How do you feel if you don’t eat breakfast?

Lucas N.
When I don’t eat breakfast, I feel lightheaded and spacey, and sometimes it’s painful and makes it hard to go on with my day. I need the energy from eating breakfast to be able to do things and think properly in the morning.
Karl Z.
I feel like I am empty and and dont wanna get up from bed and with a lot of movement and working I start feel trimbling and dezy
Marion E.
If I don’t eat breakfast, I feel run-down and fatigued. I usually am a bit cranky, too! I’m also distracted if I don’t have a good morning meal.
Pierre Z.
Same as usual, i even feel better. My brain is much quicker and concentration is better. I usualy dont eat in school 8am-13pm but when I am at home I eat it
Konstanze S.
I'm intermittent fasting, I'm feeling good in the morning since I drink lots of water and a cup of coffee. I break my fast at 10 or later, with nuts, or some veggies.
Valesca N.
I feel less energized and therefore less enthused for my mornings and what they bring. I therefore feel a bit more doubtful and selfconscious–its like a spiral that starts with lack of energy. I think ive come a long way wkth resiliency.
Clara W.
I actually feel better if I skip breakfast. I'm used to doing intermittent fasting and enjoy feeling alert when I fast. When I have breakfast, I feel sluggish and heavy and am more likely to snack on unhealthy foods after
Lucas T.
If I don't eat breakfast my energy levels are low. I find it difficult to focus on any task. After a while without breakfast I start to feel restless.
Pablo I.
I usually feel lethargic and a little less accomplished. It’s a small thing to complete and even if my mornings are rushed, I try to eat something small. It tends to give me more energy as well as more motivation. For example, even if I don’t do much with my morning, at least I ate breakfast, and that’s at least something.
Oscar Q.
breakfast is like fuel to me. when I eat it I feel fresh in the morning. if I dont eat it I feel tired and sleepy. a good breakfat make your day.
Angel T.
Sometimes I get really hungry before lunch which can trigger my anxiety. Plus i get headaches and feel twice as tired than usual. I also feel like I spend more of my morning time sitting down and surfing the internet.
Kristian Z.
I feel tired. But also I feel a little more anxious and stressed than regularly. It really decreases my energy levels later in the day and my mood.
Mattie N.
I’ve been doing intermittent fasting before it was a thing. I’m lucky in that I feel better when I don’t have breakfast then when I do eat. The exception is if I’m engaged in physically demanding activities.
Bruni F.
I have never had the habit of eating breakfast, and I am now trying to correct that. I am starting with light and small breakfast, but I know I will feel more energised when I replace is with bigger and more nutritious food.
Emma Z.
I usually stop eating three hours before I go to bed, so not eating breakfast will leave me feeling really, really hungry, which causes me to lose focus since I start thinking too much about food! I try to eat something high in protein, since being a student makes my lunchtimes sometimes unpredictable and I need to stay full longer.
Solveig F.
I am doing intermittent fasting so I don’t eat until 1pm. However in the truest sense of the word it does beak the fast and that feels great!
Clifton E.
I feel anxious to ear anything I find and start feeling weak not having the mood or energy to perform all my daily activities.
Juan U.
I feel horrible if I don’t eat any breakfast, breakfast is what I like to get up for. I need breakfast to be able to function. If I don’t eat any, I feel empty and groggy, and I am not a nice person, my blood sugars are low and I might get lightheaded or get a headache.
Sara B.
I feel ok. It more depends on whether I planned to have breakfast or not. I feel hungry only if I planned to eat breakfast but I don’t
Liva Y.
Bad. Lightheaded and cranky. And my brain isn’t working properly so I don’t notice I need to eat something until I’m ready to pass out.
Evel Cio N.
Super hungry! Especially if it's a school day. I walk around lik a zombie and I have o wait until 10:55 to eat! Some days I'm so hungry, I can't focus on anything else, just the hunger draining out my energy and strength
Harold Z.
When I don’t eat breakfast, my stomach starts to burn after awhile. But for some reason I feel like if I don’t eat breakfast I look smaller throughout most of the day. But once in a blue moon, when I do eat breakfast, my stomach starts to burn more quickly then it usually does.
C Me E.
I feel rushed. If I don’t take the few extra minutes in the morning to sit and eat a simple breakfast, I feel like as if I’m already behind. Then, in a few hours I feel tired and hungry, which affects my mood and interactions with others.
Marc U.
I feel drained by noon. I feel as though Cairo is literally draining me when he eats if I haven't started my morning out with SOMETHING to eat.
Arron F.
I usually fast, so I eat my breakfast late in the day and that feels good. However, I feeluch better when I eat fruit, whole grains, and a moderate serving, rather than sweets and carbs in excess. I feel proud and energetic.
Mira S.
I notoced behavorally.. i reach for false energy soda caffine sugar and if i put aside myself fot breakfast. Lunch fell away too until after school.
Noah C.
If I don’t have breakfast, I feel lethargic, grumpy, and sometimes lightheaded. Skipping breakfast also makes me feel that I lack the ability to focus and concentrate. It’s like trying to drive a car with no gas.
Ma Ly Z.
I get very hungry at work and I become someone upset and easily triggered. I also tend to eat more than I should towards the end of the day.
Marius E.
I feel good. I think food isn't so neccessary to be happy. In fact, i really think that food is a type of limitation to our soul and body. But, while i have opportunity to eat, I'm trying to eat healthy foods
Danny E.
I feel unfocused, hungry and to counter that hunger, I usually do binge eating. Ideally I don’t skip breakfast, but previously i used to.
Allison E.
I feel like my brain cannot wake up or function without eating breakfast. I physically feel nauseated, fatigued, and anxious. I wake up hungry so I also obsess about eating until I do actually eat. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day so skipping it keeps me from beginning on a happy, productive note.
Maxence A.
I don’t usually eat breakfast, so I’m just trying to figure out if i feel better when I do. Yesterday I felt more productive in the morning, but I need to keep it up to see if there is an impact. I was going to try for 3 weeks, and then see if it has made a difference.
Luke A.
I usually feel that i have a shorter temper and I feel more abscent as If i have a hard time to focus. I can get things done but I lack energy for sure…
Layla U.
For me I don’t feel anything on the day itself, what happens to me is that I’ll start to not feel the hunger que for breakfast and because I need to compensate for that so I become quite bloated, I also start feeling like I’m missing some nutrients. I try to naturally set my hunger que in the morning because I like breakfast and I find it difficult to get all my nutrition later in the day, my meals are hearty and filling so if I postpone them I’ll end up not eating enough.
Clara Z.
I honestly don’t feel any differently in the moment, but I get hungrier earlier and that generally leads to either binge snacking or overeating at lunch to make up for it.
Pat Z.
If I don’t eat breakfast, sometimes I feel too hungry later and tend to make the quickest food choices available and not necessarily the healthiest.
Chris P.
Breakfast is the most important part of the meal of the day. I used to feel tired and was not able to concentrate at work. Had no energy. So breakfast is a must
Janet Q.
Before I started eating breakfast I felt okay, it was a habit I had not yet introduced myself to, but after I started eating the right things in the morning I felt I had so much more energy and focus. Milk and other dairy products for example drained my energy, but raw fruits woke me up with a jolt of energy. Now its hard to imagine a morning without at least an apple and a glass of water.
Milton W.
When I didn't eat a breakfast I felt awful. I felt weak and lightheaded at first, and if I still didn't have anything to eat I started feeling nauseous.
Flavie E.
With no energy and less productive at work. Apathetic and more procrastinating. The "I feel great" routine is not the same with an empty stomach.
Wyatt S.
I am not a morning eater. Breakfast for me is a chore about fuel. I usually eat a protein bar or something else small to get through until lunch, which is my main meal.
Wigbert J.
If I don’t eat breakfast in the morning, I feel a little less motivation overall. It’s hard to focus, and I find my thoughts wandering.
Sometimes I’m not hungry in the morning, but I really need to force myself to eat!
Bayram E.
I feel very low..and end up feeling tired and hungry and eat whatever is available in large quantities which isn't healthier…so its better to have breakfast daily even when u are on fast…
Lauren Q.
I used to never eat breakfast consistently and I would say that it didn't effect me much. Once I started with fabulous and I began eating a well rounded breakfast every morning i started noticing just how much more energy I had to start the day with. There's been a couple mornings since where I had to grab more of a healthy snack than a full breakfast and I notice it immediately. It's like a glaze over my eyes and mind if I don't eat enough or if I eat something less healthy. It takes an extra cup of coffee (despite an inevitable crash) to shake it and even then my focus isn't the same. Even if I eat a late breakfast it'll throw off the vibe of the rest of my day. I'm team breakfast these days and I hope you experience the same benefits I saw in myself by committing it to your own morning routine.
Ethel F.
I don’t always need breakfast and I feel ok. But I would get hungry early around lunch time. In my case it’s ok because where I live, in Hong Kong, lunch time is early in the morning anyways. If I am not super hungry, I would eat some nuts, like almonds or walnuts. They keep you satiated for longer and are also rich in nutrients to start the day.
Rachel J.
That depends. Some times i don’t even notice that i haven’t eaten anything and i can chug along until lunch time or even after and i realize i haven’t eaten! Other times I’m hungry right away and my brain tells me i need fuel. Not sure what causes the difference in feeling.
Lucas W.
Im not typically hungry in the moutning but aince im eating every mourning if i dont have breakfast i will fell a little hungry
Don O.
I feel with no energy and irritable, I’m always hungry when I wake up so if I don't eat breakfast I will eat much more at school.