How do you deal with your cravings?

Emilie Y.
I don’t get many cravings but when I do get them I meditate first! If that doesn’t work I find something on google that helps me replace what I’m craving with something that is better for me!! Say I’m craving chocolate I go on Google and write what is better for me to eat then chocolate and then I read the suggestions and follow the advice that I get!!!💜
Lucile Z.
When I have cravings I usually try to find a way to eat them because avoiding the food will only mean that you eat more food to fill the craving and then cave into eating the craving which means you ate more than you would if you just ate that food. However, you could also choose to eat a smaller amount, for example instead of eating a dozen donuts, you could buy one and then pair it with a hot chocolate or add a few other things to make it more filling.
Victoria N.
I'm very compulsive with cravings and have a hard time saying no to them. It's like I feel like eating candy, I need to eat otherwise I don't feel well
Chris S.
I have found that doing a 10 day meditation course taught a lot about cravings and there ability to cause unhappiness. Now I am preparing to go in my second course to continue my journey of not letting cravings cause this unhappiness anymore. So I guess the answer for me is meditation.
Christine U.
I try my best to calm down my cravings by eating an average meal rather than a snack. Although snacks seem better, meals are much healthier and can stop your cravings for more time.