Was it hard to do this ‘Eat a Great Breakfast’ challenge? If yes, why?

Emily W.
No since I already eat a small breakfast everyday. I just had to add more food to breakfast to help me feel more energised.

Roberta R.
no not really, because it was already a part of my daily routine i usually take a light breakfast like some cerials, mostly cerials the healthy wheet and fruis one.

Christien I.
The eating a great breakfast challenge was harder for me than drinking water. I cant stomach enting first thing in the morning, but through this challenge I was reminded to eat on time (I regularly skipped breakfast). Now I opted for a light, and healthy breakfast.

Byron O.
It is harder for me on the weekends, but I found that having a few granola bars on hand helps because I can just grab one instead of having to make a breakfast.