What do you consider to be a good breakfast? If you had a pancake, but had eggs too, would that still be “good”?

Feauqus S.
Yes, it is a great start of the day. You Just have to count the calories. So you can also enjoy a great lunch and supper!
Asta N.
Anything can be a good breakfast if you enjoy it and if it makes you happy and energetic for the day. It needs to be consistent with your goal aswell. For instance , I am trying to lose weight as i gained a lot during my depression this year. So now I am eating a tablespoon each of almonds, raisins and cashew. It makes me feel good, fills me up so I dont get much craving. But somedays I just crave eggs or pancakes and I eat . Once in a while you can eat a breakfast just because it makes you happy.
Alankrita F.
My mom is a vegetarian but, yes! She can cook eggs and she only cooks food for me but I don’t have English breakfast cause I am an Indian and I live in India, so my mom rarely cooks these types of English breakfast so probably I’ll go with the Indian breakfast that is , Tea, fruits, chapati and yogurt
Gareth J.
A good breakfast would be a healthy amount of Proteins, Fats and Carbs. I recommend downloading my fitness pal, as it tells you the macro nutrients of your food, and gives a health rating of what you eat. It also gives meal recommendations.
Rose X.
I think eggs are good but pancakes aren’t great. I try to eat foods high in protein and carbs for breakfast and are pretty filling, like bagels or bread. I usually put cream cheese on the bagel and peanut butter on the bread to add more calories and protein and make it more filling