What types of breakfast foods is best for you?

Storm Z.
I think foods high in fibre are the best to start off the day. Foods such as oatmeal with mixed nuts and a scoop of peanut butter is what I find to be the best way for me to start my day.
Karsten O.
I enjoy eggs most mornings. With sour dough. Avocado and sometime tomato.
Or porridge. With mashed banana, peanut butter. Cinnamon. Walnuts. And fresh raspberries on top.
Kasper C.
I generally things that are grab and go, like a granola bar or a banana and rice cakes. I like toast and egg or avocado and would like to build in more mornings where I sit down to breakfast rather than eating in a rush or on the move.
Michael X.
Small foods like a piece of toast with nutella, a small bowl of cereal, or some fruit. A glass of orange juice or cup of coffee to go with it too. R maybe some chocolate malt-o-meal. I'm not really a breakfast person so I'm not sure what else I could have.
Wesley S.
Bananas and Coffee work best for me. I find myself often not hungry in the morning but I can always eat a banana. Sometimes I prepare boiled eggs to eat if I'm actually hungry in the morning.
Timothee Z.
Eggs in a variety of ways, poached boiled scrambled, with mushrooms or asparagus yogurt, fruit and nuts. Small fruit juice and a coffee
Zachary F.
Easy to make breakfasts. Simply making an egg and cutting up some bacon or mushrooms to compliment them.
Or prep burritos for the whole week. This way you just have to warm up the burrito and be on your way.
Earl J.
Personally I find microwave oats the best for me! They are simple and fast to prepare and keep me full during 4 morning hours of school until lunch. You'll just need oats, add water (or any kind of milk!), Sweeten with honey or maple syrup (my fave!!). Put into the microwave for about 1 minute at 800-1000watt. Add condiments at will: banana is nice either fresh or added before the microwave, chocolate is nice too, nuts, chia seeds, any fruit of your choice,…. Be culinary creative!
Zachary A.
Oats. I usually have oats for breakfast. They get the ones with different flavors so I never get tired of them. Sometimes I have them with some fruit topping. It slaps, really. Occasionally, I also make a sandwich. It could be a an egg sandwich or something else; whatever I have available really.
Britney F.
I sometimes do a protein bar (Go Raw brand) and a banana. Other days I do overnight oats. Every Sunday I make four servings in jaws and top it with blueberries or peaches. Every once in awhile I have an apple and a couple scoops of peanut butter. An hour or so after I go on a run, I am a little hungry, so I make a quick smoothie with pineapple, blueberries, and spinach in it. I add pineapple juice and protein powder, too.
Sebastiana Q.
I enjoy something foods that are healthy, light, and filling. For example: Oatmeal with dried fruit and nuts or eggs on whole/multigrain toast.
Garance Q.
Easy, fast and filling. I like eggs but they can get boring easily so I had to look around and find other options including trying some of the ideas from the app. First day I had a spoonful of peanut butter and an apple, I hadn't been shopping yet but I did what I could. Day two I tried oatmeal with almonds and beans and cinnamon; didn't turn out great and ended up being more work than I thought to make it. I definitely enjoyed the almonds as they helped with the terrible texture of oatmeal and the bland taste. Next time I'll add more cinnamon, maybe some nutmeg too. Today's breakfast was good and simple but had left me hungry, next time I'd add an egg and definitely keep the Cayenne pepper because it went really well with the avocado. So sandwiches are good simple and fast like eggs, I just need to remember to add more proteins but I've been good about having healthy closer to balanced breakfasts. It's difficult to come up with breakfast ideas, that was my biggest challenge, (and having the energy to make 'em) so I downloaded a recipe app and now I don't have to think something up.
Isabelina S.
Plain non fat greek yogurt with fruit. Eggs. Whole wheat toast (100 calorie slice) with one tablespoon of natural crunchy peanut butter
Freja A.
I like to make egg muffins (if you're not vegetarian/vegan)! Start by greasing a muffin pan by wiping with a paper towel that has some vegetable oil on it, or using sprayable oil. Paper liners are an option too, but they can stick to your muffins. Dice some veggies (onion, pepper, broccoli, or whatever you want!) and a couple strips of bacon. Add chopped veggies and bacon to muffin tins until they look full enough to you. Crack some eggs in a bowl, add a splash of milk and beat with a fork until light until light. Spoon the egg and milk mixture into the veggie-filled muffin tin and bake for 15-20 mins at 350 degrees F. Wait 10-15 mins to cool after baking and run a PLASTIC knife around the edge of your muffin pan to release. Cheese is also delicious on top 🙂 Enjoy!
Eugenie J.
I am not a big breakfast eater so part of my challenge is to just eat breakfast. I prep overnight oats or I will have fruit and toast in the morning.
Silvester O.
All kind of eggs
Avocado with eggs
Egg with tomato
Boiled eggs
Half boild eggs
Cearals with low fat milk.
More protien in the breakfast is better for me
Angela T.
I usually try to eat something high protein and high fibre, like high-protein low-sugar yoghurt with sugar free toasted seed-and-nut muesli, or natural peanut butter on 7 seed low GI bread – tastes great too!
Jordan P.
I like to make sure I had a good portion of protein for breakfast. Only protein supports my blood sugar enough to enable me to make better food choices for the rest of the day. Otherwise I just can’t stop myself grazing on rubbish every hour…
Margaux N.
I usually dont have time in the morning so i go for fast and simple, microwave oatmeal, toast, sometimes cereal. Not the best options but if i eat in the a.m. i wont overeat in the p.m.🥰
Lila Y.
Herbalife protein shakes – for both nutritional value and feeling full with the protein. Egg muffins could be an option, too. Especially since they can be made in advance.
Jeff J.
I like salty breakfast, but I'm used to have a sweet one, with toasted bread, marmalade and margarina in Place of butter
Lena S.
I enjoy having cereal in the morning. It's really the kid's cereal like coco pebbles ^_^. It brings me joy to have that in the morning.
Liam W.
Whole grain toast and yogurt usually are the best for me – they're easy. I am also allergic to eggs, so that crosses many traditionally healthy breakfasts off my list.
Ferenc O.
Bananas they wake me up.
Vector cereal is also something I eat in the morning. No sugar and has alot of fibers and protein.
Nathana L C.
I make these little egg cups in a silicone muffin tray. I line one cup with a piece of turkey bacon cut in half, then crack and egg on top and add some chopped veggies. Bake them and then throw them in a container in the fridge to grab and go!
Sohan Y.
Oatmeal with cranberries and nuts, tofu, egg whites with steamed veggies and corn tortillas, protein powder with spinach and flaxseed milk. Avocado toast, paleo waffles with nut butter, almond milk, green bananas
Emil G.
foods that will keep me going throughout the day up to about break or lunch preferably; full of protein and energies me to keep my concentration up so i dont lose focus during lessons.
Louison E.
Healthy fruits or quick to makes breakfast foods like bananas and oranges work the best with my routine but I think eggs are more sustaining when I have time to make them
Violet P.
I like to make eggs in the morning but when I feel too lazy to go through all that effort, apple and peanut butter do just fine
Diane Z.
Probably eggs. I like to have with them peppers and tomatoes too. If I have jam as well, i may take a little bit. Less than a spoonful. Or if there's fruit, bananas especially, I don't resort to jam.