What is another good breakfast besides eggs?

Gisela P.
Eu gosto de banana com aveia, linhaça e canela. Maçã, castanha e queijo branco também adoro. Às vezes um sanduíche de pão de centeio com queijo e presunto (esse no máximo 2x na semana)
Eunice Z.
since I live in Italy, I never do breakfast with eggs, bacon and things like those. instead, try to drink a cup of milk (it's better if it's warm), two or three slices of bread with jam or honey or Nutella, four or more biscuits (I've got a tip: since I know that biscuits are reaaally good and once you start to eat them you can't stop, tell yourself the maximum amount of biscuits you can eat and eat only those. usually I eat four biscuits, it's the perfect number.). try cereals and sometimes (not always!!!) two or three pancakes to start better the day. loads of love! x
Pat Z.
I like to have yogurt and fruit, or just fruit. But another option is just a bowl of cereal! While it may not be as healthy is is delicious and always helps me start my day .
Chivonne A.
There are a few things that are good options. Fresh fruit and oatmeal, whole wheat pancakes or waffles with a little bit of jam or hazelnut spread and fresh fruit. Also yogurt with fruit and some granola. Just be mindful of the amount of sugar you're eating. Also, drink water or a small cup of coffee or juice and then water.
Lamrani N.
I personality love eating fruits in the morning, plus it’s really healthy breakfast. You can do a fruit bowl, for me it’s either fruits with some orange juice or yogurt with oatmeal and maybe some nuts with the fruits or fruits with honey and depending on fruit i will add cinnamon. There’s obviously a lot of possibilities and it depends on what do you like to eat really.
Caroline Z.
Eggs are not good. Lentils, tofu, beans, etc. are much better. You can make soups, stews, wraps, and many other things with them. Use plenty of vegetables, herbs, and spices as well.
Silje F.
Whole wheat toast, a pat of butter, a thick slice of lean ham and as much lettuce as possible. Or a salad made with lettuce, tuna chunks, olive oil, cucumbers and corn.