Any suggestions for make-ahead breakfasts?

Sedra N.
mug recipes always helps you can find them on youtube, also beans maybe? girlled cheese sandwiches and omlete are my favorite things
Art T.
I try having Honey everyday, coz it makes you feel full till lunch,
my combination is honey and butter on a bread with a mug of tea to get me going.
this is so fulfilling 😍
Sandeep F.
If you have meal already in place it is very easy for you to stick to the habit . Get some prepared meal so that you don't have to think much and have it.
Luna O.
I'm partial go granola bars but if you have time one day, you can make oatmeal cookies or coffee cake that will last you a while but be good every morning.
Timeo Z.
Cold cuts sliced the night before.
Or egg mix filling for your sandwich so you can just put it together the next morning.
Lyna N.
The breakfast become really important for me lately for example i put some yogort on a bol with some of corn flex and fruits and a cup of hot tea without sugar
Rom O I.
Make a dozen breakfast muffins and freeze most of them. Microwave one for 25-30 seconds and eat along with fruit for breakfast