How do you manage to eat a healthy breakfast every day? What do you usually eat?

Timmothy B.
I'm working in trying to get to ~400 calories ( ~300 now ) but since my sleep isn't at where I want, I'm still napping ASAP to offset it at.

My typical weekday brekkie is 1/2 cup cereal, 1/2 cup whole milk, 3T mix of craisins and MUFAs, and 1/2 cup applesauce.

Samantha X.
I don't like lettuce so I don't eat salads, so what I eat to be healthy are some good healthy fruits like strawberrys, bananas, or some vegetables that I do like like brocolies , or carrots. Maybe a smoothe or some cereal with these things that could be really good.
Sue F.
Hello! I usually eat 5 almonds, 4 nuts and 3 chestnuts. It is enough to give you energy, but if that's not enough for you try with some dehydrated apricots!
Carlo Q.
Since I'm studying and not working, I don't have problem with the time of my breakfast; but still since I accepted the breakfast challenge, I'm waking about 1 hour earlier and I have a limit for my time to wake up and eat a complete breakfast. And yes, I've sliped many times from my promise and challenge, but I know that changing a behavior needs lots of working and a permanent push, so everytime I break my promise, I get back to it and start it over. In days that completed my challenge I usually ate: a glass of sugared tea (not much sugar), butter, breakfast cheese, a piece of bread, an egg, and a fruit like apple or banana.
Jimmie C.
I manage to eat a healthy breakfast everyday by pushing myself to do it even when I don't want to because I know I'll feel better after and I always try to pay attention to what I put in my body and think about if it is actually going to make me feel good. I usually eat eggs, bacon, and some fruit.
Vicki T.
I love making pancakes. Gluten free dairy free pancakes with slices of banana and a protein smoothie.

I usually make the pancakes at night when I have time and warm them up and then I make my smoothie every morning but with more vegetables than fruits

Jack N.
When I wake up, i look myself into the mirror and tell myself i got this, this is my time to shine. And i open fabulous Mark everything in my morning routine done and power off my phone or put it to charging and that's when I actually start doing everything because it's better. I eat eggs and tea.
Gustav P.
I make quinoa on Sunday so that during the week I can make breakfast with it. I usually drizzle honey or agave on it and then add berries and soy milk.
Hunter F.
I try to eat what is going to sustain my energy therefore If I eat breakfast I feel energized for the rest of the day lately

I usually do boiled egg with avocado or sunny side fried egg with roasted tomato and bacon

Ellen R.
bread with eggs or butter and coffee (often milk with cacau). i really like eat fruits for the breakfast (my favorite fruit is banana with papaya)
Jessie P.
I try and stock up on anything healthy that I may want to eat throughout the week. Sometimes it's easy stuff, like keto Catalina Crunch cereal; or if I want to put in more effort, I'll make Simple Mills bread, add avocado, broccoli, and hardboiled eggs. Then I'll add a little balsamic reduction drizzle. Good luck!
Maja G.
Sfortunate I'm not vegetarian or vegan neither but usually for breakfast I eat fruit or an extract or if exist yogurt for vegan (idk) I blend yogurt and 2 strauberrys and then add chia seeds
Wyatt U.
I usually eat something healthy and not toxic.I eat fruits 🍎,fried egg 🍳 or boiled egg 🥚,porridge, sometimes pasta 🍝 ,rice porridge 🥣 cheese 🧀 bread 🍞 butter 🧈 honey 🍯 All this
Lucille T.
I used to skip breakfast because I didn't feel hungry, but since I started a diet it became part of my routine. I usually eat some nuts and a fruit with a cup of coffee. If you need to create an habit, start with a little fruit that you like, so that will be easier. Keep improving 🙂
Mia Q.
i don’t really have a favourite exercise, i mean, usually i wake up, i drink water and i have breakfast, after that i do my morning skin routine. After all that i meditate and do stretching, nothing complicated. when i do my morning routine i feel always better and it’s so
Liam A.
I mostly eat a variation of oats/oatmeal for breakfast. They're so versatile and you can eat them dry or with milk, berries, banana, raisins, etc. Even as overnight oats if you need to grab and go in the morning.
Ana S T.
I try to get myself excited and motivated to make it! What I usually eat is a smoothie bowl or a waffle with fruit .It’s nice and simple and fuels me for my day .
Joscelino N.
Well I wake up early, at around 6 am and then I exceraise for 10 minutes which get me really hungry 😅 and with that I usually make porridge which fulls me up with like frozen fruits, cause they are soo much easier to maintain and add to your meal!!
Gabriel Q.
Sometimes I decrease the time for my exercises and sometimes i tell myself that it’s only for a period of time just do it and you will feel really better 😎
Nour N.
If I'm too tired to exercise I try to stretch my muscles and joints for a few minutes. I find stretching relaxing and helpful for my medical issues as well 🙏