How do you incorporate protein into your breakfasts? I struggle with protein because it takes more time to prepare.

Sara P.
Making a smoothie and adding protien pwoder is the easiest way to add protien to breakfast or just eatong protien rich foods
Alexia A.
I like to make frozen smoothie Bowles with frozen fruit and yogurt, it doesn’t take longer than 10 minutes. I use a good quality yogurt that’s high in protein and it’s fun mix around and change which fruits I use to make my breakfast more interesting
Jarimar O.
I incorporate it by making a sandwich with bacon and other things I like or ham. You can also make scrambled eggs wish ham and cheese or even bacon bits. This is a fast and good way to incorporate protein into your diet!
Silvia Y.
Protein can come from many sources, nuts, seeds, animals etc. Maybe using nut butters on toast, oatmeal, or granola. Or preparing boiled eggs the day before. Or you could multitask and turn on the stove for the eggs and do a quick morning stretch while they cook.
Bengt O.
Hi,maybe eggs, Tofu or sth. like yoghurt/curd. You could maybe to a quick shake or smoothie, also soy milk or flavoured yoghurts ara a goodsolution!
Rachel N.
I find something healthy, like an apple, and add something like peanut butter after I cut it. I don’t if this is helpful because I don’t really know what protein is, but I think you should start with a healthy breakfast every morning.
Mpho Z.
During the week I go for something easy to prepare like boiled eggs and then on the weekends I take my time to prepare my breakfast. Start easy and let it build