What if i had a huge dinner.. and in the morning I wasn’t hungry .. how to deal with this situation?

Alicja Y.
Grab something to eat later – on your way to work or at work. Or just grab a handful of nuts or dried fruit – it's about the quality of what you eat, not the quantity that makes a great breakfast 🙂
Sharon G.
Just remember to eat that morning breakfast because later on, you’ll be super hungry and end up eating something unhealthy. Remember it’ll help in the long run and you won’t end up feeling guilty.
Tara Z.
Try some more smaller meals for example nuts, fruits, vegetables before dinner. Try a smaller portion size. Also try to eat at the same time each night
Steve Q.
Ehhh yeah it happens sometimes but u dont eat food just because ur hungry …I mean like some times u have to eat to have enough energy to get through the day
Emily G.
For me, this happens quite often because of my work I actually end up eating dinner later in the night which makes me feel less hungry the next morning. What I do to get some nutrients in my body in the morning is make a small protein shake or small smoothie. What I mean by “small” is I make half of what I normally would if I was really ready for breakfast. In doing that I still have a breakfast, but I don’t overfill myself.
Alyn N.
My advice would be to eat a little anyway—your body needs fuel to start the day, and you haven’t eaten in at least 6-8 hours. Maybe just eat some trail mix or a granola bar
Hiltrud U.
I would maybe just have a light breakfast whether it’s a coffee or smoothly just to get me started and then wait to eat at lunch!
Hope this helps
William O.
I would still try to have breakfast, maybe something light that doesn't feel much like a full meal. A plate full of raw veg, peppers, cucumber, radishes, cherry tomatoes, a few spinach greens with a small side of reduced fat hummus always makes me feel great while also having my 5 a day! In the future, I would try to reduce a bit the calorie intake at dinner, maybe swap the fatty, calorie dense foods with some veg.
Joe R.
I would still eat something as your stomach will be used to this now and will store fat instead thinking it won’t be fed, try maybe a banana or small piece of fruit then up your lunch intake slightly
Stephanus N.
Just listen to your body, if you're not hungry why should you eat? I personally will skip the morning meal and wait until lunch.
Aradia M.
Personally i would still eat something. Make it light, for example a small bowl of yogurt and some fruit or tea and toast or even just a single egg. It is good for keeping up the habit of eating breakfast as well as good for your overall health and well being and keeping those blood sugar crashes at bay!
Joe T.
If you're not eating because you're hungry try eating because it's healthy, simple fruit or yoghurt and granola, even just a little bit, is a great start to the day and gives sugars/carbohydrates respectively!
Brook R.
I have found the best thing to do is listen to ur body … I typically workout each am w no breakfast beforehand just bc that works for me. If I ate a big one then went to bed… I would just go the next day until I was hungry! You got this!
Pauline C.
Try to still eat a light breakfast like some nuts or fruit. When I am not very hungry in the morning I eat some blueberries and a slice of bread.
Oskar P.
In this case, in the morning, even without hunger, try to eat light foods, with thermogenic effect and that aid digestion. Eat for better performance, not just to starve yourself.
Noah N.
You can eat something light and small like some yougurt with a piece of fruit and toast. That way you get your proteins, fibers and carbs for the morning.
Herminia P.
In case you are not a morning eater or in this case you are already full from last night's dinner, try adding a breakfast snack instead of a big breakfast. For example, a cereal bar or some almonds and a fruit, could do the job until you feel hungry enough to eat later.
Eleazar P.
Eating breakfast and sticking to your fabulous routine is important for your day. Maybe grab a small snack like nuts, an apple or a banana to kick you off.
Nikolaj W.
When I feel full in the morning… I'll always eat small portions at least twice or thrice after the lunch time… In that way you'll eat what you usually do without feeling all stuffed… 😊
Anna O.
Drink a bit of water, take in a slow breath and feel the water go down into your body. If you feel the water go all the way into your stomach which might be empty then it might help remind you that you could still eat something. That or eat some berries or small snacks.