What do you regard as a great breakfast?

Alina O.
Contains elements that you love and that will fulfill your body with energy for the rest of the day. Eggs are my personal favorite๐Ÿ˜Š
Trisha Z.
For me a great breakfast is having right amount of rice, 1 piece of egg, 3 bacon and glass of water. A heavy meal is great when you need more energy to start the day ๐Ÿค—
Astrid Y.
Eggs for a breakfast will always be the best. Although you can flare up your meal with delicious cereals (avoid the flavored one as it contains more sugar) and milk.
Colin Z.
Cooked mushrooms and a poached egg on toast with fresh ground pepper and thyme, washed down with a glass of fresh orange and a cup of tea
Albert B.
First, taking the time to prepare it โ€” make it a part of your day. I usually wake up, drink water, and do a 10min meditation while stretching. Then i prepare my breakfast.
Secondly: what do I prepare? It alternates. But things that all my breakfasrts have in common are fruit!
Thirdly: some of my most common breakfasts:
1. A bowl of non-dairy yogurt, fruit (i alternate each day) and home made granola. Many times i also put some kind of nuts.
2. A bowl of fruit and granola as well, but instead of the yogurt, i prepare a fruits 'pasta', per say.
3. A couple slices of toast with home made guacamole.
4. Home made pancakes (this has been my favourite lately!)
5. Also, i usually drink something with the above:
5.1. Tea
5.2. Homemade smoothie
5.3. Non-dairy milk with a non-caffeine solution.

Hope this inspires your journey! Have a great day.

William Z.
I think a great breakfast is one that provides energy for the whole day.
For example, I eat one of the following ingredients for breakfast every day:
1. Oatmeal, milk, apples, peanut butter, grape juice
2. Baked eggs, oatmeal bread, flaxseed
3. Milk, peanut butter, apples, bananas, oatmeal bread
Evangelia Z.
I believe that a good breakfast is one that will make me full until lunch, such as a sandwich or a piece of bread. I don't think rice is a good breakfast since it makes me too full.
Shaghayegh N.
I eat a traditional breakfast in morning. in iran it's usual to have a glass of tea with sugar or without it and have some small sandwiches with cheese and butter nowadays I use date and Walnut too.
Liara W.
cookies and cold milk, usually is my way to go. Sometimes i like to include some peanuts or fruits depending on what i have at home
Erik U.
I personaly thing it can be anything as long as you eat. But my personal favourite breakfasts are.. in the days that i'm not really hungry just a cookie and milk, youghurt with strawberries or blueberries and in the days that i'm hungry toast with nutella, peanut butter, honey.. anything, eggs, pancakes, waffles… also don't forget to drink water
Eli U.
I would say avocado toast. This really makes me full and is a healthy breakfast. I would also say drink tea or make a smoothie as a beverage.
Ben U.
A breakfast very complete that give me al the nutrients i need to have energy all day and helps me improve my mood and my weight
Sejal C.
A great breakfast is something that satisfies me. Something that fills my stomach and gives me joy. It will give me the energy to carry forward in the day without any headache or ache for more food till lunch
Clifford P.
Options: Baked oatmeal, overnight oats, scones with jam, scrambled eggs, apples and peanut butter, skillet fried potatoes with salsa and cheese
Isabella P.
I regard some protein,carbohydrate,meal with lots of vitamin as a great breakfast,so I try to provide these kind of meal for myself every day.
L Rke X.
For me, a great breakfast is some scrambled eggs on brown toast, with a nice peppermint tea and some fruit such as a pear, blueberries or maybe an orange. Two oranges a day gives you your daily vitamin C intake and citrus fruits are great for burning stomach fat, plus they're super yummy so it's a win win situation! Other mornings some peanut butter on toast is great, I'm also trying to get into green tea with a dash of honey to boost my immune systems health! Hope this helps! ๐Ÿ™‚