What can motivate me to take extra time to cook my eggs and prepare a fresh orange juice?

Jacob G.
The action itself. While it may be difficult to get going once you start the action, be it cook wash clothes etc. It is also good to maintain a clear head on the long term goal, it helps to keep things in perspective when demotivated to do the little things.

Milton E.
For me, the motivation lies in knowing that I’m investing into my day.
How I start my mornings, sets the tone for that day. Then there are other little things. Like I care about natural vitamins, because they make me feel good on the inside and look good on the outside.

Axel Y.
I keep some boiled eggs and avacado ready to grab in the morning if I'm not feeling the whole cooking thing. Other than that, adding some greens like spinach to your eggs and some sage seasoning if they are scrambled gives it a different thing. As well as salsa. You gotta change it up or you'll get tired of eggs real quick. If you like fried ..add a meat and some 100 percent whole wheat bread make a sandwich. It's so good when the yolk pours into the bread. Add a little cheese. The most calories or carbs they say we should add is in the morning. So make it exciting

Victoria S.
Hey there! I started with an easier breakfast because I’m not a morning eater. Now I have a wide variety of things that I can eat in the AM.

Gregory J.
Try figuring out ways you like to prepare your eggs. There's more than one way to eat them! That way it creates some variety. Breakfast should be something you look forward to, not something that feels like a chore.

Rita Y.
To avoid taking time away from your morning, you could set up the ingredients and the kitchen tools or even prepare some food the night before: maybe you have more motivation at the end of the day than right after waking up. In the evening you could squeeze the oranges and boil or scramble the eggs and then put everything in the fridge; the next morning, you stir the juice and heat the eggs up.

Rebecca J.
If the taste don't motivate you, try prepare your breakfast the evening before. The orange juice will be just as tasty but the cooked eggs will be cold. At least you won't have to motivate you to do this in the morning 🙂
I have timed my eggs so with my stove, it takes exactly 11 minutes from turning on the heat to that my eggs are ready. During these 11 minutes I turn on my coffee maker, I can do my make up, do some stretching or prepare something else. You'll have to find your thing that suits you. Maybe it is enough for you to prepare by leaving the oranges on display in the kitchen and put some eggs in water on the stove. All you have to do in the morning then is turning on the heat and make the juice. Maybe you can make the juice the night before and cook eggs in the morning. You'll have to do you. Good luck!

Charlie U.
Thinking about my future health and the benefits that I'll reap in the long run is what will motivate me to have a good breakfast every day.

Marianne F.
If you can, buy some interesting equipment, like colourful kitchenware that you feel excited to use in the morning.
Or watch some online recipes that you want to try, and feel excited about it.
Think about it and prepare yourself mentally the night before…
if you have a partner or someone to share it with, discuss with them before and plan for it. Divide the tasks for the companionship and binding to give it a positive spin.

Yane O.
I know what it’s like to need to be a self starter, but have difficulty getting started. Until I get these new habits “ingrained” or set, I’m going to pre cook eggs the night before, and drink bottled juice. Then get really good at it!!

Robin J.
Knowing that after you eat and drink healthy substances makes your body feel better then eating something that is not cooked correctly or substituting with something processed.

Cl Ia Q.
Personally, I avoid that conundrum by making those sorts of things ahead of time and leaving them in the fridge for myself to pop in the microwave in the morning.

Ma Ly Z.
Do something entertaining while you cook. For example, I love to put my headphones in and listen to a podcast or audiobook and then I almost forget that I’m cooking.

Pilar T.
I’m currently on a juice fast. I take 2 hrs every day to prep my juices. Before, I would ask myself the same question, now, the juicing prep time has put this into a different perspective. Ultimately, you’re doing it for yourself and that needs to become your strongest motivator!

Regine U.
Having a good healthy breakfast makes me feel like I can eat healthy and make good food choices throughout the day. I’m less likely to grab poor
Food choices from the break room or stress eat in the morning.

Alix O.
Hard boiled eggs can be cooked ahead of time. I cook enough for 5-7 days to make it easier. Fresh OJ?… tough one, especially with the high sugar content of oranges. Motivation? Why are you doing any of this? Improved health? Weight management? Preventing possible health issues, eg hereditary, lifestyle influenced, etc? Improved health, body & mind as one ages? I can’t motivate you! Long term commitment & gain can only happen if there is ‘drive’ from within.

Emy Q.
Think of the fuel you are preparing for your body to enjoy. Think of the source of the items you are preparing and thank them for the nutrition they created for you.

Veronique X.
I think your health should be great motivation. My grandmother always says good food takes you away from the doctor. Nowadays there are so many diseases that can simply be cured by good food and routine. So take time to care for yourself because no one can do it better than you.

Marinalda N.
If you pay attention to what your eating and have a routine. eating breakfast every morning (even if starting off as cereal) and not eating dinner super late will remind you eat when you get up. Eventually you’ll get used to your routine and want to mix up breakfast. You’ll naturally start allotting more time to cook in mornings. And bam, cooked eggs and fresh juice.
Or you could do a reward system. I’ll only get xyz if I cook myself eggs and juice. But I don’t see that method being a long term fix just a short term solution.

Letitia U.
Put on some nice music while preparing your breakfast. Or, choose a healthy breakfast that you can prepare the night before and enjoy in the morning, like overnight oats or washed, sliced fruit or berries with nuts and yoghurt.

Edwin F.
Keep a food journal dedicated to breakfast for the next week. Write a hypothesis at the beginning that a healthy breakfast will help you feel better throughout the week. Stick to eating well for a whole week and record the results of your "experimentation" every day. If you feel markedly better, you won't need any other motivation than knowing that you proved your theory and are now armed with the power of self knowledge.

Morris B.
Independency. Knowing that you’re looking after yourself and don’t need to rely on others for small things. You’ll feel good having eaten a good breakfast, and knowing you made yourself feel that way. It’s also a great way to save money, you can meet your financial goals as well as your morning goals !! Good luck ! You can do it !

Ingrid U.
Blast your favorite songs in the time it takes to cook your meal and prepare it. Think about how good your food will taste after making it with pizzazz!

Claude E.
Knowing that by doing this you are investing time into being a better you, you can have everything ready to go before bed and then add this to a daily to do list and tick it off every morning. Ticking things of a list always motivates me

Nathan Z.
For me it helps if I either do it fully mindfull or combine it with another wanted habit, like watching a Ted talk while doing it. Listening to calming music or just a inspiring speech. Something that distracts me from the act of doing something that is good for me, but doesnt spark joy. Make it joyful! Hope this helps

Jason O.
When you eat your eggs and drink your orange juice, enjoy every bite and sip without distractions. After, think to yourself how good that felt. And the next time you need to prepare breakfast, remind yourself of those feelings and how taking care of yourself like this is a privilege and one of your highest priorities.

Michelle J.
Give yourself a real pep talk while doing it. Explain to an invisible audience just how healthy, juicy and good everything that you’re making is. Overdo it. Sell it. Enjoy yourself!

Elisah P.
Just remember that cooking your own food guarantees hygiene and the process of cooking really makes one look forward to the final result.

Clara F.
Be more conscious of how it feels when you do make them, so when you are debating whether you want to take the time you know it’s worth the time for the result.

La Ssa E.
Eggs are a great protein and SO easy, that they are like a gift. Check out Bon Appetit’s every way to make an egg video and find a method that Fits your fast, healthy and fun requirements. Eggs help you start the day strong!

Denise E.
Find a dish you can make in advance.

Every Sunday I have been making sou vide egg bites in mason jars. I heat one in the microwave every morning and cut up an Apple.

Louella J.
I know its hard waking up earlier every morning to prepare breakfast but after you eat it you'll actually feel energised and happier to start your day

Edouard C.
Visualising a healthier you would motivate you to eat better as this not only promotes longevity but helps you become more productive generally