at what time to eat breakfast is more important to keep a healthy stomach?

Ellen O.
There isn't any specific time that is perfect for everyone. You just have to find a time that works for you. As a rough guideline I would recommend eating breakfast anytime within 90 minutes after you wake up. A little later is fine, even as soon as immediately after you get up and drink water is fine. It doesn't matter what time as long as you wake up at the same time every day and do things in the same order.
Heather Z.
The good rules are the ones that work for you. Experiment with time and check when it feels right. For me, it's having breakfast around 1h30 after waking up, after being done with my daily workout and shower.
Deanna T.
Unfortunately, there is no way to answer that without more information. I urge you to discuss this with your doctor and possibly a dietitian/nutritionist.
Isobel X.
I find that if I eat around 630/7, at least 15min to 30mins after I get up I am ok. If I get up at say 4am, I cannot eat that early without feeling sick to my stomach.
Jeffery O.
My suggestion is anytime after you’ve ingested some sort of liquid, water preferably. Being hydrated will help your body with the digestive process and aid your energy throughout the rest of the day. So, have a glass of water/tea first and then have your breakfast.
Signe Z.
You should only eat if you're hungry. If you wake up and you're full, then wait until your stomach tells you to eat. Don't eat based on a time schedule, eat mindfully.
Billy T.
I wake up and drink a big glass of water. Then I wait about one hour to eat breakfast. My stomach doesn’t do well with food immediately after waking up.
Alice O.
I don't think it's necessary to set a rigid time for breakfast. I think as long as you have it before 10am as part of your morning routine before you get on with your day is the main thing. I don't think it makes a difference in terms of stomach health based on timing, it's more around what you're eating that impacts your health.
Victor U.
When you are hungry, but if your not hungry and you now you won't have time to eat again till lunch then have something small and protein filled to help get you through.
Isaac G.
I'm curious to know when other fabulous members eat breakfast in relation to working out. Do you eat before your workout or after? If you eat before, how long do you wait to workout? Thanks!
Albert Z.
I would say it is very important you eat a healthy breakfast prior to drinking any caffeinated drinks, if you do so. If you don’t drink caffeine, I would say, have a glass of water first thing in the morning and then proceed with having breakfast.
Freja C.
It’s preferable to eat breakfast earlier, try keep 4 – 5 hours between your meals to allow your food to be digested and your system to be ready for its next meal.
Hanne Lore C.
30 to 90 minutes after getting up, before you start to feel too hungry. Letting yourself become famished makes you more likely fall into the temptation to grab something wick and unhealthy. If you start to prepare breakfast before you are famished, it will make it easier to make healthy choices.
Sandra Z.
Last researchs shows there isn't a time, nor the breaksfast it's the most important meal. Have it when you feel hungry, except your are under a condition when you don't feel appetite. Whats it's true, it is sometime people at job start to feel hungry and just catch whatever unhealthy things from the food machine. But if you take prep. From home or have healthy items availables its sorted.
Kyle B.
It varies for me. The time I eat breakfast is around 8-9am. I have been having digestion issues so I’m trying out a new method of fasting and drinking warm water to wake up. I also am drinking water about an hour before I eat or more so I am hydrated and don’t over-eat, or drink too much water then end up filling my stomach to the point where I get reflux. I’m also trying out combining sources of soluble and insoluble fiber through plants then eating another small breakfast around 11.
Ava Z.
esblablish a good routine and follow it daily
for me from monday to thurday i eat breakfast at 0600 hrs.
friday to Sun
i eat breakfast between 7 and 8
but im going to do a better routine and eat breakfast at 0600 every day .
Maja B.
I think it is important to eat breakfast as soon as you can in the morning. I usually eat breakfast and then I get ready.
Nathaniel C.
That would depend on your schedule. More importantly would be the healthy food choices you make and the amount you consume.
Lea X.
I am eating breakfast right after waking up. I start my day with a glass of water and go straight to the kitchen. I prepare my food on a meal tray and eat it while sitting and chilling. AFTER I drink an espresso while in the bathroom and shower/shave.
Hope that gives u a good point of view.