How do you deal with parents or people you stay with giving you a “bad” breakfast (chocolate bread for example)?

Reema F.
I eat what they give me.
If I feel it's not healthy enough, then I'll make something healthy for myself after I eat that chocolate bread. My parents are understanding mostly
Kordula A.
I feel embarrassed to tell them that I want to be healthy because I usually eat very unhealthy. So, I usually eat it cause I don't know what to tell them.
Renate S.
I think you need to sit them down and have a conversation. Explain why you want to start eating healthier breakfast. Tell them you are trying to change to healthy habits, that it will give you more energy for the day, that it’ll help you focus for school/work, etc. also, I think it’s important to come up with a suggestion to help change. Maybe they’re giving you unhealthy breakfast because it’s easy. Maybe you can offer to make your own breakfast or even breakfast for everyone, or buy your own breakfast food.
Jaida Q.
I would just say it is interesting flavor or choice of breakfast. I would still eat it but not all of it. It makes me realize that I deal with uncomfortable situations by commenting on them with the least amount of effort or what I know won’t cause conflict. Think I need to work in being truthful with myself and others. Being in an uncomfortable situation like getting
Iolene Q.
I'm bad with this one. My grandmother always cooked big breakfasts. I would pick and choose from the things she had cooked. I tried to get small amounts of foods that weren't very healthy and fill my plate with the better foods.
Francesco C.
For my nature I appreciate quite all types of breakfast. So I think I don't really matter at all about it. Maybe very strange breakfast would make me just a little bit confused but nothing else
Lauren E.
If it is possible, add peanut butter to the item, so that you are still eating what they gave but it has added protein, a good thing to have for breakfast. If that’s not, and if this is, protein shakes. If I don’t feel good about the meal in front of me, I’ll add thay
Edelnide N.
I was always taught to ‘eat whatever is on the table’ as a sign of respect. So, if I’m handed unhealthy food, I usually just eat a few bites, then later on, make my own food.
Mohammed W.
If I don’t want the bad breakfast, I decline it. Instead I eat fruit with toast and eggs or oatmeal. Something quick and easy to make.
Tommy Y.
Well if I don’t eat what they serve they’ll get worried and rant about how “i have to eat” and “you should not care about what you eat”
Isabella Z.
I tell it ot them how it is that I enjoy having a healthy breakfast and I want to keep going with it. They are verry supportive toward doing what you want rater than to achieve a physical goal
Josefine Z.
My parents or people i stay with don't make me breakfast. So I can only recommend that you confront them with that you want to eat healty and ask them to prepare you healtier food. Or start to make your own food.