Is having a cheat day okay?

Tobias Y.
Of course!!! It’s not healthy if there is no balance and you deserve to reward yourself! Obviously cheat days can’t be every day but having a cheat day every now and then is completely okay and beneficial:D

Kayla C.
Building discipline is a key factor in achieving success, while having a cheat day won’t completely obliterate your journey to fitness and health, it can create an unfavorable momentum against the progress you are trying to make

Hatidza W.
Yes everyone ha one cheat day or more days but important thing is to get back on the track after cheat days.i hope I helped you

Constance Q.
I would say for the most part, no because even if it’s like exercising you should just do a little if you can’t do more that day, like instead of 30 min exercise, do 10 minutes of stretching.

Elle R.
Yes! You can't always be perfect. Balance is allowing yourself to relax and have a cookie at the birthday party sometimes. If you know how it will effect you and how you'll have to compensate for it, a "cheat" day is a necessary part of life.