What breakfasts do you prepare the night before?

Larry F.
I don't prepare nothing for the breakfast the night before, sorry
Btw, there are fruits that i prefer to "chop"(?) the days before, like Papaya for example.
Maybe what i do is to think about what to cook the next morning and think about a plan B too

Alma N.
*Overnight oats and chia in milk or yogurt (add fruits and nuts if you like).
*Chop up vegetables/fruits and assemble for salad. Pack the dressing separately and add before eating.

Guy Z.
I cut up fruit and place then in a tupper in the fridge so that it’s ready to go the next morning. I sometimes set the table so that I can just serve breakfast the next day .

Noa S.
I don't prepare because my breakfast is ready in the kitchen, and it doesn't need any preparation, like dates, peanuts, chocolate.

Sander W.
I don’t. So far I’ve been eating cold breakfasts on workdays and cooking eggs on the weekends. Now that you mention it, it might be fun to do some meal prep. Something I could throw in the microwave and have a hot breakfast. I think I’d like that more than cottage cheese and wheaties

Johanne W.
I prepare breakfast burritos on the weekend and freeze them for the week. Tortillas, scrambled eggs, sausage, cheese, and hash browns. It’s filling and easy.

Eliott F.
True over night oats. Or maybe just make some eggs and bacon and put them in a burrito to heat up. It depends on what you want and what you need. Never buy sugary muffins or donuts the night before. You’ll become more used to eating unhealthy and sugary breakfasts that don’t give you the nutrients that you need for your day.

Jennie Q.
I never prepare breakfast the night before. Or very rarely. I made almond overnight oats with banana and blue berry one. That was yummy. I also prepped hard boiled eggs and sweet potato kale hash. That was also great. I think prepping the night before will make it so much easier to

Ben X.
I don’t prepare breakfast the night before although I do plan what I’m going to have and make sure the ingredients are to hand. I always ensure That I have a couple of options at least so that I’m not eating the same breakfast every day. These will normally be yoghurt and fruit or granola, rolled oats porridge and fruit, A smoothie or some brown toast and peanut butter.

The one meal I do try and prepare the night before is my lunch if I am going to be in the office that day.

Gordon Y.
Actually, I don't prepare it at night, the most important things to me that I buy some bananas, milk, oats, toast and peanut butter.
Just wake up eat a banana with a glass of milk or milk with oats and add some apple or milk with a peanut butter sandwich or you can mix new things to suits you , It's easy, fast and good Breakfast

Denise J.
I don't prepare the night before because I like warm breakfast. I usually make waffles, noodles, or heat up some bread with eggs in the morning.

Markus U.
I meal prep sweet potatoes and rice. You can add then to most things and they're easy to make and keep doing other things. Sweet potatoes I just cover in oil, salt, pepper, smoked paprika, and cumin. Bake at 400 for 25 minutes

Silmara C.
I'm trying to going vegan here so a nice plate of oatmeal with soy milk, some toast with avocado maybe, to sweet the things up a toast with peanut butter.

Krin U.
Hard boiled eggs and fruit are always my go to. Make a dozen hard boiled eggs and I’m good for the week. The magic comes with adding the right seasoning. I love Northwoods from Penzeys spices.

Allison Z.
I usually do turkey sausage. If I do turkey bacon I will wait until I’m ready to eat it because it doesn’t take too long to cook. Then I do eggs, potatoes or rice, biscuits, and either grapes or cantaloupe

Alyssa J.
I meal prep egg muffins (mini omlettes) a couple days before so that I can pop one in the microwave and put it on top a half a
toasted English muffin.

Connie U.
I put oats into water during the night and in the morning I mix it with frut that I have, greek yogurt and chia seeds. Sometimes I just eat banana or aple or walnuts and almonds.

Shaun W.
I'll on maternity leave, so I'm not in a rush to leave the leave in the morning, so I don't prep anything the night before. I make porridge for breakfast. It's quick healthy and easy to add nutritious toppings too (nuts, banana). When I go back to work I will likely make overnight oats the night before.

Karolina T.
Usually I have fresh fruit (a banana, and a handful of grapes and berries) in the morning. It's quick, and requires no prep.

Hailey B.
Normally things like fruit and yoghurt that I can pre-cut so it’s ready in the mornings. If I decide to have omelettes, I will cut everything up the night before so all I need to do in the morning is cook. Sometimes all I can do is grab and go so easy fruit is needed as I rush off out the door.

Felicia U.
Normally smoothies at are something i prépare early. I don’t like reheating eggs or breakfast sandwiches. I have made over night oatmeal and quinoa porridge though

Lauro Q.
My husband and I get groceries either Saturday or Sunday. Usually consisting of breakfast items such as eggs, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, and bacon. Of course, I usually eat cereal with a protein drink or just almond milk with my daily supplements. Hope this helps :))

Tobias F.
I like to prepare breakfasts that are easy to eat or take with me the next day. Overnight oats are great for me or gathering the ingredients for a smoothie that can be blended right away.

Boavida W.
Make sure there is plenty of fruit in the house so I can take breakfast to work easily. If I have to carve out additional time for breakfast, I won't keep the habit up

Cherly U.
I actually do not prepare any breakfast the night before. I get up in the morning and make it. I don’t see breakfast as something to prepare the night before, it should rather be freshly made.

Cleusa E.
I hear people like to make oatmeal in the fridge, but I havent tried it. I like to have protein bars on hand, along with some fresh fruit like clementines or bananas that stay clean on the counter.

Tristan W.
I don’t usually prepare breakfast the night before. I’ll probably go buy fruits or preplan what I’d like to eat in the morning. Plus I’m a sucker for waffles and pancakes and doing that the night before wouldn’t taste as great (I’ve tried and failed.) im working on creating better habits so maybe I can start working on preparing breakfasts the night before. I’ll check Pinterest and see what I find.

Art E.
Sweet Potato and Carrot Rostis (Recipe from Pinch Of Nom) cook as few and keep them for the next day. Just cook an egg and you’re ready to go

Judith Y.
One of my favourite breakfast recipe is Korean egg roll. It's very healthy and tasty. I love to put a lot of veggies on my egg. I had a lot of fun rolling the eggs. It looks beautiful too.

Ily S O.
I ensure that I have sour dough in the house as this is much better than normal bread + ensure that I have eggs. I clean the kitchen so that the cooking doesn't take long and it feels much nicer cooking in a clean kitchen.

Pearl O.
it depends, when i actually prepare it‘s usually some oatmeal porridge which i cook the day before with some almond milk and store it in the fridge. when i wake up i take it out of the fridge and eat it or put it in the microwave with again some milk to make it more creamier.