What healthy, cheap and quick breakfast can I eat every day? At this point I just eat cereal with milk. It is quick and cheap but not very healthy.

T Cio F.
I eat toast with 1/2 an avocado red pepper flakes and a fried egg. Doesn’t take long to make and it holds me over for a few hours.

Lisete I.
I like to eat apple, banana, peanut butter, cashews, mixed berries on some mornings. Other mornings I like spinach and tomato omelette with goat cheese, avocado, nutritional yeast and toast. Some mornings oatmeal with pecans, peanut butter, cinnamon, cardamom, raisins and honey. Just have a few meals you alternate between and try and get up an extra half hour early to make sure you have time to cook/eat.

Gilda O.
For me fruit is always a great breakfast, even eggs with fruit. Oat meal, I also went on Pinterest to look up keto diet breakfast ideas.

Holly E.
You can try oats, they are much healthier than cereal. You can eat them with yoghurt instead of milk, or make overnight oats the day before so you can eat it straight away in the morning. Fruit doesn't have to be expensive either, an apple or a banana is a quick and healthy option too.

Loane E.
I boil 6 eggs on sundays and leave them in the fridge. At the same time i make a tupperwearbox of sliced carrots, cucumber cherry tomato etc. When i wake up every morning i put dark toast in the toaster while i get dressed. When toast is done i put on butter and ham, and add a boiled egg and veg from my sundaysupply. Healthy breakfast with max 30 seconds work. Good luck💪🏻

Patricia G.
I eat porridge almost every morning. To be quick,I often prepare the oats with milk and water in the evening so just have to heat it in the morning,this barely takes a minute.

Liam E.
I reccomend protein shakes. I make one with 1 cup rice milk, 1 tbls peanut butter, 1 banana, 1 servings of protein powder. It delicious!!
For protein I use Legion Athletics Whey+ (look online) in chocolate. The protein is kinda expensive but I only use 1 scoop a day so it lasts a long time.
You can also buy premade protein shakes, but at least where I am it is less expensive to make it myself…and it tastes better.

Lillian Z.
I usually go for yogurt with granola! Unflavored Greek yogurt has no sugar in it and is full of protein, while granola with fruit in it adds flavor and crunch!

Soila Q.
Notice that a too fast breakfast can be a tricky one, eggs with bacon and coffee with a slice of bread is one of my best choice, or, oatmeal with milk with slices of bananas !
the main thing is that u can eat it as soon as you wake up!

Justine S.
I usually have oatmeal or a bran muffin for breakfast. I get the oatmeal in the cups so you just add water and microwave it for 1 minute. I buy the bran muffins in packages of 4. Both are inexpensive at the grocery stores near me.

Roy C.
Yoghurt, frozen berries & an egg.
2 scrambled eggs with hemp hearts & spinach.
Smoothie: protein powder, yoghurt, frozen banana, frozen berries, spinach

Karl F.
It is definitely not healthy. Milk & cereal both attribute to cancer. At least feed yourself something alkaline in the morning with protein. No sugar, milk, or carbs. Even if it just has to be oats, with a couple (alkaline) berries/fruits, that will do. With Water.

Lenita Q.
Oatmeal! You can put in anything you have at home to go with it if you don’t like it plain. Fruits, berries, peanut butter, honey, nuts. It’ll last you longer than cereal

Nolan S.
Yes, that’s true, sometimes is easier to have a very quick breakfast than a very complicated one… But think about your body… what does your body feel? Is it tired or stressed or simply bored…The most important thing we have to do is eat what your body needs. So if one day you want to have a cheat day you can… But maybe only once a week
If you listen to your body you will have the answers

Victoria E.
You can eat oats with milk and fruits. The night before take a glass jar, fill half of it with oats, add some seeds (it can be chia, flax seeds or other you prefer), then add milk and mix it. You can add some fruits or berries too. Then close the jar and keep it in fridge overnight. Next morning take a jar, add some fruits if you want and your healthy, cheap and quick breakfast is done 🙂

Andreas F.
Oats are my go to. They are delicious and can be done in many different ways very quickly and the price is cheap. Buy quick cooking oats and in the morning just pour the milk or boiling water over them and let sit for couple of minutes, youcan get dressed meanwhile for example. Or you can make overnight oats, they are literally the most delicious and you prep them the night before so there is no stress in the morning. Buy some fresh fruit too and top it off. It is so versatile and yummy.

Morgane S.
Is a quickly breakfast but don't have all the nutrients of your body needs , I advise eat oatmeal with fruits and nuts you have all your macros in one plate , no forget your coffee for amazing day

Charly E.
Eggs. They are cheap and there are lots of ways to make them and it takes like a Max of 3 minutes. Little bito toast and eggs, maybe some fruit, just cut up put into a bowl with like oats or something. Now that's healthy, oooweee.

Lena O.
I have a cup of oatmeal with milk and some raisins. Keeps me going until lunch and it's often referred to as the optimal breakfast.

Arron B.
I take tomatoes, eggs, lettuce and sometimes a fulfilling mozzarella bufala. It's always worth the additional 5-10 minutes to get ready

Herbert U.
I always love eating fresh fruit in the morning, if you meal prep a fruit salad the night before and allow it to sit in the fridge all night the juices all mix together and make something super good. Another great option is bagels and cream cheese, I’m a sucker for a good bagel. Or toast of some sort you can find store brand white bread at stores for as low as 88¢ and butter for $1, you can put butter, peanut butter, cinnamon and sugar on toast are all great!

Robert T.
I think oatmeal has worked the best for me, it doesnt take too much time to prepare and once it cools down i can bog it down

Johanne C.
Incorporate some good, simple proteins like eggs. Or, if you prefer vegetarian options, include oats and other whole, unrefined grains that are high in protein.

Eda Z.
My recipe is:
4 tbls of porridge oats
1 tbls spoon of mixed chia seeds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds
Pour with boiled water, leave (covered) for a minute to soak, add a handful of fresh berries and one tbls of plain yogurt (coconut is my fave!). Enjoy!

Sam J.
I usually have 2 boiled eggs with 2 slices of bread. It's quick, easy and cheap and of course healthy, because it gives the proteins and the carbs you need for breakfast. I usually let them boil for 10-15' while I'm doing something else to save time and then I enjoy my breakfast!

Bill E.
I like eggs, toast, oranges, apples and porridge with strawberries or sultanas for breakfast. They are cheap and delicious.

Munir N.
Check some YouTube tutorials on how to make paneer. All you need is milk and vinegar or lemon juice. It's rich in proteins and you make large amount of it and store it in fridge for a few days. Simply stir fry paneer with some salt, garlic, chillies and onions to make it palatable.

Volkhard F.
Eat oatmeal with nuts and fruits. It is both healthier and cheap. You can prepare the oatmeal a night before. Use yogurt or milk. Than when you wanna eat it cut fruits and put them in with the nuts. I hope my answer helped. Good luck!

Yvonne C.
1-Homemade granola with milk,
2-Cooked steel cut oatmeal with milk combined with fresh fruits,
3-Scrambled eggs with cheese with avocado
4- Cold pressed vegetable juice

Bodo F.
Personally I eat plain oats with some nuts, fruit and seeds. It's a more nutritious alternative to most cereals. Another good option is smashed avocado on toast with some boiled eggs. Put the eggs on the stove to boil and continue getting ready for your day whilst they cook.

Cameron U.
I pre-make my breakfast every morning:
I cut half an apple into cubes, a date into small pieces and put them in a bowl.
Then I add to the bowl some dried cranberries, some chia seeds and 1/4 a cup of fiber1 cereals. I boil some water and go dress up.
When I’m all set and done, I add to the bowl some yogurt and from the boiled water I make a cup of coffee with almond milk (green Vitariz).
Bon appetit

Christian W.
I like a pear or an apple with peanut butter. I’ve also grabbed leftovers from dinner – like a pork chop or a burger. I’m quite unconventional because I’m allergic to eggs! ☺️

Kylie T.
i ususally make microwaved oatmeal or multigrain hot cereal, plain, and put walnuts and dried cranberries (or other combo of fruit and nuts that i have around). an even quicker breakfast is a cup of plain greek yogurt with the same, or with Kind protein granola (10 g protein per serving)

Vernon Z.
I make overnight oats with banana or apple and nuts toppings. It made me thrilled to wake up early knowing my delicious breakfast is waiting for me!

Lucas Z.
Have oatmeal instead of cereal, and replace milk with a plant milk (preferably oat or nut milk as soy actually isn’t that healthy) I prefer coconut milk. Add banana, berries, nuts and cinnamon and there you have a lovely quick easy and super healthy breakfast.

D Ni F.
I enjoy a piece of whole wheat toast with peanut butter and preserves. When particularly rushed, I’ll grab an individual pack of mixed nuts and dry fruit.

Mitchell P.
When I know I really won't have time to cook in the morning, I prepare an overnight oatmeal the night before. In a cup that has an hermetic lid, I put around 1 cup instant oats, a little less milk, 1 mashed banana, 1 apple cut in little cubes, around 1 tablespoon honey and a bit of cinnamon. Mix it well and close the cup, leave in the refrigerator. That way, I can simply grab it and even eat during commute if I need. In a regular morning, I use to just stir-fry a slice of ham, scramble 1 or 2 eggs on it and add a slice of mozzarella cheese. My normal breakfast is complete with an in natura fruit or a smoothie, and black coffee.

Avery Y.
At least add a fruit to your breakfast. Apple or a banana, they are cheap. And you could choose a low-sugar whole grain cereal. Like a granola or muesli. That should make it healthy? I think? I eat natural Greek yogurt with seeds and nuts, and a apple or pear. But it’s not super fast to make like cereal and the yogurt is probably high in fat. So maybe I need some suggestions too!

Gustav N.
You can have a boiled egg with coffee but without sugar,also you can have a apple and a banana,and finally the last idea is something I do personally and its fillng which is having a yogurt mixed with shia,flax and sesame seeds and raisin.(If you use greek yogurt you can add honey)

Astrid U.
Overnight Oats are the way to go! They take on average 5 ingredients and can be made the night before in about 5 minutes. You leave them in the fridge overnight and they are ready for you take to with you to work the next morning.

Earl P.
I like to have a hard boiled egg in the morning. I will make a few on Sunday night and then keep them in my fridge. Adding some sliced avocado is a really nice breakfast. I don’t have a ton of time in the morning so I will peel the egg and then put it in a container to eat when I get to work.

Tobias E.
I think some sliced avocado on toast is always a good choice, but adding a fried egg or sliced boiled egg on the top will add additional protein. Avocados can run a bit expensive though, so if you’re looking for a cheaper option I would recommend a simple fruit smoothie made from a frozen fruit blend and milk. Adding some peanut butter or some chia seeds or maybe even a protein powder would add additional nutrients and give you more energy. Good luck!!

Douglas F.
Eggs. You can get them cheap and they are quick on the stovetop or microwave . I scramble them with leftover veggies or put them on top of a little arugula.

Crispim F.
Not to beat a dead horse or anything but eggs are pretty cheap and actually quick. You can make a batch of hard boiled eggs at night and then eat on them for several days. You can set a soft boiled egg to cook while you get dressed. You can buy egg beaters to make scrambled eggs even quicker. If you’re not into eggs then yogurt (especially Greek yogurt) is very fast and really good for you. Add fruit to plain or vanilla yogurt and you have an incredibly quick and healthy meal.

Joshua E.
Scrambled or poached eggs would probably be quite a good start to the day, some people like it with salmon but I really don’t like fish so I just have eggs on their own. If you really wanted a piece of toast with it you could choose to be a bit healthier and go with brown bread instead of white.

Marlene J.
My go to is eggs with spinach and cheese. It only takes about 5-10 minutes to make! You can also make smoothies if you get milk, frozen fruit, and maybe some protein powder. You can also just buy Greek yogurt and take it with you! All 3 are quick, cheap, and have protein, which gives me more energy during the day.

Attila M.
I’m still learning how to incorporate a good breakfast into my morning routine, as I’m usually not very hungry in the mornings. But I’ve found that eating a hard boiled egg, and some fruits and veggies work for me to start. Maybe a banana, an apple, or some berries to just to get me going. This is usually if I have an early start at school or work, if not I love a simple bowl of oatmeal topped with some sort of fruit like a banana, some nuts and topped woth cinnamon! Simple, filling and delicious!

Charlie E.
You could eat a banana with the cereal to make it a bit healthier or prepare overnight oats the night before. If you don't like oats chia seed pudding is my favorite and I just let it sit in the fridge overnight.

Alicja X.
I usually start with 1 cup of oats. I add skim milk, honey, cinnamon, and some walnuts. Then I throw it all in the microwave. Oatmeal is a very tasty and easy to make breakfast. It keeps me full for quite a while after eating it.

Selma N.
Try adding a hard boiled egg, they are quick and a great source of protein that will keep you fuller longer after breakfast

Roland U.
I've been making banana muffins and then freezing them. I grab a couple and put on some peanut butter for a quick breakfast. I also go through spells of making oatmeal with banana and walnuts. Yum!

Valentine U.
Trail mix (nuts, raisins, and a bit of chocolate) is a great way to start the day.
If you are allergic, have a banana and some orange or apple juice

Terry O.
Get a FitBit. The Versa is light and tracks sleep, so you know where you stand for the day. It also reminds you to input water. For breakfast: Try scrambled egg whites, refried beans with salsa, red onions, green pepper, grated sharp cheddar cheese and a dab of sour cream. Go wild with a few asparagus spears and add a few strawberries or blueberries as chasers. Get Curtis Stone/HSN dura pans and multi-pan/wok steamer thingy so cooking, steaming and cleanup are easy. You just wipe w a rag Create some version of the above for your FitBit to input a “meal.” You’ll honestly feel better, you don’t get hungry, and it takes minutes. You get your vegetables in early, and your blood sugar will not bounce.

Earl U.
One of my faves is fridge oats. You can prep them for 3 days in advance, customize with different fruits & nuts, etc. If needed, you can grab them from the fridge and go.
I also like a piece of fruit (apple, banana) with nut butter (almond, peanut, cashew) and a dash of cinnamon.
Fruit and cottage cheese.

Clifford Y.
I like to start with oatmeal and add mix-ins to make it even healthier. Raisins make it sweet without added sugar and walnuts or peanut butter bump up the protein.

Ashley F.
A fruit with a piece of bread could be an easy, quick and cheap breakfast. Instead of the fruit, you can have a yogurt with some nuts. Don't worry, you will find your perfect breakfast!

Jeremias Z.
I have been eating an apple and yogurt every morning for breakfast. It cheap, healthy and quick. Also 2 boiled eggs is an easy and quick breakfast. Put them on the stove while you getting ready for your day and in 15 – 20 mins they arr done.

Jasmina C.
I usually eat a piece of fruit, with one or two mixed cereal toasts that i keep in my desk at work and a liquid yogurt or a pack of Milk or natural orange Juice.

Nelson Y.
Eggs are cheap and honestly don't take all that much longer to prepare than cereal (maybe an extra five minutes tops). Get a system in place and you'll be able to fry yourself a few eggs each morning in no time at all. If you don't have five minutes, go to bed five minutes earlier and wake up five minutes earlier. (Worth it for a good breakfast.)

Firmino F.
I have fruits of the season, so they are fresh and also cheap. Like right now, I have apples, most of the time with honey and cinnamon.
I also have rice cakes with honey and tahini. Very easy and quick. I avoid bread, sweets and chocolate in the morning and stick only on good energy.

Richard T.
For me, any breakfast with sufficient complex carbs, good amount of proteins and a dash of fat is a great one to start a day.

A cheap breakfast that I can recommend is brown bread, peanut butter and slices of banana. You can even substitute the peanut butter with eggs. To reduce fat, use only the egg white. An apple, banana or any seasonal fruit can be added as well.

Lisa S.
Oatmeal with non dairy milk such as oatmilk or rice milk with fruits. Either warm it up in the morning or make overnight oats the evening before to save more time.

Carl X.
I would recommend plain oatmeal by Quaker! I like to add honey and peanut butter and blueberries. Sometimes I even add protein powder. You can add whatever you like! Oatmeal has amazing health benefits, it’s very quick to make, and it’s also affordable. 🙂

Silke Z.
A banana split!!

1 banana, split
spread on peanut butter on the inside of the halves
glob in your favorite yogurt
sprinkle in your favorite trail mix

ta-da!! ^_^
Lots of protein, slow sugar, and calcium

something quicker is a banana, and a spoonful of natural peanut butter.

If you don't like bananas, you can throw the trail mix in the yogurt.

Then there's plain oatmeal: add cinnamon, vanilla, and apple slicess

Enrique F.
I am not a morning person, so quick, cheap, and healthy is right up my alley. The app tells me that nonfat or lowfat yogurt with fruits is a good breakfast of protein but low sugar. I dont have fruits right now so I'm settling for just yogurt (which is still better than eating a high sugar breakfast). If you have the will to make something, an egg with an English muffin is pretty good too.

Laura C.
I am going with Fruits, oatmeal, crackers and eggs to complete my breakfast. It helps either buying fruit already sliced or in portions. Another alternative will be after buying it sliced it,portion it and freeze for not spending too much time during the weekdays

Marijan O.
Plain yogurt with a spoon of honey and a banana has been my go to for 2 weeks. I bought some flavoured honeys to give me some varieties. Sometimes i add a spoon of jam instead of tge spoon of honey. It's less sugar than the fruit yogurts by adding my own sweetener to plain yogurt

Emily E.
I also eat cereal with milk every morning. However I add chia seeds and banana in my bowl of cereal to add flavour and make sure I obtain the necessary nutrition to boost my day. Moreover, I drink a home-made fruit smoothie.

Valdete E.
I usually like to eat a bagel with some sort of tasty spread on it. Like avocado spread with a tiny bit of salt sprinkled on top. Or maybe just some cream cheese that’s reduced in fat.

Juan E.
Eating Oats in the morning is what works for me. It usually 2 min to prepare and all you need is hot water…i get the variety packs so a different flavor each day. Throw in a scrambled egg, avocado sandwich if you get a chance.

Landon J.
Leftovers! Over cook lunch/dinner and eat the leftovers for breakfast. Works amazingly when you had takeaway (pizza/Chinese) the night before!

Charles Q.
In my opinion, the cheapest breakfast is an egg with vegetables like tomatoto or mushroom with a glass of milk or coffee.ofcoure I personally like to have bread for my breakfast.

Nathaniel O.
I generally eat a. Cheese spinach omelet and a fruit such as strawberries or half a grapefruit i usually make a smoothie every three days with kale, avocado and a few fruits with protein powder and yogurt then drink it over three days

Joann F.
I prefer healthy breakfast like overnight oatmeal what actyaly extra cheap, quick and have multiple variations, just google it. If oatmeal is too mutch fir you, just make a quick fruit salat vith little bit of cinammon and nuts.

Melanie P.
I found a 99 cent V8 drink that is a green smoothie with daily fruit and vegetables intake. Very tasty and filling and energetic drink.

Iolene Z.
A good idea would be to switch to oatmeal, it's easy to prepare just put the milk and oatmeal in the microwave and add some fruits afterwards. You'll be full for long.

Maja N.
A healthy breakfast is one that is Full of nutrients, such as proteins, vitamins and complex carbs. This Will give you the energy you need to wake up. There for a great option is 2 scrambled eggs, a fruit shake and some nuts. A cheaper option Would be a cup of soup and some eggs or tuna.
No cofee, the energy comes from food and from a good night sleep.

Clara Y.
2 hard boiled eggs, I usually boil them all on Sunday for the whole week, or cook and scramble 2 eggs using a microwave at work. You can Cut up some of an avocado to go with the eggs.

Baptist F.
Oats with milk (or water) cook for 2 to 4 mins. Add a sliced banana, few Walnuts, few Almonds. On my cheat days I add few chocolate chips lol.
Other option could be energy bars and toast with peanut butter

Samuel S.
Maybe you can switch that with muesli and yogurt. It’s like granola and yogurt but you soak the oats in the yogurt for a bit and it doesn’t have added sugars. I really love it! I buy the muesli in bulk and just add yogurt every morning

Katrina P.
I’m enjoying a morning egg. If you add a piece of toast and some fruit then you have a full breakfast. Plus there are so many ways to cooks eggs you can likely find one that suits your tastes and timeframe. Also, berries are in season so it takes next to no prep work to prepare them.

Kathy F.
I like to grab a big tub of yogurt for the week and eat it with a handful of berries, granola from the bulk section of the grocery and some honey.

Matthieu E.
I am a huge fan of oatmeal. It can be healthy, cheap and filling depending on the toppings if your choice. By making overnight oats you have breakfast ready waiting for you in the morning. Add protein with some nut butter, whole nuts or seeds. For more volume and flavor add fruits or berries and adjust the sweetness and taste with cinnamon, agave and/or vanilla. Use water as your liquid of choice if wanting to save money or use vegan milk alternatives for creamier texture.

Kylian Q.
I boil eggs the night before for a super quick and healthy option. Otherwise banana, Greek yogurt and a coffee. All affordable.

Aaron Y.
There are lots of yummy recipes for oatmeal fruit squares and egg frittatas and such that you can make in bulk and then freeze, which saves money.

Oscar F.
Preparing things the night before or days in advance is always helpful. Boil a dozen eggs on Monday and you're good for the week. Bananas are great. You could saute spinach and freeze it.

Nicklas P.
I think eggs is probably the easiest choice. You can cook scrambled eggs in under two minutes. Maybe add toast and ham or some other protein. All in all you should be able to get it all ready in under 5 mins easy.

Claude Z.
Eggs are your bff!! Also, I love just plain (no extra flavoring) instant oatmeal with almond milk, not too often though as it has a higher carb count!

Suzanna U.
My quick breakfast is whole grain toast with almond butter spread. We have a local bakery that make whole wheat sourdough, but Trader Joe's makes a decent one.

Dwayne J.
We eat overnight oatmeal at our house. It’s super easy and cheap, and there are a lot of ways to make variations. Our favorite way to make it is to mash up a banana, add chia seeds, cinnamon, maple syrup, chopped pecans, and oats. Then cover with milk or almond milk, and put in the fridge overnight. By morning the oats will have absorbed all the liquid and be ready to eat!!

Zelo Q.
I make a smoothie from the following ingreditents every Day with slight variation:
– high protein jogurt (greek/skyr)
– banana / apple
– leaf spinach or kale
– Cinnamon
– chia seeds

Katrin X.
Hello! I start the day with some water, then a normal portion of grain oatmeal with lingonberry and a cup of coffee. I think it would be Good for me to and some fruits as well..

Claire P.
I recommend overnight oats, I make it with oatmeal which (where I live) is cheap , some chia seeds, oat milk (or what you prefare) and some (frozen) fruit. I prepare it in jugs with lids Sunday evening and then have five jugs I can take from the fridge and eat straight from every weekday morning. It saves time and makes sure I eat a healthy breakfast. There is a tone of recepies you can find online so you can adapt it after taste and what ingredients are cheaper where you live and with the season.

Johan Z.
Get peppers on sale and mushrooms with garlic, cheese and spinach, pre chop those and store them. Then make the best omelet ever!

Isabella J.
Oatmeal. Make overnight oats the night before (better yet, prep a bunch at once). Add in whatever you like to vary the flavours. Cheap, quick and healthy

Kimberly E.
Eat eggs if you are a person who agrees with them. I usually take idli or dosai as breakfast as it just has the right amount of proteins necessary for the day break.

Cathy Z.
I feel you. Cereal is very easy and is cheap. Some breakfasts that I have found that are easy and relatively cheap, are smoothies, eggs, toast. Just the simple stuff. It’s easy and is filled with protein and healthy minerals. Thanks for asking this question.

Storm E.
I’m a big fan of overnight oats with chia seeds, coconut, berries, etc. Super easy to make (and to pre-make in bulk) and really quick as it’s ready as soon as you wake up. Google it, you’ll find plenty of great recipes!

Robert T.
Porridge oats with some dried or fresh fruit with some seeds/nuts on top is so much healthier and more filling than just sugary cereal. You could also have some poached egg on toast/ or scrambled eggs with some veggies on the side and a piece of toast.

Mariko P.
Ooooo, google or Pinterest “overnight oat recipes” … you add oatmeal and milk to a jar and refrigerate overnight. It’s ready in the morning and there are tons of varieties. Also, almost daily my breakfast is to spread a chocolate almond butter (Target brand) on a piece of my favorite bread and fold over. It really works for me, then a banana or other fruit when I get hungry again, then lunch. Healthy plant fats and protein and antioxidants are such a great way to cruise through the morning. I use plant milk in my oats. I had no idea dairy creates inflammation and mucous until I stopped using it. Have fun with it! My hub has been eating chocolate peanut butter ProBar (Amazon) every day for years and it’s soooo tasty and is made of plant based Whole Foods and super filling, I can’t even eat a whole one. I don’t know if it’s cheap enough but would be great to have for once a week or something or days when you’re running late, or even split them in half or smaller squares as a little pop of health in your breakfasts.

Alma W.
I’m quite busy in the mornings so for breakfast I need something quick – a protein shake is my go to healthy breakfast. I can pour the powder into the shaker the night before and simply add water before I run out of the flat. You can add banana for a little carb boost + it tastes amazing. Protein shakes are an upfront investment but they go a long way. Hope this is a helpful tip ❤️

Morgane Y.
I use vegan milk; I do eat animal products. Search on Google "vegan breakfast", and you will find a lot of cheap meals. 🌞

Rose P.
Have a 5-star cereal, have toast with Pics Peanut butter from Woolworths. This is the best peanut butter on the planet, trust me you’ll absolutely love it. Even better, it is 5-star health rated.

Harry J.
I have 90 second microwave quick oats with chopped nuts, milk & honey. The oats I buy come in 1 serve sachets with nuts in them already, but you could buy plain quick oats & mix diced nuts through them yourself. Serve with cold skim milk & honey.

Eduardo N.
You can try oatmeal (40 gr) with water (200ml). It takes about 3 minutes to cook. Then you can add fruit, nuts or raisins if you like. Cinnamon is also a very nice flavour to add to it. I really like it and if you add a banana to it, you’ll have a full feeling for most of the morning. Good luck!

Lillian Z.
My healthy breakfast is a boiled egg with toast with olive oil and dukkha little bit of time for preparation yet you can have everything ready to go the night before

Klaus T.
This week I froze healthy popsicle sticks. They have yogurt, strawberries, and blueberries in them. I made them Sunday afternoon, it only took about fifteen minutes, and they’re ready to eat every morning. They’re great!

Brandon S.
You can use toast with any drink, I also eat an apple and eggs, I get out of bed and go straight to the kitchen to put the eggs to boil then I forgot them for 10-15 minutes so when I'm done with something the eggs are ready, so then is a matter of collect the fruit, the toasts, the beverage and the eggs and that's all.

Celal J.
Try boiling a couple of eggs on low-carb toast. It’s easier than it sounds. Place the eggs in almost boiling water and set a timer for 6 minutes so you can keep getting ready while your breakfast cooks itself to perfection. Cook the toast at the same time so it ready to serve, season and devour when the timer goes off. It keeps you full until lunch.

Catamina Q.
Not necessarily cheap, but I try to have protein with each meal. So for breakfast, I have a slice of whole grain toast 60-70 calories, 1-½ TBSP of cream cheese and cold smoked salmon. Pickled herring is good to but it’s a strong taste. Fish is great protein plus these have heart healthy fats.

Silas N.
Get a dozen of eggs, breakfast chicken sausage or chicken bacon. Yogurt. Add a protein to your cereal on the side. Add a protein to your yogurt on the side.

Mark U.
I like to have warm breakfast. I usually eat eggs: omlette or baked eggs take 10 minutes, with tomato salad (with some basil and olive oil). You can make a great sandwich with boiled eggs, cottage cheese, whole grain toast. Also, you can bake some mushrooms, put them on a slice of toast and add a slice of cheese as topping, it will melt on you sandwich. Leave meat and eat eggs and vegetables instead. Drink lemon water.

Megan O.
Over night oats. You put them in the fridge the night before and when you wake up just eat them as such. Put in some chia seeds and some assorted fruit and you have a breakfast that is good to go

Mathew J.
If I'm in rush Bircher museli with a little bit of granola is good. Soak oats over night with grated apple and yoghurt with some seeds and cinnamon

Inessa B.
Walnut, fruit “cereal”, fall harvest oatmeal, Oatmeal bake (made the day before), strawberry banana and peanut butter smoothie, oatmeal with banana and almond butter, oatmeal with honey and peanut butter

Sally J.
Try oatmeal porridge instead. It can even be made overnight and by adding fruit juice and raisins and leaving in the fridge

Maxence C.
Cereal with milk can be healthy if you choose the right combo! Don’t beat yourself up about that. I always keep nuts around which I combine with fruit. If savory is what you crave, hard boiled eggs are a classic that will fill you up and do you good. If you have time, an English muffin with egg and avocado is a beautiful combination. You may also do a wheat toast with almond butter and fruit. Hope this helps!!! Let me know. 🙂

Byron Z.
I like having toast with some kind of but butter. Peanut is my favorite but cashew is good too. (Not a fan of almonds!) I think cereal can be ok, just conscious of how much sugar is in it and stay with a healthier milk (flax, almond or hemp for example) I’ll add in a piece of fruit too if I’m still hungry or snack on it while I’m driving to work!

Thea N.
I have overnight oats most mornings – oats, flaxseed or chia, cinnamon, soy milk and frozen berries. In the morning I put a big spoon of peanut butter on top. So good and easy to eat on the train!

Kim F.
Fruit and veggies are quick and easy choices. For example having a bowl of mixed berries and yogurt, or eating sliced cucumbers and carrots. They are quick easy and can be easily taken on the road. No cooking required

Randy U.
I either eat oatmeal made with milk and fruit and nuts added. Or an egg with whole grain toast. Depending on if I want sweet or savory.

Jeffery F.
One fried egg every morning with a piece of bread and a banana are helping me to start the day with more energy. And I’m spending 3 minutes more than the usual.

Pirmin Z.
It is important to have proteins to keep you energized up to lunch time. Eggs are great. Some fruits will help a lot too. Avocado is obr of them. When eating fruits, you got to eat nuts too. This will drive the sugar from fruits to the cells.

Paula U.
There are some good meal replacement shakes. Also, the night before, cook up an egg or on the weekend boil some eggs so that it’s prepared for the week. Then all you need is pre-cut fruit & yogurt.

Silje U.
Buy some fruit (apples, berries, plums, grapes – whatever!) and some crackers. Then in the evening I spend 20 minutes cooking 6 boiled eggs then eat two of them for breakfast with fruit or crackers for the next three mornings – super cheap and super quick!

Abdul F.
Fruit is always a quick option! I also like a mini bagel and cream cheese! (Not the healthiest, I know.) Oooh or a cup of yogurt!

Ariela O.
I eat Egg and Oatmeals and i choose breakfast that has protein so i can have energy throughout the day and thats your suggestion so why would i doubt? I'll trust the process because i know that Fabulous can change my daily life. 😉 Thumbs up! 👍

Jud F.
I eat two boiled eggs and half a slice of tillamook sharp cheddar cheese. I’m not really hungry in the morning. I force it down and this works for me. My energy levels do feel better when I do this.

Suzanne S.
My go-to choice is a smoothie because it is easy and cheap. If you just buy some frozen fruits and soy/almond milk in bulk you can add different things to it for a very cheap cost.

Larry J.
You can replace cereal with oatmeal. It contains no added sugar and gives energy for longer period. Opt for full fat milk/greek yogurt to make it more satisfactory and to give you a longer period of not craving for the next thing. Don’t forget your water! Should you crave sweetness, invest in liquid stevia drops. They come in great flavours and you only need 1 drop at a time! Flaxseed and chia seeds are nice options to add, just bug them in bulk/on sale.

Lola Y.
Hard boiled eggs are cheaper than cereal, and you can pre make them for a whole week. Protein shakes are quick and if you have a Magic bullet or similar blender, cleanup is simple and easy. Good luck!

Marc Z.
I have oatmeal with milk, some fruit (banana, berries, apple whatever you like) and nut butter on top. Just need to mix 1:1 milk:oatmeal in the microwave for about 1.30 min (is different in each microwave), and after that I put the fruit and the nut butter.

Andreas W.
Try overnight oats (many recipes available through searching the internet) which are easy to prepare and are done the night before or, for a hot breakfast, porridge. It takes minutes to prepare and I have mine with fruit and honey. Yummy!

Julie C.
Buy better cereals and add seasonal fruit. Strawberries bananas blueberries

Microwaveable plain Oatmeal (not the sugary flavored drink ones) and add fruit and nuts like almonds or walnuts. If you like the flavored oatmeal, but some jam add a little and stir it into the oatmeal.

Harboiled eggs

Prep for the week by making breakfast sandwiches or wraps with eggs, meat and cheese, and freeze. Pop one in the microwave. Have some fruit as well.

Yougurt, fruit, handful of nuts.

Best of luck to you!

Nathaniel E.
Switch to a high fiber cereal (all bran), berries and a non dairy milk that you like. Almond milk tends to be cheaper.

Eggs are cheap. Hard boil several for the week. Leave them unpeeled, put them into a sealed container with a damp paper towel. They will be good for the work week.

Do over night oats.

Juan Z.
Get some cheap frozen fruit, some oatmeal, and any seeds or chopped nuts you can find on the cheap. Mix it up, add boiling water and a little bit of honey and let the oatmeal soak and get soft while you do something else. It's quick, it doesn't make the oatmeal slimy or gooey, and it tastes really good. It's basically a hot instant version of overnight oats.

Clara B.
Fruits are always a healthy option. Adding some peanut butter to your banana or apple will make it taste even better and will also add some protein for you to feel saturated for longer. Also try adding some fruit and nuts to your cereal to make it more healthy. This won't cost you a whole lot of more time. Also if you have some more time available try making some scrambled eggs, which will provide you with enough protein to ensure you won't feel hungry until lunch!

Leslie J.
If you are not allergic to eggs, measure a small portion of rolled oats, heat em up on the non-sticky dry pan until they start to smell tasty. In a bowl, lightly whisk two eggs with a fork, add some pepper to taste and mix in the oats. Then pour the mixture onto the pan (no oil needed). Cook on medium heat for 1-2 minutes, then cover the pan and cook for another 2-3 minutes. Turn off the heat and let it stay there for one minute more. Bon appetit! And have a look on YouTube and your mobile phone appstore: just search for FitMenCook, his recipes are awesome!

Sophia A.
A whole grain english muffin with stuff on top (avocado, scrambled eggs, salmon, tomato, cheese… for the savory, jam, peanut butter, banana or both fruits for the sweet tooth) or some yoghurt with granola and fruits. Both can be super fast but really properly nourishing

Olivia B.
Whole grain oats with some honey, cinnamon or natural peanut butter for flavor. When you have extra money throw in some protein powder and chia seeds for a boost of protein and healthy fats to keep you energized all morning long.

Jo Q.
I eat yoghurt with cereal, and add nuts, dry fruits, chia seeds and protein powder. The protein powder may be more expensive, but really works for me.

Edelgard A.
Eggs, it’s cheap and quick to make and gives you the energy boost needed to start the day. Cereals are generally loaded with sugar which will make you crash. Eggs can be made in many ways so you don’t get tired of it

Dimas Q.
Since I only recently started my fabulous journey, I have jotted down three breakfasts for myself. I ll share those with you. 1.Scrambled eggs with whole grain toast. 2.Peanut butter on whole grain toast with a banana or an apple. 3.Red kidney beans. Hope this helps. Good luck! 🙂

Isabella F.
A few ideas that worked well for me:
– Muesli and yogurt (Add some fruit to give it more goodness)
– Egg and an any assortment of fruits (Eg. kiwi, apple, banna, pineapple, etc) (What I am currently doing)

The protein helps extend the long energy supply of the fruits. Keeps me going nicely until lunch happens.

Claudeci A.
I can share what works for me. I feel my best if I have some sort of protein in the morning so eggs are a great go to, omelets with lots of veggies. Sometimes I hard boil them the night before to cut down on time. I also got away from limiting myself to conventional breakfast foods. I try to get veggies in with every meal. So I’ll often make a package of chicken thighs early in the week and eat one for breakfast with veggies on the side and some fruit. Dinner leftovers are another great option and if I’m craving something warm, I’ll make a ‘cereal’ with mashed sweet potatoes, warm apples, cinnamon and almond milk. I think preparation is key but there are a lot of healthy options on the internet that are simple as well.

Lucien Y.
I make sure I always have fresh fruit in the house so that worst case, I can grab an apple or banana on my way out the door. Healthy granola (with different oats and grains for more health benefits) is a go-to, especially the individually packaged ones you just put in the microwave with water or a milk alternative, and then add toppings to – nuts, berries, fruit. When I have the time, scrambled eggs with veggies like spinach, kale, zucchini, tomatoes, onion, or peppers, and salsa or pico de gallo. Having a plan when I go to bed the night before is crucial to making sure I wake up early enough to make something.

Jean P.
Eggs are cheap and you can make a variety of breakfast with them. I make them so many ways and with different of veggies, condiments or meats.
hard boiled
fried in coconut oil
Breakfast sandwich

I also have oatmeal with different ingredients.

Noah W.
I would stick with bananas/ peanut butter provided that you don’t have any allergies. If cereal is easier for you, you can choose complex carbs for your cereal with no added sugar. However, if you have some time in the morning, oatmeal is a great/easy breakfast that you can customize.

Nathana L C.
A mix of oatmeal and different nuts. I prepare my own mix, using seeds, nuts and spices. I also use stevia or honey to add a sweet flavor. You can eat it with non fat milk or almond milk

Megan Y.
I used to do Cheerios (plain) with almond milk and a dash of cinnamon. It’s not that bad for you. If you can, freeze some premeasured fruits into little bags and add milk to make a smoothie to go as well!

Lisa E.
First off I’ll recommend the app “iBotta” to help save money on groceries- also it forces me to try things I would not have usually. Second, I love some natures valley granola bars! They’re not SUPER healthy, but definitely not a bad way to start the day. I also like to get the bags of apples I the grocery store for a couple dollars.

Isabella U.
I eat 2 egg whites, 2 eggs and 1 1/2 pieces of Ezekiel bread. I add spinach or mushrooms to eggs to get in an extra veggie.

Marc Lio Q.
I have avocado toast with a few small slices of turkey almost every morning. I Alice the avocado while the bread toasts and stack it all with some salt and pepper. I also have bananas and mandarins handy if I need to grab something quickly and bring it with me as I travel.

Leah O.
Breakfast must be heavy( to make ourself wholeday energetic) like oats, brown bread with peanut butter. Eggs and fruits are also a very good option.

Hanns F.
I make an egg. Just scramble it, add maybe some veggies in the fridge or little bit of cheese. Oatmeal with peanut butter and dried cranberries is also cheap

Emilie A.
If you have time to cook eggs and bacon or add some spinach or smoked salmon instead of bacon. If in a rush berries with Greek yogurt or apple slices and peanut butter. I try to stay high protein low carb if possible

Adriza S.
True. You have to add good quality protein. Eggs are excellent. What's your body weight, height and how active are you? Any medical disorders?

Randy Y.
Make sure to avoid cereal with a high sugar content and use cereal with whole grains. Another quick and wholesome food are eggs. Mix it with some fruit and whole grain bread and you’ll be golden

Stephen C.
I hd that problem too but i guess if you have fruits in uour house its easier to eat them so before yoy leave your house just grab an apple or a banana. At keast thats what i di

Sven F.
I love making banana pancakes with banana and 2 eggs. Or overnight oats with half a cup of milk and half a cup of yogurt and adding some nuts or fruit. Once a week I treat myself to bacon and eggs. 😋