Should I eat bread at breakfast?

Rasheed O.
Bread found good essiantal acids which help us our and further it's also help us to maintain our digest system, so I would prefer bread to breakfast.

Karl Werner F.
Yes! Bread can be a great breakfast when paired with something else. Even a pb&j can be a decent breakfast for example. Or you can make some fancy toast. Even just plain toast for a quick breakfast when you’re rushing out the door is better then nothing.

Sarah Y.
Sure, you can. Bread is super versatile and is a great option, especially if it's whole wheat. You can have bread with eggs, bacon, jam, butter, or anything you want.

Kader T.
I think it’s depends what’s kind of bread and how much slides are you gonna eat. If it is a good one there is nothing to worry about it. Number of your weight and things that your nutritionist said can chance portion. But if you are going to eat something like does not obtaining any usefull nutrients then you better not have it.

Jonathan C.
Yes, you should. White bread is better and healthier. It would be great to it it witch an egg just to recharge yourself for the day!