Eggs are common breakfast. But everyone tells me that it has high cholesterol. Also, vegan food is better, they said. I have a friend who’s been vegan for years and doesn’t eat eggs. What do you think?

Gina O.
It's important to eat a breakfast with lots of protein and fiber. One of my favorite breakfasts in the cold season is a warm chocolate oatmeal with nut butter, seeds and fresh fruit. My passion is to show people how they can eat healthy and vegan without feeling like they have to give up anything. I have been living vegan for almost five years and will soon become a vegan nutritionist. So I'm happy to answer questions like this.
Jayant O.
So eggs are a good source of protein and healthy fats. Ot does contain cholesterol but those are good cholesterol. So may be you can have 3 eggs with yolk of only one and rest 2 egg whites
Edith F.
It is true that eggs are high in cholesterol, and it was previously suggested to avoid eggs for that reason, but more recent studies have found that the choleserol in food does not affect the cholesterol in our bodies very much. Instead, it is best to avoid saturated fats (mostly found in animal products) and trans fats (mostly found in hydrogenated oils/fats), which do noticably increase LDL levels in our bodies. Eggs do have a little saturated fat (1.5g), but not enough for a person with healthy cholesterol levels to worry about. In my personal opinion, you should limit saturated fats (there are health benefits from animal products if consumed in moderation), but avoid trans fats. Other methods of maintaining healthy cholesterol levels are to maintain a healthy weight (suggestion: use the waist-to-height ratio instead of the BMI) and 30 minutes of moderate exercise on most days. But of course, consult with your doctor as your specific circumstances may differ from the "average" person's circumstances, especially if your cholesterol levels are outside of the healthy ranges.