What is your routine energizing breakfast?

Sara J.
I usually eat something thats gonna give me energy throughout the day which is eggs banana and porridge sometimes i eat toasted cheess and cheese grillers ot sausages
Olivia U.
My routine energizing breakfast is something that changes but I would like to choose something I like which is healthy u can also transform the food u like to healthy by replacing few ingredients with better options I normally would like fried egg with few vegetables or I would toast bread and eat cucumber with the bread
Casey X.
Water & a protein drink before brushing teeth/washing face/getting dressed- then combining a protein like eggs with something that will make me feel full and sustained until lunch- like a peanut butter bar or yogurt. A huge plus if i have any fruit to eat too! Also water & orange juice!
Anunciata Q.
Non-fat Greek yogurt topped with fruit and some high protein cereal or tasty granola. Sometimes low fat cottage with either fruit or salsa or just salt and pepper.
Silja W.
I like to make egg bites. You make them in a muffin tin. They can last refrigerated for 2 weeks. They are quick, filling, and easy to fix!