Do you guys prepare the breakfast beforehand last night?

Apoorva I.
I prefer doing that so it makes my morning easier. I generally boil eggs in batch, make overnight oats (which can be microwaved if needed) or chia seed pudding. Sometimes scrambled eggs or some rice and eggs 🙂

Athilla Z.
no, I'd rather prepare my breakfast in the morning, since I don't have anything much to do in the day. but if I'd have a busy upcoming day, I would prepare it beforehand at night and warm it up in the morning or if I forgot to prepare it, I'd just buy some breakfast from a japanese convenience store, they got some healthy and yummy menus.

Vicky N.
Yes, I make overnight oats so they have to stay in the fridge overnight. It’s a delicious, healthy breakfast, plus you save time in the morning 😁

Philip Y.
It depends on what we are having. If we are just making eggs and bacon, then we just make it in the morning. Sometimes I make a quiche the evening before or even a few days before and we use that for breakfast several days in row. We do a crustless quiche, gluten free and dairy free. A simple one is eggs, bacon pieces and spinach but you can add peppers, onions, sausage or anything else with the eggs.

Generosa P.
My breakfast is usually a spinach and banana smoothie blended with fresh orange juice as I'm trying to increase my iron intake. I add chia seeds and a probiotic powder. To answer your question, yes, I usually do it the day before. One blend is 2 glasses full of smoothie so I get 2 breakfasts from it. If I don't have it made that morning, the batch I do make covers the next day too.

Jakob F.
I feel like that's a good idea, but there's a lot of breakfast options that don't really need a lot of preparation, or they're better made fresh. I guess it just depends on what your making

Lee T.
I am terrible at meal prep so I do a little bit of prep and pick things that I know will cook quickly. Example: chopping extra peppers and onions with dinner, throw in with eggs in the morning. Handful of spinach cooks down quickly also. Maybe one day I will evolve but for now, I stack breakfast ingredients off dinner ingredients.

Emma Q.
I usually don't, but i have heard meal prep is quite common on youtube. I would suggest looking there. I also would say overnight oats which I've heard good things about 🙂

Eli Z.
I have a programmable rice cooker that can do oatmeal. Like an automatic coffee pot, you can have it ready at a certain time. So sometimes I set up oatmeal with dried cherries so it'll be ready and perfect in the morning.

Aubrey B.
No, I like to wake up in the morning and prepare my breakfast because I have time to do that and it makes me start the day in a good mood.

Robin E.
Yes I usually do because I don't like being rushed in the morning. Overnight oat. Or even better I prepare a big oat omelette (Google it, I'm not the only one!) And cut it in 4 and there I go I have 4 days of breakfast. Plus, I also prepare a smoothie every 2 days which makes 2 for 2 mornings ! My neighbors would kill me if I was making smoothie at 6am 😅

Justine B.
I do not because I just eat cereal and drink milk. However, depending on what you’re having for breakfast, you can decide whether to or not.

Rachelle G.
I usually make things in the morning that only take a few minutes, like cooking eggs. Hot, nutritious meal in very little time.

Adeline N.
No because I like it to be as fresh as possible. I have something simple and light, like Greek yogurt or a bagel with cream cheese with water.

Ricardo T.
No I didn’t today because the breakfast was quick and simple. It was oatmeal, boiled eggs and a banana. But if the breakfast was something that took longer than 10 minutes to make then I would try to do as much prep the night before

Caroline O.
No I picked a breakfast I could whip up quickly. Cooked tomatoes on crusty bread, oatmeal with banana, yoghurt and fruits etc. More likely to have an easy breakfast than one which takes a while to prepare

Lana O.
Yes. Otherwise I'm choosing from the healthy dry good snacks like Larabars, fruit, or oatmeal I have stashed in my work bag.

Syliny O.
No, but I go for easy Healthy breakfast solutions. That are quick to make, or easy to eat on the go. Fe. Ricecakes and Peanut butter and banana, oatmeal, muesli, …

Alfred Z.
I don’t prepare my breakfast beforehand, but come to think of it, it would be smarter to do that. But I enjoy the feeling of cooking up a breakfast!

Aileen S.
No. I make my breakfast fresh every morning even if that means I have to get up a little earlier. That way I enjoy & value it more as it is the most important meal of the day and sets the tone for the day to come. A smoothie for example doesn't take long to prepare and you can drink it on your way to work.

Zoe J.
No, i prepare mine when i wake up so its fresh. I usually eat like an apple or eggs which are easy to prepare quickly. However some might prepare beforehand to kind of force themselves to eat healthy.

Samaritano F.
Usually not, I just manage to have ready-to-eat ingredients in stock, like nuts, fruits, peanut butter, Greek yogurt. Sometimes I do overnight oats or I boil eggs, but I don't spend time in the morning, as I prefer to sleep for a little longer. Weekends are exceptions though, I do scrambled eggs for example or toasts.

Hansj Rg F.
I don't currently. Since what I'm eating right now consists of salmon eggs and bananas, there is not much needed in terms of prep. In the future though I believe i will prep beforehand

Lillian F.
No. I tend to prepare my snacks and lunch day before, butbas my breakfast go-to meals are omelette, porrige or some kind of sandwich, there's nothing to prepare in advance. Well I might put grains for the porrige in water overnight or cut up my fruits or vegetables so I wouldn't have to do it in the morning, but nothing more.

Kelen F.
I normally make breakfast each morning. A simple oatmeal with fruit in it. I do this each day, unless I have an early meeting. In which case I will make the oatmeal the night before and maybe boil and egg to eat with it as well.

Elya Y.
I cook it in the morning because it helps wake me up and feel accomplished when I'm done cooking. The extra work is worth it even though it takes more time. It also keeps me from being on my phone a lot.