Does a great breakfast mean a big breakfast?

Aleksey P.
Yes. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as people are most productive in between 8-12. When you wake up, you should drink a big glass of water, as you have gone 7-9 hours without water and electrolytes, and you should eat a protein/fat rich breakfast such as skyr or eggs. Even if you are not hungry in the morning, you should eat.
A big breakfast is also known to keep anxiety at bay if you feel down and strengthless in the morning. Try it out for a week or to – you will definetly notice a difference.

Cristine Z.
I don't think so. I think the richness of it is more important.
In the morning i take a little plate with a small amount of things i crave and that are full of good things for my body.

Philip Z.
Great breakfast doesn’t mean a very big and bulky breakfast. A great breakfast for me is when there is enough proteins and some vitamins. For example: avocado toast with eggs and some veggies on the side. Personally I like to keep my breakfast small and healthy because after a big breakfast I am feeling full and lazy.

Michelle C.
No necessarily I think it’s more about the quality of food u ate, that being nutritional value, and the yummynsss factor

Annette N.
For me, a big breakfast with protein to help fuel me throughout the day is very important. So yes, I believe that a big breakfast is a great breakfast as long as it is protein and carb filled.

Willy U.
Not necessarily. A great breakfast can come in many forms and sizes. It can be a large, hearty meal or a smaller, more simple one. What makes a breakfast great is often subjective and can depend on personal taste and dietary needs. What is important is that the breakfast provides the nutrients and energy needed to start the day.

Tyffany N.
No. Sometimes we don’t feel hungry in the morning but that should not stop us from having a small snack, like a piece of fruit or a quick oatmeal.