What does everyone eat for a healthy breakfast?

Klaudia J.
I have porridge 6 days a week – usually with fruit added and occasionally with honey instead. Once a week (Saturday or Sunday) I have an Irish Breakfast – sausage, bacon, tomatoes, egg, etc).
Brett U.
I eat whatever cooked vegetables I have topped with a sunny side up egg and some dried chilies.

I cook extra vegetables so I don’t have to cook in the morning. I just reheat the vegetables in a small skillet, put a little salsa in to cook. Then when it’s really sizzling I push it to the side and crack an egg in the pan. Cover it and two minutes later—breakfast. I finish it with a sprinkle of dried chilies.

Hanny Y.
Healthy breakfast means porridge, eggs, yogurt, green or herbal tea, I guess. And a whole grain bread of course. May be a fresh juice as well. And a glass of water before all this.
Noah C.
After I drink my water, I mix two eggs with a tsp of half and half and microwave it for about 40 seconds, and eat that with about a cup of bran cereal and low-fat milk. Then drink decaf coffee with a dollop of whip cream, and I always drink a decaf Diet Coke in the morning too. I save an apple, banana, or blueberries for a snack.
Sara T.
A lot of people assume “clean” eating is the way to go for breakfast. My only issue with clean eating is everyone is different, what’s clean to someone might be different than what it is for me. A lot of people can’t have broccoli, broccoli is considered a clean food..yet it gives some people horrific gas and cramping. What’s the point of being healthy if you’re miserable? I say eat something you enjoy. Whether it’s an orange, banana or soup eat whatever your desires in moderation. Eat small portions to prevent discomfort. Personally I do better with a tiny breakfast. A banana is my go to. I feel great after a banana, but like broccoli not everyone can have bananas. Eat whatever makes you thrive the most. At first it’s hard finding your go to breakfast but I promise when you do, your world changes. You no longer reach for donuts or that slice of cake calling your name because you know you’ll feel better after eating something that agrees with you.
Ahmet T.
There’s several breakfasts that are my favourite for lasting energy. The first is scrambled eggs with peppers and onions, a little oregano and salt and pepper, topped with tomatoes, and takes only 15 minutes to prepare and eat! I also like organic granola with almond milk topped with peaches. Mmm. This keeps me full and energetic all morning with just a small bowlful. Another favourite is a fried egg with seasoned avocado, mayo and sometimes a little ketchup on toast. Mmmm. Or fruit smoothies with protein powder and a little baobab powder, sweetened with honey. Bring on a happy morning!!
Neil E.
Muesli with fruit and nut during the week and eggs and toast at weekends. I'm planning to make sure it's wholemeal in future.
Simon Y.
Breakfast is a good habit that starts the day strong. You will have more energy and eat less junk during the day. You will save money and learn to enjoy better choices if you begin strong.
Celina J.
As I prefer to avoid sugars and starches in my diet, a healthy breakfast is usually based around eggs. Just remember that breakfast doesn't have to be typical breakfast foods. Leftover dinner can make a great breakfast.
Enes Q.
I used to eat eggs because I am also on a diet but got tired of them. I have been eating oatmeal and fresh fruit with coffee. I also added collegen powder to my coffee and have adddd vitamins daily
Lydia U.
Most mornings I have Marmite on seeded toast with half an avocado and a spoonful of chia seeds. If I have time I scramble an egg too for extra protein. It's so quick and tasty, full of good fats and really filling.
Gabriele X.
I am still searching for that answer myself. The journey is full of lessons, joyful and painful. Somedays we have boiled eggs and others its the cheesecake leftover in the fridge. The good days when you wake up feeling like the world is your to conquer, you exercise, meditate, and just reflect on the goodness of the day ahead. Those days are the greater of the rest.
Wally R.
I like smoked salmon on malted toast with grilled vine tomatoes and mushrooms as it’s filling and keeps me going for a while.
Diane Y.
Healthy proteins, such as eggs with ground turkey, with different color vegetables, like Bell peppers, onions, spinach, and tomato, sometimes low sugar fruit, and green tea with lemon and honey.
Glen T.
I eat some eggs with spinach in them and some oatmeal. Generally will get me through to lunch, but I carry an extra granola bar with me just in case I get hungry before it comes to be lunch time.
Dem Trio T.
Everyone? No idea. I don't eat red meat, pork, or eggs so I'm not involved with everyone. I usually have a small garlic bagel and turkey sausage. I put the bagel in to bake while I'm getting ready, the turkey sausage takes 2 minutes! Done.
Alice C.
Protein packed breakfast, keeps you full until lunch stoping you from eating unhealthy last minutes snacks until your next meal. Eggs, fruits and peanut butter combination plain low fat yogurt and more.
Asta G.
Eating a good breakfast is any food that is going to set up your brain and body to function well. For me, that means a spinach and frozen fruit smoothie with my marine collagen supplement! Some people prefer a heartier breakfast that will last them until lunch time—it’s whatever heals you, nourishes you, and fuels you so that you can accomplish your goals.
Louren O S.
Water, your choice of fruit, egg & cheese sandwich, small choice of your sugar craving, tea/coffee(try to take it easy on the sugar crave & coffee, eventually limiting those choices as less as possible). Choose the healthiest options. In that order💯
Sherry J.
I eat eggs and avocado seasoned with cayenne pepper and hymalaian salt, coffee sweetened with stevia and coconut creamer
Sevim J.
I like to have a boiled egg and some fruit, or (my favorite) a whole wheat English muffin with half an avocado on it. I’m looking to add some veggies to my breakfast, but so far that’s proved challenging.
Ifig Nia P.
I mix chia seeds with goat milk kefir and let it sit overnight so the chia seeds expand and get gummy like tapioca. When I'm ready to eat I add some fruit of choice (usually I like to add mango). It feels like eating pudding!
Mason P.
I prepare myself a sandwich stuffed with either smoked turkey or ham, beef pastrami, lettuce, and tomatoes. Just with a drizzle of mayonnaise.
Katrine Z.
I do intermittent fasting so mon- friday is a berry smoothie for me but on the weekends i start my meals off with a nice spinach and mushroom omlette.
Queila P.
Half a grapefruit, wallnuts, cottage cheese and earl grey tea. If I’m in the mood, I’ll cook banana-oatmeal pancakes with dried/smoked meat on side. In hurry, I’ll prepare a bowl of oatmeal from the night and it’ll be ready in morning. If I have NO time at all, a few wallnuts and a spoon of yoghurt.
Bertram N.
3 eggs, toast with PB and jam, fresh blueberries, plus cashews on occasion. Water, vitamins and minerals via EmergencE Plus Immune boost. Cup a Joe.
Caroline S.
I am a person from south India. Here for a healthy breakfast people eat food like puttu(steamed rice/wheat powder) and Kadala curry or appam and beef curry or idlli(steamed rice batter)and sambar curry . I personally like puttu and Kadala curry..😊😊
Patrick E.
This has been my favorite breakfast for the last few weeks… a BANANA SPLIT!!!

Take a banana
split it in half
spread the inside of the halves with peanut butter
glob in your favorite yogurt
sprinkle on your favorie trail mix

slow sugars, calcium, lots of protein, and delicious!!
mmmm ^_^

Manon E.
Thanks to Fabulous self growth I’m now mentor for Putting Health at The Top. My favourite new breakfast is chicken patties with herbs, ginger and/or garlic. My 13y son even loves them
Francis L.
I feel a full English breakfast is ideal for one to feel energised breakfast should consist of eggs bread some fruit juice and tea or coffee.
Guillaume O.
I like to have a mix of protein, fruit, and some carbs to help get the day going. Right now, I’ll be having some breaded chicken cutlets, a green apple with peanut butter, and maybe a small bowl of cereal.
Angel O.
Not everyone eats breakfast or eat healthy food, what is delicious is eating apples and vegetables that are good for as well as eggs
Brad W.
Good breakfast provided energy until lunch. You do not get distracted. Good breakfast must include proteins, low sugar, fruits. Good bf. make you fell good, confident and ready for whatever happen.
Gabrielle F.
I have been trying to eat a fruit first (after the bottle of water) and then I have been eating a sandwich with good bread and low fat cheese and jam.
Carol F.
Can’t go wrong with eggs! There are so many different ways to cook them based on your preference. And they’re delicious too!
Sereno E.
Natural yogurt with strawberries, raspberries, dried bananas, chia seeds and honey or milk with weetabix, banana, nuts mix (usually walnuts and pecans), flaxseeds and milk thistle
Vicky F.
For a healthy breakfast, I either make steel cut oatmeal (slow cook) with some peanut butter and almond milk added in; or I make toast with Dave’s Killer Bread (one of the super grainy ones) and top it with peanut butter or scrambled eggs.
Jar U.
Fueling up for the day. The best is lean protein and low sugar carbs. I strive to do that every day. It gives me energy for a busy morning.
Beatrice E.
I mix it up. Sometimes a savory oatmeal with veggies like wilted spinach or lightly cooked peas and a hard cooked egg and sometimes a smoothie on the go or a fruit and yogurt parfait with granola
L A C.
Greek Yogurt with Berries, Avocado and Toast with Egg, Oatmeal with Fruits, Cottage Cheese, Chia Seeds, Nuts….

There are many choices for a healthy breakfast, choose what you want and enjoy your meal.. best of luck in your new challenge 💪🏻

Larissa Q.
On the go, I would have some vegetables or fruits but I still have time I would have homemade bread and some honey or Hommos or even a great sandwich of Falafel
Julie Z.
Probably fruits and eggs and stuff but here's the problem, I get up earlier then the people in my house so I can't just go and make a smoothie with the loudest machine …
Felismino Y.
I make up a dozen mini fratatas using a muffin pan.
2 whole eggs
1 cup of egg whites
1/2 cup of grated cheese
1 cup of chopped spinach
1/2 cup of chopped onion
1/2 cup of chopped bell pepper
Mix it together
Fill the muffin pan
Put in the oven at 325 for 15 -20 minutes.

I store the in the fridge, take two out in the morning pop them in the microwave on reheat

Have them with a cup of tea.

Axel Z.
The selection is limitless.. yogurt, fruit, eggs boiled , egg whites w alvacado & a little Salsa.. protein smoothie the list goes on n on
R Ben O.
I’ve been eating at least one protein, a biscuit and sausage and always some kind of fruit. I always do something small like grapes. I want something that I have quick access too since I’m too tired in the mornings to prepare large breakfasts.
Charlie F.
Healthy fats like avocado, olive oil. Some proteins like in hummus. Egg. Vegetables are must: spinach, tomato, cucumber, radish. Cup of coffee with plant milk
Matteo E.
From my experience we must have anything gives us an energy and proteins , in second hand that thing must be healthier such as eggs ,oats with fresh fruits .
Scott O.
I eat fruit or oatmeal or a combo of both! Sometimes I’ll cook an egg and some toast! Anything is better than a pop tart or nothing at all is my idea of “healthy breakfast”
August Z.
I have a hard time eating first thing in the morning, but I need something in my stomach other than coffee or I get the shakes. My go to is a fatty coffee with a tiny bit of carbs and some protein. Usually some coconut oil, hemp hearts, and collagen peptides or powdered gelatin.
Carla G.
Idk what other people eat but I try to eat as many food groups as I can, such as bread with peanut butter and honey or yogurt and fruit, sometimes both, sometimes none cause depression
Corentin O.
Everyone one should have a bottle of water,fruit and a grain. I don’t think a huge hearty breakfast is the way to start off a productive day.
Jessie U.
Greek yogurt with fresh or frozen fruit and nuts or a bowl of porridge made with non-dairy milk, cinnamon, raisins and apple. Delicious!
Caterina S.
Eggs, with one of the followings like: potatoes, pepers-tomatoe-onions, beans, bacon, ham,
Corn tortillas with spicy sauce, in a soup with avocado, on the weekends oatmeal hotcakes 🙂
Chad Z.
Usually scrambled eggs flavoured with oregano and milk, and a glass of milk or tea or nescafe.
Sometimes that i'm in a hurry, i'll just eat an apple with 1 teaspoon of peanut butter
Leonore U.
Overnight oats! I make it the previous night by soaking oats, almonds, walnuts, Flax seeds, raisins, cranberries, and other assorted seed mixes to rice milk. This way it's ready for me when I wake up and I don't have to worry about deciding what to make, or actually spending precious morning time on making it.
Noah U.
I like eggs. But when I let myself get short on time (or I forget to buy eggs), a bowl of a good wheat or oat cereal with milk is nice.
T O S.
Protein in the form of egg or a bit of peanut butter with a banana (potassium), I love oatmeal (not the packaged of course) with almond or coconut milk and high protein yogurt.

Theo F.
I always try to 🌟 the day with lemon water(thanks fabulousbFor me personally I try to make a smothie packed with everything from greens to sweet potatoes and other veggies. I usually add some vega 1 protein. Ieberries and avocados are a staple and finished off with ground chia and ginger . Honey and cinnamon for flavour. If I'm still hungry, I'll have a piece of eye roast and butter or a bowl of bran flakes.
Joel U.
The human mind is more of a choice so a healthy breakfast would include the same amount of protein as calories so oatmeal,porridge and English breakfast is the usual.
Ella Z.
Everyone should eat protein, fruit, and a healthy fat for breakfast. A sample breakfast I eat is two boiled eggs with 1/2 avocado sliced, drizzled with olive oil. I would also drink 1/2 glass of pure grapefruit juice.
Katarina F.
I make oatmeal and then add coconut chips, raw cocoa, cinnamon, cranberries and other things. Other days, I make smoothies using a plain yoghurt, red berries or mango and oatmeal. Bananas, apples ans dried fruits are also an options, when I'm on a rush. Advocado with orange juice is quick to make as well.
C Me Q.
The base of what i was is always the same; two eggs. I add diced tomatoes, ham, spinach and variety of cooked peppers. I switch up the veggies according to what i have on hand. I switch it up from ommeletes, scrambled hash and poach so i don't get tired of it
Mads C.

A supersmoothie is the ultimate way to start the day.

for one blender bullet:

-1 handful Spinach leaves
-1 handful Raspberry
-1 handful Kale
-Almond milk
-1 tbsp. Acai powder
-1 tbsp. Hempseeds
-1 tbsp. Spirulina
-1 tbsp. Apple Cider

give it a week or two and you cant live without it.

Elias C.
I eat light cheese with brown bread and some cucumber for example something light to your digestion system and will keep you full ☺️
Byron P.
A healthy breakfast contains food that is full with good, “slow” carbohydrates, like fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds which don’t spike blood sugar level.
Valdemar W.
I usually don’t have much time to make breakfast in the morning because most days, I rush to get to school. I just grab an egg, crack it in 40 grams of oatmeal, mix it all up and cook it. It’s plain and doesn’t have any flavor but I prefer it that way since I don’t like to taste too much flavor in the morning
Eckehard F.
Cottage cheese with sunflower seeds, omlette with sausage, carrots and paprika, leftover vegetable soup from yesterday.
Ara Jo Q.
The most important thing is to eat early in the morning . Max an hour after you have been up . A healthy breakfast consist of eggs and bread easy . Or even oatmeal add some fruit for even better taste quick and easy . Fruit just having fruit in the fridge is always a must . Sometimes when I’m late to work ( most of the time ) I just grab a fruit and go .
Tristan N.
Pancakes made with almond milk, lizana, oatmeal and little flour. Boil egg with smoked bacon bites. A apple(fruit) green tea
Alcindo Y.
I have two boiled eggs on a piece of low carb bread (Audi high-protein high-fiber low-carb bread is the lowest carb bread around) with real butter (Western Star – not the spreadable that has canola oil, the hard one is healthier), Hymilayan Sea Salt, pepper and Spicy Dukkah. It keeps me full until lunch 🙂
Tracy E.
Two large free range eggs, one sour dough crumpet, tablespoon of pumpkin seeds, teaspoon of chia seeds. One cup each of raspberries and blueberries
Calvin C.
I will have my probiotic yogurt that I can drink in the morning and sometimes I will have leftovers from dinner last night as my breakfast.
Lisuarte Q.
For the past 100 days I’ve been having almost daily… overnight oats with a banana sliced and a dab of peanut butter. Sometimes I’ll add a yummy granola with dried fruit into the mix.
Ma Va O.
I don't get the question. What do you mean everyone? I usually get some bread, eggs. I try to eat fruit. I have coffee. Ham and cheese with the bread. Sometimes cake and pizza
Miranda E.
Scrambled egg wrap.
1 tsp coconut oil
2 strips of turkey bacon. Sliced.
1 egg
1/4 cup egg whites
1 green onion
1 oz feta cheese
Salt & pepper
– Cook bacon. Mix eggs, salt, pepper, onions together & pour over bacon once it’s fully cooked. Keep stirring to scramble. When fully cooked, put it on a 12” whole wheat tortilla wrap. Add 2 tbsp of salsa, and feta. Roll it up in a wrap & enjoy. Can be prepared the night before, and refrigerated. Microwave in the morning for 1 min 15 seconds.
Ida X.
I have a pretty busy morning so I go for quick and easy like half a toasted bagel with cream cheese and a piece of fruit. When I have the time I make quick oats seasoned with a little cinnamon and throw some rasberries and chia seeds in there.
Luisa O.
I don't think everyone heatlthy eater eats the same breakfast. It all depends on your diet – if your vegeterian, vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, omnivore and so on. In my opinion one of the most healthy breakfasts is an oatmeal. It brings you a lot of energy, it's quick to make, it brings you proteins and you can connect it with fresh fruits and milk to bring more vitamins, calcium etc. But if someone doesn't like sweet breakfasts it is also good to eat eggs or whole-wheat bread with vegetables. You can also add meat if you want, but it's good to avoid the red one and not to eat it everyday.
Tatiane Q.
I normally eat some bread, nuts and a fruit. In these last days I also added a yogurt, as I was craving something sweet. When I'm at my parents' home I eat a latte with biscuits, but that's not healthy at all (side note: I'm Italian and in Italy we normally consume a sweet breakfast and, also, we tend to not consume proteins for breakfast)
Mia F.
I think having a light meal is an important part of a healthy breakfast. Living in Asia I see how people just eat food food for breakfast. That seems pretty healthy. I also think your belief about the food you eat can be an incicator if it will nourish you or not.
Naja Z.
I have a slice of whole grain toast with no butter or anything, 1/2 can of low sugar beans and 1 scrambled egg to keep me going:) then I eat all my veggies throughout the day
Denise E.
Usual it’s oatmeal or buckwheat with some meat. And of course a lot of vegetables, as cucumber and tomato + some seasonal ones and avocado. And coffee 😋
Celso Z.
Oatmeal (with water) and blueberries, raspberries, and sometimes a few nuts. I used to do a lot more dried fruit and nuts but there’s tons of calories in that stuff.
Erin P.
Protein is good, so I like to start the day with eggs, fruit nuts are all great too. A healthy smoothie with oats to fill you up and keep you going maybe.
Arron O.
For breakfast, try a combination of grains, fruits, and protein. Vegetables are a good choice if you get the chance to prepare it in the morning as a green smoothie. Usually I have scrambled eggs with oatmeal topped with fruit.
Priscilla S.
As an Indian, I would say breakfasts like idli, upma and poha are great for me. They are full of carbohydrates so it gives me lot of energy till the lunch time. Also, fruits are great in morning. My mother always says that fruits are like gold in morning, in afternoon they are like a silver and in the night they are like an iron. So I prefer at least one fruit in morning. I avoid packaged sugary juices. Always prefer milk or lassi.
Julie T.
Can't tell you about everyone, but porridge with fruit (any of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, banana) is my best bet each morning
David C.
I often don't have the energy to cook on the stove, so I have a bagel with cream cheese and turkey. On days where even that is a bit too much, I have a leftovers, a cereal bar, and/or a gel fruit cup.
Janet U.
Protein-based breakfast gives you the long lasting energy and helps you feel full longer. We usually do eggs and cheese with a fruit side
Marion G.
For me it’s a couple of eggs, hash Browns and sausages. If those aren’t available, I will go with maple brown sugar oatmeal with fruit thrown in. The large me will hold me over till dinner for sure. The oatmeal tends to have me hungry sooner.
Leslie N.
I like to make a smoothie with a green superfood antioxidant powder, fruit, and almond milk. I also usually have scrambled eggs with a little cheese and sometimes, if I want to have an intense workout that day, I’ll add tuna as well to my scrambled eggs.
Carl E.
I’m not really sure what others eat but I’m trying to eat more fruit and veggies in smoothies etc. I’m also trying to avoid quick fixes like fast food or restaurants. I’m trying to have some variety so I get good nutrition. Eating things like egg whites, hard boiled or soft boiled eggs, oatmeal or cold cereal (ones with out too much sugar) and trying to make healthier choices and avoid cheeses and too many carbs. Trying to have more protein, but it’s hard at times.
Tracy J.
Personally, I tend to eat a banana with lemon, some nuts to keep me going through the morning mixed with yoghurt and/or porridge, sprinkled with cinnamon, ginger, a little salt and pepper, and berry-fruits if available. Other days, I have scrambled eggs prepared the previous day. My next challenge is to bake some egg muffins with onion, bacon and spinach, to give my day a kick-start!