I’m always on the go running late what items do you grab for a quick bite?

Amelia T.
I like Odwalla's green machine drinks. I also have little salad dressing containers that I fill up with walnuts once a week so I have a stash of protein I can put in purse. I keep an apple or banana on my desk when I'm in the office.
Rasmus Z.
Any protein bar will be a healthy quick option. You could also grab an apple 🍎 or banana 🍌 and a jar of peanut butter.
Brett F.
normally i try to keep these cheese fruit and nut packages in the fridge. but in the event of an unplanned trip. i will just slice up an apple and take it with me. most of the time it’s normally just fruits i have lying around the house. or vegetables that are appropriate like carrots. but if i have a bit of time, i’ll quickly make a veg sandwich as there isn’t enough time to cook any meat.
Norma U.
A good idea for a quick on the go breakfast is a piece of fruit, like an apple or a banana that you can bring anywhere and won’t make a mess. You can also pack a bag of nuts the night before that you can just grab in the morning. Finally, you can buy healthy protein bars at the store that you can just grab to go with you.
Diane E.
I really like to make it easier for myself on busy mornings. Once a month, I dedicate a day to prepping a bunch of different breakfasts to keep in the freezer: packs of smoothie ingredients, English muffins with vegan sausage and cheese, or even just little packs of frozen fruit to top a bowl of yogurt.

I find that setting myself up for success in the future lets me just grab one, prep it by heating or blending, and then running out the door. Sometimes I’ll even just throw the smoothie ingredients into a regular blender bottle and eat it with a spoon!

Planning ahead makes the changes so much easier, and you can do it on a day when you’re ready to tackle anything. So on days when you’re struggling, running late, or just don’t feel like making a breakfast, you can always fall back on your preparedness.

Sydney C.
The. Eat thing I grab is a fruit bar it’s easy and more healthy then other thing and I also grab if you not lactose intolerant you could grab cheese string as well hope this helps
Joann O.
Some of the things I usually grab are: a banana, apple, protien/snack bar, yogurt, nuts like peanuts, walnuts, almonds or pecans, and occasionally if I have enough time I mix one of those liquid food supplements that I usually have handy.
Sofia Z.
Overnight oats or mini egg muffins are easy things you can prepare the night before. Also hard boiled eggs plus a piece of fruit!
Idavide Z.
First drink a nice cup of hot water,then grab some bananas and nuts or energy bars
It really Cheers you up
And think about the good stuff in the morning of how lucky you are❣️😊
It's really gonna happen
Lucile E.
Any type of Protein snacks. I get mine on amazon. You can actually type in “to go snack” on the search area on the website. So many small snacks and travel size things show up.
Birger F.
If at home I will still try to make some pan veggies and break an egg on top. When I am out at work it s a bit harder. I will try to go to a super market to buy a healthy snack like hummus dip and vegetables and some nuts. The bill maybe be a bit higher than just buying a sandwich but it is healthier and will feed you the next day if again you are on the go.
Jacqueline I.
Grapes or easy fruit like an apple, banana, nectarine, or plum. I also love dry roasted edamame for a quick snack (the wasabi flavored give a punch of flavor). Luna bars are my third go-to for a quick bite.
Ainhoa I.
Because I have a ton of fruits in my fridge I’m usually able to grab an apple or a pear or some grapes before I head off to work