What do you eat for breakfast when you don’t feel hungry?

Albert Z.
A fruit of your choosing. I believe in today's society we really don't eat with a purpose any more. So when you are not hungry, think about what nutrients your body needs right now or would benefit from, and then feed it exactly that.
Eddie F.
I still manage to down a few scrambled eggs with cottage cheese. Alternatively a protein shake, but this is rare. Cottage cheese helps down the eggs, and I love the taste.
Heidrun F.
I never really feel hungry in the morning. I do about an hour after I wake up. I usually drink water before breakfast. But the fact if I'm hungry or not doesn't depict whether I eat or not, its if I have time or not.
Brennan F.
I eat nothing because nothing satisfies me when I am not hungry. Also, i usually feel sick in the morning, so I only want to drink coffee, water and juice.
Miroslav G.
I generally workout first to feel hungry, but if I didnt feel hungry I'd probably make a thin smoothie so it feels like I'm drinking instead of eating.
Eckart S.
I pretty much never am hungry during breakfast time, so I do usually a handful of unsalted mixed nuts, some kind of dried fruit, and a couple slices of salami. A little bit of orange juice to top it off and I eat it all very slowly so as not to make myself sick.
Anton F.
If I'm not hungry I usually grab a protein shake or fruit. I find the protein shake doesn't feel like eating but gets nutrients into me. And fruit feels light and is so tasty that I'm up for eating it.
Nicoline W.
Something simple such as a hard-boiled egg, 1/2 cup of oatmeal, a piece of fruit such as a banana, apple, orange, or plum.
Aubin C.
Nothing. I'd probably take a banana with me to work for when I do get hungry. I also have some Müsli there for some late morning breakfast hunger 🙂
I used to force myself to eat even if I wasn't hungry, but that only made me hate the type of Müsli I used to eat, and now I had to switch because I can't eat that one anymore.
Cl O Y.
Instant oatmeal. It's super easy to make with my Keurig or by microwaving the water, so no excuses there. There's little cleanup, so no excuses there. I often make mine in a disposable cup and use a plastic spoon, taking it on the go, so no excuses there. I like the warm feeling I get while eating it, and how full I stay. It's the easiest thing for me to eat when I don't really feel like eating breakfast.
Leslie U.
I'll eat 2-3 sold boiled eggs and/or am short on time. They're very easy to make: put the eggs in a pot, pour boiling hot water over them (make sure to have enough water to cover the eggs fully), close the lid, and wait for 5-8 minutes while they slowly cook. They're a good source of protein and nutrients, and the softness makes it very easy to eat (or drink). Just crack them into a cup or small bowl, add some soy sauce/salt and pepper, and enjoy!
Lee U.
If I’m not all that hungry, I’ll either skip breakfast or eat a fruit. I eat something really small like a banana or an apple.
Roy E.
Even if you don’t feel hungry for breakfast you should still eat it because it is an important meal that will help keep you going. I suggest egg on toast as it can keep you going.
Ruben E.
I prepare my self a natural fruit juice: pineapple, 1 apple, 1 pear, kale, 3 orange juices and ginger.
During the preparation and cutting of the fruits my body gets pumped and starts craving some food. 🙂
Lasc Via Y.
Nuts, like almonds or walnuts. Or I go for something that offers a lot of slow burning calories in liquid form, like a protein shake.
Nils W.
Rarely am I not hungry, but it really is not about the hunger. Your body needs fuel just like your car. So eat what you would normally, just less. I like a couple slices of turkey, a handful of cherry tomatoes, And maybe some string cheese. Of course, I always have my water bottle nearby. I hope that helps.
Noemi Q.
I normally eat when a feel hungry. If I don’t feel hungry then I don’t eat food just I drink coffee or water until I feel hungry. In general for breakfast I eat eggs with other ingredients. <3