What variations do you like for breakfast?

Cyndi S.
I like French toast, toast with peanut butter on it, a breakfast sandwich (toast w/mayo, a fried egg, bacon or ham, & a slice of American cheese), pancakes, eggs/bacon/toast, and when I’m feeling lazy cereal.
Kris C.
I tend to fluctuate between a vegan scramble, grilled veg and seitan, oatmeal and scrambled eggs. Sometimes I'll add in a slice of nutritional yeast toast
Elias C.
I enjoy fruit for my breakfast as fruit has amazing benefits,it’s helped me energize and get moving and gave me a sense of achievement. Try to keep away from things such as chocolate spreads and stick to what you know is healthy and only what you like ❤️ YOU GOT THIS!
Emma O.
I always make sure to have eggs. But eggs can get boring so I cook them different every day. Sometimes fried eggs (over easy is my favorite), scrambled, an omelette, or if I have time- poached as part of eggs Benedict with an English muffin and Taylor pork roll. I usually pair my eggs with an English muffin, toast, or a bagel. My favorite breakfast is a bagel sandwich with an over easy fried egg, Taylor pork roll, and cheddar cheese.
Nicklas W.
Wholegrain toast with peanut butter, porridge with fruit, banana egg pancakes (so easy and healthy!) with Greek yoghurt and berries.
Pierre P.
I usually will just give myself a bowl of sugary cereal, but after using this app I find myself eating eggs, with toast, and some yogurt!
Lynn P.
I change between different variations of eggs, muesli, or yogurt with fruits. Depending on how i feel i have a stronger or weaker cup of coffee.
Heinz Walter B.
I like to eat toast sometimes. Avocado, pb&j, plain butter. I also enjoy oatmeal or cream of wheat. Sometimes I’ll have pancakes but that’s mostly on weekends. And cereal or granola with yogurt
Jennifer N.
I have a difficult time varying my breakfast and often have the same thing, sometimes I vary my protein between eggs and peanut butter but I like my favourites
Juan F.
I've been having milk with oatmeal instead of sugary cereals. I have also been eating more fruit each passing day. It's all about starting at a steady pace.
Carmen O.
I usually start my day with carbs and protein; usually in the form of whole grains, fruits, meat, and/or protein powder. Lately I have found that making a shake with UMP protein powder, fruit, and unsweetened almond milk is very filling and easy to finish (as previously I was never hungry in the morning). This, paired with a slice of toast or a bowl of heart-healthy cereal (I like flax plus red berry cereal from Nature’s Path) is very filling and balanced in terms of macronutrients and energy for the day.
Julie E.
For long time I like eggs with sausages. Or it could be some oatmeal with milk.
One of the best, that my wife cooks – shookshooka. (Eggs with tomato’s and vegetables.
Nicole O.
I like a simple breakfast that consists of eggs and meat. Usually hard boiled eggs or an omelet…I do also like oat meal
Andreas G.
There are many different breakfasts that are good for a healthy lifestyle and a great start to the morning! If you want a simple breakfast, go ahead and get yourself a healthy cereal! Something less simple but still fairly quick is eggs and toast, make sure to spice it well so that it's fun and interesting every morning ;). With breakfast, a fruit could never hurt as well, those healthy, natural sugars are very good for you. Finally, there's always good-ol-reliable oatmeal which has plenty of great vitamins and you can add so many different fun things you can add to make it different and fun! I hope this helps! Enjoy! <3
Vitali O.
I actually always eat a banana for breakfast, that is the consistent part. Most days I make oats, with banana, almond milk, walnuts and cranberries. Other days I eat yoghurt with some cereal and banana
Lester Y.
I like to eat oatmeal (usually with peanut butter) and an egg in the morning, I find it helps balance me for the day ahead.
Minnie J.
I like fruits or sugary foods. I usually don't drink coffee in the morning as it makes it harder to eat anything else with it.
Eva Q.
I’ve learned that it’s best to have quick on the go options so that there are no excuses to skipping breakfast even when I’m on the run. I keep bananas, RX protein bars, Cheerios, blueberries and raspberries, eggs, and bagel thins stocked up . Don’t cheat yourself for the less tasty low calorie breakfast. Make it something to look forward to!
Arianna U.
I usually enjoy 2 basic types of breakfast (yogurt or oatmeal) and get a lot of variations with toppings (strawberries and blueberries or apple, pecans and cinnamon, etc)
Sheila C.
I like have some sort of protein, fruit, and a grain. An example of that would be eating berries on waffles. I also enjoy eating bagels. Breakfast is probably my favorite meal of the day.
Yusuf J.
I prefer mostly savoury breakfasts. With eggs and arepas and cheese and proteins. However, once or twice a week, a nice sweet meal is amazing, like waffles or pancakes and french toast. Those are rare though.

Recently it has been yogurt and cereal or eggs and ham. Back in NL, breakfast was less common, and my roommates have a less than healthy meal each time (hagelslag with butter on bread). So I would sometimes eat with them

More than not I did not eat breakfast. Just coffee with milk and sugar

Tiffany P.
My absolute favorite thing for a healthy breakfast is toast with avocado spread on top, with an egg covered in lots of pepper, some salt, some garlic powder, and whatever ur favorite seasoning is 🙂 Sometimes I add little spinach leaves on top as well!