Is there anything wrong with drinking coffee in the morning?

Fabiele W.
No! You can drink coffee in the morning, but a tea is a better choice. Coffee is okay when you don’t drink it all the time. Make good choices!
Darlene P.
Coffee isnt great in empty stomach. But after you have your breakfast, a cup of coffee can be energising. But i prefer fruit juices to coffee.
Garance T.
Nothing at all as long as you enjoy it. According to some research the caffeine in it even isn’t that harmful. It may stain the teeth though 🙂
Asta F.
Yes, you're upsetting the chemical balance in your brain, doing so over a long period of time will make it hard to get up In the morning without it
Villads N.
Of course not! There is nothing wrong with drinking coffee in the morning. However, too much coffee can cause your health to deteriorate as time goes on and if you continue to drink coffee in larger portions than necessary.
Tabea Z.
I think it’s ok! Not first thing in the morning but with breakfast and after water it’s should be fine. As longbow as it’s not not many cups per Andrew you’re not dependent on it. 🙂
Sofie W.
Not for me. I love drinking my coffee in the morning, after some water, of course. I love the taste of coffee. I know I should drink less coffee!
Lucy E.
It depends on what your timetable consists of, as personally I get up at 6am and leave the house by 7am so I will have a coffee on the way to work/uni/school. However, some people leave the house much earlier or later and find that drinking coffee in the morning and make them feel sick and cause them to decline at a much faster rate and at a much earlier time in the day.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with drinking coffee in the morning. I just think you need to know how you’re going to react to it and if it’s best for what you have planned ahead for your day.

Julian X.
No. Drinking coffee revitalise you in addition it is scientifically proven to assist with bowel movements. After consumption it can take anywhere from 10-30 mins before you need to go to the washroom for relief.
Zachary Q.
In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with drink a cup of coffee in the morning. In fact, I think it helps you to finally get up and start your day with more energy and probably better mood.
Karl Heinrich P.
Heck no.. everyone needs something in the morning. If that's how you get up and go, then do so. Try to limit the amount of sugar you use though.
Ann B.
No it’s not like you are doing something wrong but it’s definitely better to avoid coffee and tea or anything with caffeine and flush out your system with some fresh water, fruity smoothie, or sweet fruit juice.
Dilermando O.
I don’t believe there is anything wrong with drinking coffee in the morning. I’m not a coffee person but I have people around me that love coffee. My suggestion is to drink coffee in a relaxing me time way. In our society everything is rushing here and there. Take time to enjoy your coffee, and consider having your coffee with someone talk with. Make sure to be positive as then your guest and those around you will catch the positive bug and share it with others. We don’t have enough positive energy in our world.
Malou W.
No, I love the smell and aroma. Definitely not something I always drink for the buzz as I try to get a good amount of sleep the night before.
Veci N.
If on an empty stomach or to replace breakfast, yes. When full of sugar, yes. With organic milk, light sugar and with or after a healthy breakfast… enjoy!
Bertram N.
I don’t drink coffee. I drink tea though. Not sure if there is anything wrong with it, but drinking water in the morning is better!
Erik F.
There’s nothing wrong pwith drinking coffee once in a while, but the truth is, coffee is very unhealthy. Try going for a cup of tea every morning.
Brian P.
No it’s good to help get things kick started, but you should consume at least 1 full glass of water before you have any caffeine. Each cup of a caffeinated beverage requires two cups of water to remain hydrated.
Franco Q.
I personally don't think there is. However, drinking it after 2pm I find keeps me awake till who knows when. I tend to not have any coffee after 11am to ensure that I have a restful sleep. If I crave the taste – I go for decaf.
Valdemar C.
There is nothing wrong with drinking coffee in the morning, if there is no sugar or dairy added. It's a good way to take a pause during morning rush and enjoy tasty drink.
Jerome F.
Drinking coffee in the morning is not okay if you’re counting that as a meal by itself alone. I love coffee as much as the next coffee drinker but it’s time to step out of that habit and not drink it by itself. Maybe a small coffee with a breakfast that’ll give you enough energy to last until lunch time isn’t as bad.
Telse Q.
No however your first drink in the morning should be water because the body needs it after sleeping. Your essentially dehydrated upon waking so I drink water first and slowly make coffee
Tim A.
There, in fact, is everything wrong with drinking coffee in the morning. First and foremost, caffeine addiction is easily started by drinking coffee. You convince yourself that you need it to start and continue your day. It's an excuse and it's not healthy. Secondly, coffee is singlehandedly the most disgusting morning beverage. It's burnt beans ground up into a fine, or not so fine, powder and then soaked in boiling hot water for a few minutes and strained. Disgusting.
Ben E.
I think the best drink as soon as you wake up is water. It helps rejuvenate your body and you feel refreshed immediately. Including coffee with your breakfast is fine.
Meghan W.
I like to drink coffee in the morning and during the day. But I always end up drinking too much and that causes problems with my nervous system.
Nicoline Z.
For me, the problem isn’t the coffee, it’s the sugar. I have found that any refined sugar in my diet leads to pain in my body. As for coffee itself, if I drink anything after 5pm I can’t sleep. Other than that, all good.
Vicky E.
I dont think theres anything wrong, but all in moderation. I have 2 cups of coffee a day. 1 after 500 MLS of water, and then one after lunch.
Julien O.
Maybe its not the best for your stomach but if you eat something before and drink a big glass of water i think it will be fine.
Valentina C.
The crash you get mid day. Caffeine is a nice upper but will also lead to a crash when the stimulate has ran through. Kinda like a sugar rush
Steven Z.
Coffee if drunk in moderation and balanced with food and an equal amount of water is a good way to star the day. I find that coffee to early in the morning often leads to an upset stomach and so I try to wait until mid morning to drink my first cup.
Asta U.
Absolutely not, coffee is a great start for the day, but just like anything you have to have limits. Coffee is great in moderation and black it best. If you need something to sweeten it almond milk and stevia are great choices. An important thing I've learned when controlling calories is to try and not drink them. Creams, sugars and artificial flavors really add up. All of that to the side, if coffee is your true love, and you can't resist your additives then don't. Being healthy is also about being happy. Just choose what you can't live without and try to find the best healthy alternatives if possible, but don't destory the flavor you love. It shouldn't be a diet, but a lifestyle.
Liliana F.
No of course, as long as you don't do it on an empty stomach. If you drink only coffee without eating – coffee has the ability to irritate your stomach walls and devours the acids inside that protect stomach walls. If your stomach often feels bloated and you have problems with certain foods, definitely don't drink coffee without eating first! Or if you do not feel like eating, replace the coffee with green or black tea. They don't do the damage the coffee will. Good luck!
Tracy U.
I think one cup of coffee does not hurt in the morning as long as you have a healthy breakfast to go with it! It is used for some people as a energizer to get them ready for the day!
Marie P.
Coffee is ok in moderation, but water should be the first drink in the morning. You may find that your desire for coffee decreases when you drink a glass of water in the morning
Edmundo F.
No not particularly. I think the worst thing is it's a diuretic and can dehydrate you. Plus the crash happens halfway through the day and that can be rough.
Robert A.
It's okay, just as long as you don't drink it without eating something first. Otherwise it will cause an upset stomach

Aramis S.
First, caffeine tends to interfere with the production of cortisol. The body then produces less of the hormone and relies more on the caffeine.
Eddie P.
If it is the first thing in the morning, yes, it is wrong. If it is leader with a snack or so, then it is OK. As long as it is not more than a cup.
Lia C.
Sometimes, not everyday though. Because then you become overly dependent on the coffee to get your morning started. Where most mornings, a bottle of water and a shower gets me up and at em
Tilde X.
I think there is no wrong with drinking coffee in the morning if it is sweetless. Besides, do not overdose as anything can be poison if overdose.
Ma Lia Q.
No, I have one mid-morning and I only have one a day. I don't need coffee in the morning first thing to function. It's my treat for the day.
Marshall P.
I don’t think there’s something wrong with coffe in the mornings if it maintains low levels of sugar. However, I prefer other sources of caffeine like Matcha tea.
Maricelda E.
Short answer, no there is not. Coffee has a misconception of having lots of unhealthy effects on the body because older research didn’t take into account that the majority of coffee drinkers were also heavy smokers and physically inactive. Newer research shows that coffee may have some health benefits ! You still should limit consumption to three 8 Oz cups or less a day and just be mindful that some coffees are stronger then others so it may trigger some anxiety.
Emil B.
Not in my opinion! However, As it seems with most things, moderation is key. I limit myself to one 8oz cup of coffee a day… a 16oz once in a while when I need it most or as a special treat to myself.

I suppose I’m also pretty lucky in that I enjoy coffee black. Don’t get me wrong a supe’d up coffee from time to time is fine but not on a daily basis.

Emeline Z.
Depends on what you mean by "wrong". But there is nothing bad or morally questionable about starting your morning with a hot and stimulating beverage. Probably easier on your system and brain if that isn't the only thing you have to start your day 😉
Eva Y.
I don't think so, although coffee has sugar and caffeine as long as you remember to drink some water before or after the coffee,you can still have a fabulous day.
Alex T.
nothing wrong with drinking coffee in the morning. but every person are different, not everyone like to drinking coffee in the morning. Maybe some of them like to drinking tea in the morning than drinking a cup of coffee, and there's also some people that doesn't like to drinking a tea or a coffee in the morning. They prefer to drink a water, like me. I don't hate a coffee or a tea, but for myself i prefer to drink a glass of water/milk
Verdi B.
There is nothing wrong with drinking coffee. Coffee actually has some health benefits. The problem comes with what people add to their coffee. Too much sugar or milk can negate any benefits of drinking coffee alone.
Jeanne O.
I guess if you only drink coffee in the morning and you don't breakfast nothing is bad, a good coffee dairy is good but with a complete breakfast
Rayan I.
Depends on the recipe for your drink! I tend to stick with a dark roast and use creamer with no sugar and truvia as a sweetener so that my beverage is light in caffeine and sugar which prevents midday burnout!
Emeline S.
I don’t think so! Plenty of studies have shown the benefits of coffee to your health, so as long as it is consumed in moderation, if it works for you I suggest to keep drinking it in the mornings. But try to drink your glass of water first!
Carina X.
Yes. Coffee when addicted becomes the factor of your energy throughout the day. I try not to take coffee but gain energy and alertness from myself
Georgia C.
No there is no issue in drinking coffee. Only thing is that If you drink coffee without milk would be beneficial for your body
Toralf U.
I don't know, but I'm planning on drinking tea in the morning. I tried drinking mint tea, but I still felt sleepy, so I'll try black tea next.
Franz Peter O.
The only problem with coffee in the morning is that it spikes you energy for a while and then it leaves you lacking. A great replacement is matcha tea 🙂
S L Na Q.
Personally, I don't think there's anything wrong with coffee in the morning, as long as 1) it's not loaded down with sugar, and 2) you also drink some water!
Lucas E.
in my opinion, if it helps you get through the day, then sure drink it, it’s up to you, it’s your life! But too much caffeine is obviously bad for you, so don’t consume too much throughout the day and beware of coffee staining your teeth before you get into the habit of drinking it! 🙂
Jill O.
i think drinking coffee is a great thing to do, especially if it’s good coffee. but it can be addictive. so please be sure that drinking coffee won’t be your morning ritual just to help you wake up.