What do you drink as an alternative to caffeine based drinks to wake you up in the morning?

Lise Q.
I know it’s difficult but I start my day with a big glass of water and a grainy breakfast. I only drink water through out the day and have noticed I have more energy when I eat healthy rather than when I drink coffee- I usually end up with a headache. Water and healthy food!
Villads Z.
If you go to a health food store like Natural Grocers, they have a whole slew of non-caffeinated coffee replacement drinks that taste sorta like coffee. There’s one brand called Teaccino that I’ve tried that I’ve noticed actually does give a bit of a boost like coffee would, but without any caffeine. Or you could drink green tea, it has barely any caffeine compared to coffee and is extremely good for you.
Noemie C.
A drink called Matcha, which is like coffee without caffeine, gives you energy without the crash (like coffee gives you). You can find a variety of recipes online and I guarantee there are matcha shops near you!
Herbert P.
Water with lemon and maybe herbal tea but none of that wakes me up in the morning, not even coffee. So i guess if you are going to make me quit😢 then let’s say i’ll make some kind of protein super green smoothie either warm or cold.