What are some breakfast options to eat on the go?

Gail Z.
I love protein smoothies! Frozen fruit, no-sugar-added protein powder, Greek yogurt, chia seeds, and almond milk. Sometimes I'll add spinach and not yogurt. There are a lot of different ways to make them, you can make it the night before, and it's portable!
Ivan Z.
My go to is a hard boiled egg and a slice of ham or turkey. If you happen to have an Instant Pot, hard boiled eggs are very easy and they peel perfectly in a matter of seconds.
Instant oatmeal with a tablespoon of ground flax seed, or just an apple with peanut butter.
Galina R.
I would make a fruit salad with some nuts added in a disposable lunch box or something. It would easy fit your bag, you can eat it when you have time – even if it’s on/off and you can throw the box out afterwards so you don’t have to carry it around afterwards.
Lucas Y.
I do premier protein shakes or peanut butter smeared on a thin chewy kind bar. Boiled eggs work too! Fruit (banana and apples, oranges or cuties) also go with me daily!
Mia Z.
Smoothie is great if that's your taste. Peanut butter is good iron intake so I'd recommend adding that. Berries are a great anti oxidant for the morning and add 🍌.
Christopher N.
I like an RX bar and a fruit or vegetable as a quick one to grab. The other option is prepping before hand. I have made a large potato hash, and kept it in my fridge. In the morning while I am waiting for coffee to brew I will heat up the potatoes, fry and egg, and voila! Quick breakfast.
Rachel S.
Well from personal expieriance a bannana is a really quick and easy breakfast for on the go and it still gives you the nutrients you need for the day (or up until lunch)
Eric C.
Prepare a fruit salad with some oats or yogurt the night before or instead just take a breakfast bar and a piece of fruit like a banana or an apple
Maria N.
I make huge batches of banana muffins with whole wheat flour and almond meal, extra eggs, less sugar and some kind of seed in them. They end up being pretty high in protein and excellent for me for a quick something that helps me get something on my stomach in the morning.

I also have these little lunch crocks that I’ve done steel cut oats overnight in (using a timer). Maybe not necessarily something you can take but it’s something that will be ready whenever you are.

Asta B.
Rice cakes with almond butter and syrup or chickpea and quinoa cakes with fried spinach and mushrooms from dinner. Greek yoghurt with shaved almonds, banana and coconut shavings
Natalie P.
Fruit and a protein bar. Overnight oats topped with peaches or blueberries. Or a smoothie with a little protein powder in it
Tania V.
Great to keep a few pieces of fruit and nuts for super busy days. Morning oats is also a great way to prepare your breakfast the night before.