Jean C.
Eat something small like a handful of nuts, a banana, or a granola bar. And drink water! I'm usually not hungry when I wake up but I've found that if I nibble on something small it stimulates my metabolism and I feel hungrier sooner than I would if I just skipped breakfast.
Anita S.
Set a time to have breakfast, not necessarily as soon as you wake up. You can change the order of the habits in the list to have your personalized routine.
Andrea W.
Have Slow walk or do jogging to make ur body sweat , and after that u can eat any fruit like apple , n u can also have some chanas as a mrng healthy snack to make ur mind sharp
Alfred O.
I make sure that I drink water as soon as I can after I wake up. Sometimes that kickstarts my stomach, but if it doesn’t, I take something healthy with protein with me like toast with peanut butter or a small cup of low sugar yogurt or cottage cheese. This way, I’m prepared with something healthy and a good fuel when I do get hungry.
Corentin Z.
Have something small like a fruit, cup of tea or a slice of bread. Just to provide your body with the energy it needs. I'm an athlete so I eat anyways if I'm not hungry so that my body never feels like it's in a fast and so that it doesn't feed off other nutrients in my body. So if you're okay with eating anyways, give that a go. It's okay and good for you in the long run 🙂
Arno T.
First of all, drink water… Then even if you're not hungry enough to eat, nibble on anything.. Probably nuts or a fruit… Apple works for me, just make sure your stomach isn't empty
Mads P.
Try to start with sth tasty that you really like and it will come naturally with time – If you’re not used to eat breakfast, it’s always hard to start but then comes naturally. It might sound strange, but in fact you won’t be hungry if you don’t eat as such…
Othzrwise, start with just bringing fruits with you the first days to eat them a bit later, and then do it earlier and earlier until you reach the correct time.
Good luck, I support you 😉
Hasan U.
If you aren’t hungry enough to eat, grab a protein bar or try juicing. You can always split the juice in half, just make sure you have something. Protein is important to jumpstart your metabolism so even a piece of cheese, a spoonful of peanut butter or just one egg is better than nothing at all .
Emilie C.
You can drink some water, take a walk around the neighborhood, do some creative activity, anything to pass time, go shopping for an example and you can even make breakfast while you are at it and when you are hungry you can just eat or warm it up. Breakfast doesn't have to be at a specific time as long as it not too late. 3:00 pm for an example. Hope you continue your journey. Stay blessed
Lilian E.
Take a banana with me or an apple or just eat a couple of nuts – that will at least give me a bit more energy than normal and not be too filling as to make you feel sick from overeating
Randy F.
Skip it why force it. Handful of nuts or fruit will give your body energy. Listen to your body unless it’s prone to obesity.
Edward W.
I usually drink water and try to have some fruit if im not too hungry. Sometimes i just wait until normal eating time to have breakfast if im not hungry yet
Romuald Y.
Take a few sips of water to get yourself going. Do a 5-10 min stretches and if you find yourself with extra time do 7min workout. That could do the trick to eat something on the first hours and a plus of high energy for the day feeling accomplished. Always have a great day 🙂
Irena X.
wsit a ligtle, exercise really lightly, medidate, do yoga, drink some coffee, or run your errands and when your hungry go and eat.
Joyce Z.
I'm never hungry when I wake up, so I always wait until I'm hungry enough to eat – it makes it more enjoyable. If you have to go somewhere, make sure you have grab and go options for when you do eventually get hungry.
Pat J.
Use the extra time to plan and prepare something healthy to eat when you are ready, and do your exercise routine. By the time that is completed you will probably be ready to eat, and you have a healthy breakfast ready to eat.
Tommy J.
Drink a cup of warm water, or ginger tea, or even a dash of vinegar in warm water. Then, go outside and take a walk and stretch out your body. Chances are, by the time you finish your morning walk, you will feel slightly hunngry. Eat a sandwich or make some eggs with coffee.
Melanie Q.
I just eat when I'm hungry. I drink water regardless and I might grab a handful of nuts or a piece of fruit. But I wait to eat a real breakfast when I'm hungry.
Willie U.
Grab something that is quick and easy. Don't skip. A banana, a English muffin, a waffle with strawberry cream cheese spread
Donald U.
I typically don't have enough time in the morning to sit down and eat a nice breakfast, so I keep things I can take with me on hand- apples, granola bars, peanut butter sandwich supplies, etc. Maybe instead of eating breakfast when you wake up, take that time to prepare something healthy that you can take with you and eat once you're hungry.
Anni U.
make yourself eat at least a little something. your body needs fuel to run itself and chances are once you take a bite, your hunger will appear.
Wyatt P.
The thing is, will you have time to eat later or do you just have to wake up to go to work? I don't think u have to eat that early if u dont feel hungry, maybe eat your dinner a little bit earlier so you have time to digest it and feel hungry.
Emil E.
Have water with lemon juice in it. This not only hydrates your body but it also stimulates your digestives juices and is alkaline for your body
Gordon J.
I think you should drink a tea and have a stretch or yoga for at least 10-15 minutes and don’t forget to pack breakfast with you because sooner or later you will be hungry and snack won’t make it 😉
Ella C.
Aprovecha el tiempo para organizar tu día, agradecer por otra mañana y adelantar actividades en casa. Esto pudiera despertar el apetito y te daría tiempo de organizar incluso otras comidas del mismo día o del siguiente.
Noah J.
I don't eat right away. I listen to my needs. The important thing is that I don't forget to it breakfast but for me at least, it doesn't mean I need to do it right after I get up.
Egil N.
What I am going to do when I wake up super early and don't feel hungry enough to eat is drink some coffee and go for a walk. That way I can get energised and be hungry by the time my normal breakfast time comes around.