What is an ideal quick and easy vegetarian breakfast?

Sam F.
I prefer oatmeal with an egg stirred in, and topped with a chopped apple or banana plus peanut butter. Keeps me full until lunch 🙂
Nicholas E.
I usually go for fruit and some peanut butter like an apple or a banana. It gives you energy for the morning and it's easy to make. Then there is also Eggs. They're full of protein and great breakfast food. Try it with some vegetables (as a salad on the side of the eggs). Hope it helped 🙂
Jana N.
an ideal vegetarian breakfast could be an apple and peanut butter. it’s quick, healthy, and yummy! it’s what i usually have if i don’t have time to make anything big.
Josh B.
A banana and some homemade oatmeal would be my first choice. Oatmeal is so easy to make and you can add whatever flavors you want to! For my breakfast habit, I have been doing oatmeal with cinnamon and only about a gram of sugar. You could even add a cut up apple to this.
Shelly T.
I like to have a scrambled egg with a little cheese and guacamole on a tortilla. For vegan breakfast almond butter and apple on Ezekiel toast.
Isidro E.
Vegan option: oat, alternative milk (almond or coconut milk e.g), seeds (linseed, pumpkin seed, sunflower seeds, almonds, sesame)
Diego P.
Avocado and poached egg on toast, or low/no sugar granola (it's really easy to make your own) and blueberries on Greek yogurt. 😋
N Rio N.
Smoothies are great. I would recommend trying different recipes everyday for the first few weeks. It allows it to seem like less of a chore. This is also a good option if you dont want feel super full or bloated in the mornings.
Timmothy Z.
I make egg “omelet” muffins about every 1-2 weeks. These measurements aren’t exact. Dozen eggs. 1c cheese. 1c veggies (I usually do spinach, tomato, and mushrooms), 0.25t pepper, 0.5t salt. 350* for 20 min. Microwave for a minute. Enjoy!
Philip W.
I am not vegan or vegetarian, but a recipe I like is cherry Greek yogurt with naked bear granola, flax seeds, and coconut clusters:)
Harry O.
If your diet allows for eggs then they're great for breakfast. Boiling or poaching are easy cooking alternatives to scrambling. For my morning carb I'll usually do grits with a small amount of butter. If you don't have time for grits you can have your eggs on toast or have some nuts. Overnight oatmeal (I'm a big fan of steel cut) is a good idea if you tend to be rushed in the morning since you can make a few days' worth in one batch.
Victoire E.
Oat flakes with some raisin, put it in a coffee cup and let them soak a little. One piece of fruit. I admit I indulge in one or two vegan cookies for another 100 cal..