Should I exercise first or should I eat a great breakfast first?

Fathima A.
Food fuels you with the energy your body requires for exercise. I'd thus advise you to eat a great breakfast first, and exercise next!

Ritik X.
It depends upon your time.if you have time to do exercise in morning.You can start your exercise without breakfast.
You can do exercise when you have time. but remember 1 hrs before breakfast or 1 hrs after breakfast you can do exercise.

Howard R.
I feel like I should exercise first to get it out of the way – feel refreshed when I eat breakfast because I often should eat breakfast after I shower!

Laudelino E.
Personally I like to eat breakfast first. It gives me time to wake up and gives me the energy to give 100% during the workout.

Dee F.
Exercise after drinking the warm water in the morning and before having a great breakfast have several benefits like hiking your metabolism first thing in the morning.

Luca Y.
I feel better when I am doing a workout first and then eating a breakfast. I dont like it to work out with a full stomach. But I think here it is like everywhere else, other people have other opinions. You should try it on your own and make your decision, in which way you feel better. 🙂

Nick Y.
It depends on how you plan on exercising. If you plan on sweating, eat breakfast first so you have fuel for your exercise session. If you’re just going to stretch, you can exercise before you eat.