How do you prefer to eat your eggs? If you are looking at your meal plate what food makes up the biggest part of it?

Jaedyn S.
I prefer to eat my eggs scrambled. However, I do like them fried or boiled. But scrambled is my favorite! I normally have eggs, with lots of cheese, sauerkraut, and spinach on a tortilla (with more cheese).
Barb Z.
I prefer my eggs either scrambled or fried. Overall I think meat and veggies are the major food groups that we eat. They are the two things that are in almost every single meal I eat especially for dinner.
Kenneth Z.
I like my eggs over easy with some toast to dip in the yolk, my plate usually has mostly protein, but I would like it to have more veggies for health.
Igor A.
I like my eggs as an omelet. Other food for breakfast that I like is cereal and flakes but the most of all I like croutons
Caroline Z.
I like eggs. I prefer to eat them over easy. I’m not eating many eggs lately. I’ve been eating oatmeal in the mornings and a piece of fruit like a banana as a snack when I get hungry. My ideal plate would be half veggies. I love veggies. I like to eat at least different color veggies on my plate for lunch and dinner. I aim to eat a huge veggie only salad everyday for lunch. I have to really prepare my mind for that. Nice talking to you.
Rakshita Q.
I prefer to eat boiled eggs. And being a big foodie, I love eating everything, but one thing that is always in my breakfast is milk.
Liam Q.
I like my eggs scrumbled, I eat them with bread and veggies in the side. I probably should say that carbs are the biggest part of my plate, but that’s usually during lunch. At dinner my meal usually consists of protein and veggies. I used to eat healthier though, there was a time when i was not craving junk food anymore. But dont worry, I will get back there soon
Neda M.
In general, I hate eggs 😄 I take them from time to time to add up to my daily protein intake. In that case I like it hard boiled. My daily nutrition is consisted of 30% protein (100+ grms), 20-30% fat and the rest is carbs obviously. This is due to the fact that I am trying to gain muscles (doing resistance training). Your plate might be different. In general, I am in love with fruit and vegetables , this love is a bit in contrast with my current nutrition goals though 😄😬
Sergei T.
Well for the egg, I sometimes boil it for 3-5 min, but most of the time I eat fried egg with a little lemon juice, black pepper, and salt. Actually, I usually eat peanut butter and banana and bread with coffee. These are the most repetitive parts of my breakfast.
Christian Z.
Boiling eggs. And eat only white part. Plate is like two egg whites, 3-4 whole grain bread, veggies, 1 banana, some other fruits about 200-300 gm
Isabella C.
I usually eat my eggs scrambled with buttered toast and a smoothie on the side, so the eggs would make up the biggest portion of my plate.
Priscilla U.
I prefer them scrambled with American cheese and I would say grits would be the biggest I loves me some grits with cheese also lol.
Anne C.
I prefer my eggs fried, over hard, with the yolks split so they run out before hardening. If I have access to yummy vegetables, those make up the majority of my plate. If I don't it's usually protein.
Aliyah Z.
I prefer to eat my eggs fried or scrambled because it tasyes better and I don't like eating the yellow part raw, boiled or cooked and thats why I like my eggs scrambled and fried.
Idalis Z.
I don’t really like eggs, so I never have them. My breakfasts usually consist of one thing, whether it be cereal, overnight oats, pancakes, waffles, etc. with a fruit. However, I should probably try to incorporate other things into my breakfasts, maybe more fruits. I also try to drink water with my breakfasts.
Lilian Z.
When I have eggs I like them poached. My meals usually have vegetables mostly and then smaller portion of meat/protein unless it's a stir fry or something mixed together then it's pretty even.