I often have early starts (5.00am!) when I’m travelling for work. I find it hard to face food so early, does anyone have suggestions that are quick and easy on the stomach?

Sonja O.
Bring a snack with you for later! Skipping breakfast is okay. The idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is only accurate if you have the ability to do so. Listen to your body, its telling you what it needs.
Cadie Z.
With my morning workouts, I often eat before I begin because I have a tendency to get lightheaded otherwise. In those cases, I eat yogurt and peanut butter, sometimes with either (or both) Cheerios or bananas. I know it sounds weird, but it’s light and really good! Hope that helps!
Knut I.
I like to have a breakfast planned and ready to go, whether that means easily assembled at home or easily taken with me and eaten. My body doesn't feel good eating when it's not ready so I like to wait until it tells me it needs food then eat what I have prepared. I've also found that if I eat earlier in the evening for dinner l, my stomach is more likely to accept food closer to the time I wake up.
Maria O.
When I'm not hungry, I often blend half a banana and a glass of milk with a pinch of cinnamon. You can add some honey or two spoonfuls of oats for extra sweetness or energy.
I've also recently discovered chia puddings. You just have to mix the milk with three spoonfuls of chia seed and leave it in the fridge overnight (or prepare it in the morning to have breakfast later). I add Nesquik or some cocoa fix to the milk and sometimes hazelnut flavour. Very tasty and delicate on my delicate stomach.
Fred Y.
Porridge is really quick and easy to make, and a good start to the morning. Easy on the stomach and slow burning energy with fibre. I usually have mine with some maple syrup (makes it sweet!) I often find cold fruit like grapes and blueberries are easy and refreshing to eat in the morning (not sure on how good the sugar is for you in the morning, though the aim is to eat something rather than nothing). I've always been a great avoider of breakfast, used to just have a coffee and go half a day on that…terrible for energy in the long run. Also hated feeling "full" or bloated from big breakfasts. Stomaching anything before the afternoon was (and is) a challenge. Granola with vanilla soya yoghurt has been a staple of mine.
Some days when I really don't feel like eating, I have a packet of breakfast biscuit (nairns are excellent). A smoothie or protein shake has been my saviour in the past, as drinking a liquid is definitely easier to stomach.
I think if you find what you like for every mood and make it enticing for your brain, it'll be a whole lot easier. Also, when I used to work super early mornings, I'd make an easy breakfast for me to have during my journey to work, as I wasn't really awake before I was halfway to work.
Hope some of this helps!
Flenn Q.
A lot of water, a handful of almonds perhaps. BelVita crackers can sustain you for a couple hours till you feel like eating.
Marcus C.
You must try to be kind to your body.. Early starts, even if you're used to them, are often a pain when you want a couple extra hours asleep.
Avoid greasy and heavy foods like a big fry up or lots of fried food.
Opt for fruit, a yoghurt, wholemeal toast or maybe poreigde/oats/musili with fresh fruit to give you long lasting energy and a nice taste to start the day.
Good luck ☺️☺️
Miguel N.
I'd save make a nice smoothie the night before. Make sure it contains all the nutrients that will nourish your body early in the morning and have that as opposed to a filling breakfast. And then if you get hungry during the day have a fruit/yoghurt or nuts to keep fuelling your body.
Kellie J.
Prep a smoothie the night before and get a portable smoothie cup. Use almond/coconut milk or fruit juice as a base, which avoids overloading on dairy milk. Toss in a banana and some frozen fruit and you're done. You can add kale or spinach for extra nutrition and it doesn't spoil the flavour!
Landon P.
Try a single fruit like an orange or banana that you can pick at slowly. Alternatively, smoothies or single-serve yogurts might be a good option if it's hard to stomach something solid. Google is your best friend — look around and find your options! You got this.
Melania R.
You could have a small fruit. Also eat something every 3 hours so your stomach is used to not only eating but burning calories as well.
Alfonso C.
I’m an early riser too. Most days I get up around 5 or 5:30. I’m not usually ready to eat that early either. My regular go-to is a protein shake. I have some vanilla ice cream protein powder and I mix that with 2 tablespoons of crunchy peanut butter. Add some ice and water and blend in the Ninja. Some people use milk (whatever kind you like) , but I find that to be too rich for the morning. I’ll drink it on the commute or when I get to my desk. Try some egg scramble muffins. They freeze and heat up well and you can just pack a few and eat them when you get to work. That’s the key…pack it and eat it when you get settled at work. I wouldn’t fuss too much about trying to get breakfast in before you leave the house. You make the rules!! Good luck and hope this help!!
Sam Z.
Stick with the BRAT diet: Bananas, Rice, Apples, Toast. Maybe make some toast, slice an apple, and dip it in your favorite but butter for some easy protein.
Julie U.
I found a this small little nutrition box in my local store. It is full of small packets of seeds. Plain seeds, mixed seeds and many others. What I do if I need a quick breakfast that is easy on the stomach I take a medium size yogurt pot and a packet of one of the seeds. I then pour the seeds into the yogurt and eat it. It isn't much but it is healthy and quick and easy to handle on a busy morning
Jordyn O.
Something great to have kind of early are smoothies or fruit because fruit is very good for you, and smoothies give you that busrt of energy? Hope I could help😁😘
Xaver Z.
I often meal prep my breakfast the night before. It’s always some fruit and I may have some yogurt or a piece of turkey bacon with it. Maybe a simple avocado toast or something like that that won’t take too much time. I also juice the night before. You have to set your mind to making it a morning priority.
Heiner O.
I like yogurt smoothies that you can buy at the store. They have protein, dairy, combine that with a piece of Dave’s killer break (I like the power seed) and a piece of fruit and you’ve hit most of your food groups.
Areusa P.
You can grab a fruit! Fruits are healthy and they would give you some power! You can also rely on healthy smoothies they're amazing!
Anita S.
You should have 9 hours sleep and eat dinner about 3 hours before
Means you should eat dinner around 17:00-18:00.

It may be hard to change those behaviours on the beginning, since you'll need to change the times of all of your meals, but after a while that you'll force yourself to eat between those hours, your body will get used to it and change.

Guido Q.
I would suggest you to eat some almonds and some walnuts along with a pair of glasses of water. I usually start my my early mornings this way, with 5 to 10 almonds, walnuts and other seeds.
Brunhild R.
I often drink water first thing. If I'm not hungry I make a breakfast anyway, eggs, bacon etc, put it in a Tupperware dish and bring it with me. After a bit I'm hungry and have a good breakfast.
Neusita E.
Brunch is a great alternative, if you have to be on the go :
2 boiled eggs
Peanut butter
Celery sticks
An apple, grapes or a pear. Or an scrambled egg sandwich on wheat 🙂
Herman B.
You can take some fruit to eat on the way. Like a banana or something. You can also take maybe an energybar with you.
Something quick but gives you enough energy to start the day.
Amelia U.
My go to easy on the stomach breakfast is rice and eggs. Rice is easy to digest, and hard boiled eggs are great quick protein. It’s simple enough to not upset a stomach too early in the morning.
Jadzia C.
Try morning protein shakes. Add some milk/water, cup of oats, protein powder, spoon of peanut butter and your breakfast is ready! 😊
Billie J.
During the weekend, bake your own healthy muffins (cinnamon and apple, blueberry, carrot etc. Good recipes on Cookieandkate website) recipe uses honey instead of sugar. It’s easy and quick to eat and is balanced in the sense of it is filling but also healthy with natural sugars etc. Will stay good up to 5 days in your fridge. And you can monitor how many you eat based on how hungry you are. Happy baking!