Eat Great Breakfast is difficult to ‘set’! What is great, it good be just two slices brown bread with homemade pesto, though I want to be aware that I vary. What is a great breakfast: what are the elements of it?

S L Ne E.
The basic elements for a good breakfast should be healthy and organic.Due to large number of products in market,it's become baffling situation for us to choose healthy and organic one from them.You can make your breakfast more healthy by adding organic material like using homemade butter and fresh milk or you can also use juices of fresh fruits or shaks. This will improve your health quality and your facial beauty also.
Rosesinoursouls N.
A great breakfast is one that gives you mental and physical energy to tackle your morning tasks. To get the most energy and start your day on the right foot, try to add each one of these groups to your breakfast:
1. A complex carb source (e.g.: oats, brown bread…)
2. A protein source (e.g.: eggs, protein powder…)
3. A healthy fats source (e.g.: avocado, peanut butter…)
4. Fruits (e.g.: banana, papaya, pineapple, mixed berries…)
And then your drink of choice. Options could be: coffee, tea, matcha…