I would love some more healthy and very fast breakfast ideas.

Greg F.
We have made a family agreement to sit down together for a few minutes every weekday morning regardless of who leaves when. One day of the weekend I put on a real buffet feast, but through the week I have to put something different on the table every day. Muesli with milk, muesli with smoothie mix, berry fruits with Greek yogurt, one day I get Danish type bakery goods and while I'm there I pick up bread for toast and jam the next day. One trip to the supermarket and one trip to the bakery and voila!
Ted S.
Almost every morning my go to is fruit. I eat it while sitting in the drop off lane at my son's school and so on. Works everytime. If I want a little extra, peanut butter sandwich or nuts, yogurt with flaxseed or granola, beans with an egg and avocado. Healthy, energizing and fast.
Dinor Z.
I usually start my day off with a big glass of water, then I choose a breakfast containing a rich source of protein to kick me off, and at least one fruit or vegetable to give me some vitamins. My typical breakfast is simply a fried egg on toast, sometimes with baked beans, and a green apple. A simple yet nutritious and quick breakfast for a healthy start. My advice is to experiment with different foods and see what you like and what you don’t. Enjoy!
Zeli C.
I procrastinate a lot even for simple tasks like making me sth good to eat. I'd like some ideas for a quick and easy breakfast that's healthy for me so I can slowly learn to be more aware with what I eat and how much or little