What are some good easy protein packed breakfast ideas? I get tired of eating eggs every damn day.

Alma W.
Hi! I switch between those healthy breakfast

1. Carbohydrates and fibres at breakfast
* 60-70 grams of wholegrain oat flakes with rice drink
* 30 grams of whey protein isolate
* 2 nuts, coffee or tea
* 1 fruit

2. Breakfast with ricotta cheese and walnuts
* 1-2 slices of wholemeal bread with ricotta cheese
* 2 nuts
* coffee or tea
* 1 fruit

3. Boiled eggs and wholemeal bread
* 2 hard-boiled eggs
* 1 slice of wholemeal bread
* extra virgin olive oil
* 1 fruit
4. Smoked salmon or tuna
* 1-2 slices of wholemeal bread
* 2 slices of smoked salmon or canned tuna (naturally or in well-drained or rinsed extra virgin olive oil)
* avocado smeared on bread
* 1 fruit, coffee or tea

5. Breakfast with yoghurt, walnuts and almonds.
* Organic natural yoghurt
* Walnuts and almonds
* Full oat
* 1 fruit

Lorival Q.
Turkey bacon/sausage. Cured meats/dried meats, cheese. There's this brand called mighty spark, quality frozen meats that are preseasoned and ready to go (they also donate a meal per package sold)

Naomi F.
I have also problems with mornings breakfast. Recently I try to eat porridge with honey. On the evenings I prepare my meal in the pot adding of course porridge, honey and on the morning I heat it and eat. This is speed and also tasty. If you want something faster I recommend Huel( read about it). Also milk soup with corn flakes is super.

George Y.
i think u should eat some scramble eggs if you re getting tired of normal eggs
also u can switch between cereals and protein shakes (which are also really good)

Antje F.
I prefer some nuts for breakfast because, nuts are a very good source of protein for the morning or any that has nuts in it like smoothies, a spread, will give you alot of energy for the morning you can even drink milk, protein bars, and oatmeal.

Burkhard F.
Outmeal/granola with nuts and seeds, you can add peanut butter or almond butter into it.

Sandwich with hummus and avocado, may add leafy vegetables, cheese, turkey, and/or seeds to it

Buckwheat/quinoa with any topings of your choice. May add leftover chicken, veggies, cheese, nuts, seeds, hummus, etc

Be creative 😁

Andreas W.
There are lots of recipes online for protein bars and protein muffins. They pair great with fruit, bacon, eggs, etc. Another alternative is a protein shake. ☺️

Brad E.
I feel the same! I can't eat a lot of eggs as I have a light intolerance to them, and im not super into sweet things for breakfast. Haloumi cheese is a great quick fry up that is high in protein (But also high in salt and fat, so not an every day breakfast), I also like mushrooms and spinach, or change up the egg routine and make something like a shakshuka (diced tomatoes, spices, chickpeas for extra protein, and then eggs baked in the sauce). Alternatively if you're on the run just some high quality peanut butter on toast.

Melco C.
Other good ideas por protein packed breakfast are milkshakes of any fruit, you could add oatmeal in the mix, or prepare it by itself. Other option is a bran loaf toast with a light, high protein cream cheese and ham, or add the cheese and the ham to scrambled eggs to make them different.

Scott X.
Yoghurt, milk, cheese, oatmeal, pancakes, bread with meat (make yourself a nice sandwich) or proteïne bars. You can also try tuna or salmon, but maybe that’s better for lunch! You only need 30 grams of protein a meal maximum because that is the maximum intake you can digest. And more proteïne is not always better.

Semra M.
If you cook eggs differently, you can get really good results. Scrambles, omelettes, hard boiled, deviled, egg salad sandwich… you name it. If, however you still feel tired of eggs, I would suggest loading up on breakfast sausages, turkey links, bacon, and nuts. You can also make a breakfast smoothie and add protein powder into it. Smoked salmon with cream cheese on a bagel is always fantastic. I also suggest avocado toast and banana peanut butter toast. Hope this helps.

Bernd U.
Chickpea salad, yoghurt, and hummus with veggies and/or bread are great options. You can also make wonderful dips and spreads with kidneybeans (look for vegan spreads online with beans, there are tons)

Jackie J.
So I have found a lot of success in just not sticking to traditional “breakfast” foods. You can eat chicken fajitas in the morning! You can eat turkey meatballs with pesto! There really is nothing stopping you from eating what you would have for lunch for breakfast. As long as it is healthy and well-balanced!

Liana U.
I know the feeling. What i try to remember is that we can also get protein from beans such as lentils, soybeans etc. You can spice up your routine by making vegetarian meals as well, this gives you variety and you'll miss the taste of eggs as well lol. All the best.

Lya Q.
Plain Yogurt+Nuts/seeds (not salted, just roasted)+dry fruits+a little bit of honey for the taste. You can mix yourseeds,nuts and dry fruits in advance and mix it with your yogurt and honey daily.

Melvin A.
I like to switch it up, by eating low sugar proteinyogurt (called skyr in Scandinavia). I like to make different toppings each day, depending on what fruits I have available to me. But I always use some kind of grain and chia seeds. Hope this helps!

Tobias F.
Low fat greek yoghurt with fresh fruit
Cottage cheese on toast
Smoothie with one pack of tofu, 1 banana and (plant-based) milk
Protein shake