I have to wake up super early for work, sometimes I have to be at work at 6:00 am sharp. I can hardly finish up the rest of my routine in the morning, what do you recommend for an efficient, but healthy breakfast in such a short time span?

Ramona E.
If you plan ahead you can make vegetable or fruit muffins. If it’s last minute, a protein shake or smoothie is a quick an easy breakfast you can have on the go.
Vegetables work in smoothies to reduce sugar content.
Lola Z.
I use to prepar hot water with half lemmon squizzed in it, a spoon of honey, ginger and chinnamon. This is a healty and “ready to use”-energy drink.
I also eat a banana. Fruit is very reccomened in the morning and banana is easy to eat even on the way.
Philip W.
Planning in advance is most helpful. Have on hand things like peeled hard boiled eggs, grab and go fruit ( a banana, apple, grapes), granola bars, some superfood smoothies. That way you have all the healthy foods in a portable form with no cooking, no fuss. If you have a bit more time make an instant oatmeal, toss in some fresh berries and sliced almonds and you are good!
Sofia C.
Hello dear!
I’d recommend you to schedule your breakfast in your agenda as you do with everything else, usually we struggle to get a full, good, healthy and full of energy breakfast because we overestimate it. It doesn’t take as long as we think, it will be never more than 20 min, so I’ll recommend you to go 20 min earlier to bed, take 10 min from your social media time and probably the other 10 from watching tv or so, the. You’ll have the perfect time to do it. Try out some videos from YouTube or ideas from Pinterest! Make sure you organise everything the night before to be more efficient while preparing it! 💖✨🍃 I’m sending you my best energy
Gina S.
I think you can drink a glass of water and eat an apple that you have sliced it last night and also you can boil an egg the night before and eat it at work.
I once saw a video that showed that you can prepare your food for entire week in your weekend.
Victoire Q.
Prepare your breakfast the night before, like if you want to eat fruits have them pre-cut the night before so you just have to put them in a bowl and add yogurt! I don't wake uo that early and I cook my eggs the night before and heat them in the morning.
Meal prep is always a great option
Anna Z.
I eat müsli or oats with almonds and raisins every morning. You can also add some fresh fruit, but that takes up more time.
Otmar U.
A liquid breakfast. Either mix powder with milk or water in a hand shake mixer. Or buy up and go from supermarket. Eat a piece of fruit. Banana is good.you can eat these on the go.
Emma B.
Boiled egg is something that can be prepared in advance and kept in the fridge for a few days, meaning you will only need to do the prep work twice per week. This gives you flexibility and a lot of time back. Good luck!
L Rke W.
Yogurt, fruit and gronola. Some mornings I make a smoothie and take it with me. That way I have a few extra minutes at home…..to sleep lol
Enzo Z.
I totally know this problem! Here are my go-tos: Egg muffins are a great solution. (Saute some veggies and sausage, beat about 10 eggs, combine all then bake in a muffin tin till cooked. Bag them in ziplocs, then keep in the fridge.) Overnight oats are good too (i make my own oatmeal packets with flaxseed powder, nuts, and a little protein powder, add berries and your favorite milk in a mason jar before bed). You can premake smoothie packs too, then blend before leaving the house (my smoothie packs have fruit, a bit of spinach, protein powder, flaxseed powder, and nut butter. I pull the ziplocked baggie out of the freezer, dump it in a blender and out the door in 2 minutes). Another really quick option would be a good protein bar (something with 12-20 grams of protein in it and not too much sugar. I like Cliff body builder bars. Pair with a piece of fruit for your fiber and you're good to go). Those are my solid solutions when i have to be quick out the door.
Albin F.
My go to is the following.
Whole wheat English muffin
Cheese (optional)
Plum tomato
Pop the muffin in the toaster. While the muffin is cooking crack and egg in a small bowl and scramble it with a fork. Pop that in the microwave for about 1 minute (1:30 possibly. You will figure which time works quickly)
Once the egg is cooked through the muffin should be done. Layer cheese, egg, a couple of pieces of spinach and tomato on the muffin and you're good to go. You can preslice the tomato but you should be able to slice a piece off quickly. Wrap it in a paper towel and off you go about 300 calories and 96 grams of protein. Plus the whole wheat muffin is a complex carb to keep you going until lunch. Best of luck.
Mat O Y.
First of all be kind to yourself, and not upset or angry if you don't manage a consistently perfect morning routine if you have to be up really early.

Secondly have some healthy snack bars / cereal bars ready and some fruit or nuts. You can eat these on the go.

Ang Le C.
I also have to wake up early for school! I recommend scrambled eggs or an omelette as it’s full of protein and only takes few minutes to cook. I also have a satsuma and a smoothie 🙂
Lewis R.
Oatmeal is literally the BEST option for your body as a go to breakfast. This should go without saying..but limit your sugar to barely nothing, preferably not at all. Try to use fruit and nuts to sweeten or add to your oatmeal. Last, remember to eat within the first hour of rising. This will help with your odds against type two diabetes. This is a fairly quick and simple breakfast. Scarf it down real quick in between getting ready or put it in a reusable to go container. A one with a lid is handy.
Otherwise fresh fruit is a good option. But try to get some whole grains in somehow.. carbs really boost your energy.. and at the start of your day you need that fuel.
Emma N.
Make a homemade shake, with lots of protein, carbohydrates and vitamins and mix it all together. Add very small amounts of sugar to make it tasty
Matt Z.
Hi !
I appreciate your question and to be honest I also still at the same condition and One thing that works very well for me and I’m changing my routines , beeing more productive and with energy all day long , is to wake up earlier than normally do.

To be at 07:30h at work I wake up at 4am and do all my routine focused and proud of life.
Its beeing amazing !
I recommend and hope it works for you too!!
Go on!!

Giulia E.
If I am rushed, I have yogurt with berries and some granola. Or two hard boiled eggs (made the night before) with a piece of wheat toast and creme cheese and 6oz of orange juice.
Natalie Z.
I also have to start work at 6am but lucky enough to be able to eat at my desk so I leave instant oatmeal, nuts, cinnamon, and sometimes frozen blueberries at work to make when I get there. Otherwise, quickly mixing & drinking protein powder with non-dairy milk at home, or an energy bar. Fabulous recommends an apple or a handful of nuts too. You can also prep a bowl of instant oatmeal & fixings the night before and just add hot water, or microwave if oatmeal is already prepped.
Rosa B.
Hi! I would think yogurt or a protein packed smoothie. I freeze my smoothies and defrost the night before in the refrigerator. Not as nutritious as fresh but still very nutritious!
Colleen S.
I find myself in the same boat most of the time. I have to be out at the horse barn early and I have two little kiddos that I have to get ready every morning. I found a really nice shake packet made with real fruit
Eric F.
Something you can grab and go with, prepared easily the night before. Overnight oats (mix oats, milk, and your choice of fruit, seeds, nuts etc in jars) or soaked chia seeds work well…
Nanna U.
Try a quick smoothie with frozen fruit, protein powder, water/almond milk, chia seeds and flaxseed oil. Very quick, filling and nutritious. It’s also very portable so you can take it with you.
Marius C.
Prepare a smoothie at night to drink on the road. I do: 1 banana, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, 1.25 cup lowfat milk, 1 serving of protein powder! Feel free to adjust the milk ratio to adjust the consistency to your taste.
Gaud Ncia C.
I have the same problem! Antything that can be done the night before is good—overnight oats require very little prep and can be eaten quickly. Smoothies with chia seeds or something else healthy are good too and if you have a bottle blender you can have them on the go. I hope this helped! Have a great day
Nikolas S.
I would recommend making a banana smoothie the night before. You can add peanut butter, strawberries, an apple or whatever you like. However, make it the night before as you won’t have to rush to make it in the morning but will have the energy to push through your day.
Ferdinand U.
As someone who gets up fairly early, time is definitely limited in the morning. I therefore have a rather tight schedule which includes eating Greek yoghurt mixed with some dried vanilla, agave syrup and a dash of cream. I top it off with home made müsli crunch (I make a fresh batch of this that lasts me about a week on the weekend). It’s super easy and fast to prep, it doesn’t take long to eat and it keeps me full until lunchtime.
Patrick Y.
You could pre-bake some egg and veggie omelet cups in muffin tins and then you can pop them in the microwave in the morning!
Duarte Z.
Half a peanut butter sandwich and a piece of fruit. You can make the sandwich the at night and have it waiting on you in the morning.
Nelson O.
The night before I measure out 1/3 cup each of raspberries, blueberries and blackberries, plus 3 slices of frozen peach into a tall metal smoothie cup. I cover it and put it in the fridge.

In the morning I measure out a half cup of coconut water into the cup. I also like to add acai berry powder and beet powder, but it isn’t necessary.

I then use an imersion blender to mix it all up. I can sit and drink it in just a few minutes.

When I get to work a few hours later (my commute is around 80 minutes) I like to eat one or two hard boiled eggs if I’m hungry.

Louanne A.
Banana with honey 😄

The banana gives you slow releasing energy and the honey contains natural sugar for an early energy boost

Pat I.
Have you tried smoothies? They can be healthy and delicious. You can also prep ingredients the night before. Also overnight oats can work well for the meal in the morning that you can also prepare in advance.
Elia Q.
Usually, I like to prep for breakfast the night before and have everything all ready in a to go bag because you’ll probably not have the time to actually sit down and have some.
However, if you’re like me (and you’re stomach doesn’t wake up until around 9am, I’d suggest a pre- breakfast (a little nibble of something to hold you over until you get to the office and can get yourself something “real” to eat.
Darren T.
Oats and purée mango (tinned) with some lime juice, coconut and toasted flakes almonds. Make it and put in fridge – lasts a few days
Morris J.
I work a similar work schedule where I spend more time at work than I do at home. So time is important to me and I don't want to spend that time cooking! So I get things that are already ready to eat. I got some individually packaged nuts and fruits. I also go for high protein peanut butter. Now, if I ever want something more in the morning, I'll plan a slowcooker breakfast where I'll prep it the night before and let it cook over night so when I wake up, I just pour and go! I suggest looking up some easy slow cooker recipes.
Matthieu I.
I have oatmeal which can be quick except for the time it may take to cool. Smoothies can be pretty quick, especially if you put everything together beforehand.
Veci Q.
Sleep early,wakeup at 4.30 am,drink water,prepare your breakfast and exercise. Then you can get ready and have breakfast.
Felix C.
Make a salat with protein prior the Night before and bring along to work. Or prepare oatmeal (superhealthy), nuts and raisons so you just have to put milk and Maybe som fresh berries on top the morning before. It takes 5-6 minutes to prepare and Eat. I also recomend to prepare outfit, your bag – everything – the Night before, so you just have to jump in the clothes, eat the Prepepared meal, brush teeth and Go.
Scarlett I.
I recommend eating porridge or cornflakes as they can help you stay energized. Along with that adding nuts to your breakfast will prevent weight gain too.
Basically It would be a mixture of light and healthy breakfast, helping you concentrate more on your work.
I recommend you to carry fruits to work as they can be a delicious part of a nourishing breakfast.
Hope this helps.
Miguel C.
I usually grab some leftovers that I packed the night before. Or make a smoothie using pre-cut or frozen fruit and veggies. Or hard boiled eggs with avocado toast. Peanut butter or almond butter is also good for a quick shot of protein energy.
Arnfried Q.
Hey fellow morning routiner !
I would advise to prepare everything the night before so you can leave as early as possible and use your commuting as a breakfast opportunity.
Something like overnight oats (https://wholefully.com/8-classic-overnight-oats-recipes-you-should-try/) is a great way of planning ahead a healthy breakfast !
If you can eat breakfast at your workplace that could also work very well to avoid eating while commuting !
Good luck !
Hunter Z.
All can be done the night before:

– Boiled eggs (pop into pitta with raw spinach in the morning)
– soak oats with fruit, nuts, maple syrup, nut butters and water or milk in a jar overnight.
– soak chia seeds overnight with coconut milk, maple syrup, cinnamon . Leave in the fridge, eat in the morning.


Bertoldo Z.
I feel your pain! Instant oatmeal with a handful of nuts/dried fruits like craisins. Or have a blender cup in the fridge ready to be chopped up in the morning. I hope this helps!!
Imelda T.
Well what I do is the previous night before I would usually slice strawberry’s and bananas then put them in a plastic containers then I’m he fridge 🙂
Terrence C.
What helps me is that I usually prep the night before. I reframe this task by saying to myself that I am doing self-care by honoring myself to prep my meals, such as breakfast… what I also do I create my menu on sundays to help me stay consisted and motivated. I this is also when I will prep for the week… since I am also on the go at times, I have things I can just grab and eat on the go or something that i can eat at home but has minimal prep time since I did most of the prep days before or the night before.
Janet E.
Buy a cheap drink blender, fill a bottle with smoothie ingredients the night before and just open the fridge and blend your pre-prepared smoothie for a few seconds and drink on the go!
Brennan E.
Oatmeal with fruit seeds and berrys on coconut milk or other plant milk. You can also prep before hand or have yesterdays dinner as a breakfast and breakfast as dinner.
Luke X.
I also work early and am not a morning person so I plan long in advance. I always have a stack of takeaway containers with a mix of bran, sliced almonds, chia seeds, coconut and sometimes add matcha, vanilla sugar or a spice mix. I just make sure it’s all dry ingredients so it has a long shelf life and I can plan in advance. Then in the morning I just add a handful of blueberry and a big scoop of natural yogurt. You can add anything you want!
Gerardo Q.
I would prepare smoothies the night before! Or prepare your breakfast in a box to take away, maybe you have time to eat on your way to work or at work?
Preparing the night before would e the best option I think. You can even prepare some peanut butter jelly sandwiches…
Gertrude X.
It is better to make breakfast day before. Overnight oats is better option for me. Additionally, sometimes I make oats smoothie.
Vando Q.
Smoothies! Especially ones you can make ahead of time and have some kind of protein in them. You can make them ahead of time and put them in Mason jars. That way you just grab them before you head out the door! I would look online for some recipes. 😊
Felicia U.
I had the same issue some years back and then I found out this https://tasty.co/compilation/meal-prep-breakfast-for-the-week

I also changed my job 🙃
But those Tasty breakfast recipes remained unchanged.

You’re welcome 😉

Jonathan Y.
Over night oats are good because you prepare them the night before and they’re ready in the fridge the next morning . There are lots of ideas for how to make them on Pinterest
Filipo Z.
A green smoothie made from coconut milk, powdered wheat grass and super greens with a plant based protein powder and a banana. That’s what I have and I’m not hungry until 1:00! Mix the dry ingredients so you only have to scoop, peel, pour and blend.
Landon O.
When I have to wake up super early I have two breakfast options:
1. Make overnight oats the evening before (check on google)
2. Cottage cheese with a banana, chia seeds and peanut butter. (Cottage cheese for protein, fruit/seeds for healthy points and a peanut butter to give you that satisfied feeling.
Goodluck! 💪💪
Daisy U.
I Would recommend to prep your breakfast the day before or even on Sunday before, so you have enough breakfast prepared for your whole workweek. This way you can just grab a breakfast out of your fridge and head out. The internet is full of ideas to prep your breakfast. Enjoy!
Hugh E.
I get up at 5 a.m. for work and I have to leave the house by 5:30 to get to work by 6 a.m. So same problem. What I like to do is usually make yogurt and granola or apples and peanut butter. Sometimes I'll make it the night before, but if I forget I find it that's usually quick enough that I can just grab it in the morning still and head out. Sometimes I'll eat it at the house and sometimes I'll just take it with me and eat it in the break room at work before my shift starts.
Mathias W.
I eat ketogenic style. I fast intermittently and drink coffee with heavy cream. For grab and go, I have premade bacon wrapped jalapenos filled with cream cheese.
Pia T.
1. Bring an apple or a banana with you and have a spoon of Peanut butter before going out.
2. Buy some fruit bars and eat them on the go
Erwin J.
You can prepare your meal the night before. Or if it's not possible because you are tired from work, try preparing your meals for the week on Sundays. This way, you can thoroughly prepare delicious and healthy food for the entire week
Sara E.
I have the same problem but I found a way to have a nice and healthy breakfast that is fast to make. An apple with peanut butter and some scrambled eggs with mashrooms or beans. Some times to make the cooking faster I put the eggs in the microwave while I eat the apple or eat the eggs first and the apple while Im on my way to the bus
Annie C.
That's certainly an early start! Overnight oats and chia seed puddings are easily prepared overnight. I add hemp seeds for protein. Trail mix and fruit are also great. Seasoned cooked chickpeas on avocado toast, frozen banana smoothies… Breakfast sandwiches prepared the night before might be a great option too!
Sohan Z.
When i have to be at work early I like to have toast with avocado it’s super quick and you can always get the wholly molly packs, I’ll also cook two eggs quick and make a breakfast sandwich out of depending on how long your morning routine takes. But it usually take 5 minutes tops for that breakfast. Or even oatmeal and you can eat that on the drive!
Jar Z.
My suggestion would be to meal prep and pull your clothes out during the weekend. Tidy up at night and stay the course.
Emma W.
A green smoothie with plant based protein, coconut milk and a banana or two. You can have it all out waiting for you to combine and blend!
Bonnie P.
The best way is to make something ahead, like overnight oats or prepare everything for a smoothie and take it with you in reusable cup and eat while you commute to work.
Derek S.
Lots of options. I’d grab some combination of:

– handful of nuts or pumpkin seeds
– fruit like a banana, orange, or small bunch of grapes
– hardboiled egg (can boil a bunch ahead of time and keep in the fridge for several days
– string cheese
– half a PB&J sandwich (or, whole wheat bread/toast with peanut butter on it)

Any combo that gets you protein (the eggs, cheese, or p butter) and fruit

Yanis E.
I will think you only have five minutes for breakfast. Fry two or three eggs with “olive oil.” Put some cheese and olive. Eat healthy bread. Thats my opinion, good luck.
Toni O.
Hi, your problem is really comum, a lot of people need to wake up early and to make many stuffs before go to work. Like care about children, pets and the house.

I think one idea is prepare your breakfast at last night. Doing it you can just wake up and eat, or make some easy stuff to finish your fabulous breakfast.

One good choice to be easy to prepare is fruits, yogurt and nuts. It’s very easy because you just need to cut the fruits and you can do it in the previous night.

Tha Se S.
Get ready made protein shake’s they might be pricey though it’s convenient. Up&GO is ok… Though for a fitness person I recommend a higher protein supplementation.
Br S N.
Some fruit, protein bars, or a sandwich. Maybe freeze some pancakes on the weekend to eat during the week. A fruit smoothie and oatmeal can go a long way!
Am Vel E.
Any fresh fruit, almonds and raisin, blueberries, card can supply a good amount of protein if you cannot have the time for proper breakfast.
Camila W.
When I have a very early morning I like to have something pre-prepared for breakfast. This can mean steel cut oats in a big pot portioned into small containers or the ingredients for a smoothie prepared and ready to whirl. With oats you can set yourself up for a whole week. Worst case, I grab a banana and peanut butter
Darrell E.
I recommend smoothies – I am always running late and never have more time than brewing some coffee usually. However, instead of coffee, I make a smoothie with these components: fresh kale, frozen mango and berries, hemp protein powder, almond/cashew milk and a heaping tablespoon of peanut butter – this aids me more in energy than the actual coffee and takes about the same amount of time with the proper night-before prep. I prep my coffee the night before anyway, so it’s basically just switching out one task for a similar one.
Sofia T.
If you are able to eat at a desk or a table, overnight oats might be a good idea. Quaker has pre-made ones that you just add milk to the night before if you are in a time crunch. I would also toss in frozen blueberries. Or, I like protein bars from Quest and either a banana or blackberries on the side.
Guisela N.
Maybe a banana or an apple with peanut butter and nuts, or you can make an overnight oatmeal, that you just grab and eat it. You can found so many recipes on the internet
Alex F.
Nuts! A good handful or so of mixed nuts has just the right amount of protein, fat, and carbs to sustain you until lunch. Go for peanuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts, pistachios, or ideally a mix of a few!
Thiago P.
I do love smoothie: 1 banana, spoon of peanut butter and half a cup of Skyr or yougurt. Put all those into blender and enjoy. You may add a bit water to make it more.
Axel S.
I also have short time to get ready in the am, often having to be at work by 6am as well. Eating in the morning has NEVER been my strong suit. For now I’m just drinking an Atkins protein shake, eating a Kind Breakfast bar &/or a banana. I’m going to try to start eating oatmeal, but may have to wait til I get to work to eat it. I never want food 1st thing when I wake up & can’t get myself to eat for at least an hour , if not 2hrs…I don’t know if this still counts as far as ‘Fabulous’ is concerned but it’s the best I can do for now!! Will continue working on this but after 38yrs of not eating breakfast, it’ll take a while.
Nicolas O.
I think if you focus on the goal and make it a non negotiable it will make you not question it. After that you become used to it and you do it no matter what.
Corey U.
To get the most out of a quick breakfast, follow the A.M. FUEL rules:

Anything is better than nothing
Mix it up

Fill up on fiber and protein
Useless calories from sugar and fat make you feel sluggish
Eating is fun – start your day with a smile
Lean and light starts your morning right

Ac Lio Q.
Could you do an experiment with setting the alarm for 5:50, giving you a few more minutes for breakfast and less stress from the rush?
Iag E.
Jimmy Joy or Joylent provides shake breakfast with everything your body needs. You would gain speed at the cost of enjoying a rich breakfast. Or prepare a quick breakfast the night before.
Villads G.
Make a protein packed breakfast smoothie! You can add any kind of milk, nut butters, or protein powders. Add some bananas for sweetness! There are so many delicious and healthy recipes you can look up online! If it helps speed things up, prep your ingredients the night before and stick the blender pitcher in the fridge until morning
Bradley C.
As I can easily eat Haverkorn Bread while gettig ready, I truly recommend that. I don’t like to actually have to sit down that early.
Frank X.
You could have a yoghurt drink with fruit, leftovers from last night’s healthy dinner, you could have vegetable sticks with hummus or a healthy green smoothie which you can prep the night before, and then you drink the smoothie in the car on your way to work. Don’t let too little time in the morning keep you from eating a great breakfast!
S L Na P.
To get a longer workout in before work in the morning, I cut out making breakfast. I premake egg muffins on a weekend night. They keep in the refrigerator the whole week, and I make different verities so as not to eat the same thing everyday. I get back 30-45mins in the morning. Just Google ‘egg muffins’, there’s a bunch of recipes. They’re really easy to make.
Freddie E.
I eat a serving of quick cook oatmeal ( 1 minute to cook ) with a tablespoon of chia seeds and some fruit, fresh or frozen, mixed in most mornings. It’s quick & gives me protein, fiber and good carbs. I also keep hard boiled eggs ready to pair with whole grain toast/bagel as a quick breakfast. Nuts, fresh fruit and whole grain crackers can easily be packed the night before for a commuter’s breakfast. Good luck
Liliano S.
I think that this good idea will be to prepare your breakfast in advance for some days. I would prefer to have some precooked eggs, cottage cheese with banana and nuts.
Julia J.
Even the simplest breakfast can be beneficial. Take a banana, or an apple, somethint healthy and light to start your day. With the short amount of time you have, I recommend that you move efficiently but still keep it at a good pace. I hope this helped!
Wolf Dieter C.
Hiya! I would recommend making breakfast the night before. So you could make some overnight oats or breakfast smoothie and have that in the fridge to grab and go for the following morning 🙂
Hans Uwe E.
So I make egg muffins for the week every weekend, then I put 2-3 in sandwich baggies and freeze them. That way I can just grab a bag and microwave them, and sometimes I bring them to work and microwave them there. I like to add spinach and chicken sausage to them, but you can add whatever you like!
Juri O.
I like bulletproof coffee. Keeps me full and really wakes me up. And you can put it in a thermos and drink on your way to work.
Chloe Y.
Throw in a bunch of bananas, apples, almonds, yogurt, honey, and milk into a blender and take it to go if you need too.
Oliver W.
Herbalife vegetarian based protein powder. It’s not for the gym. It’s for a light and healthy breakfast. Easy on the stomach. You also lose weight because you won’t have a heavy breakfast
Berenice Z.
Some healthy breakfasts that can literally be made in five minutes are unexpectingly actually delicious. One breakfast that is easy and energizing is a yogurt parfait. It’s basically layers of yogurt (any flavour), granola (try protein granola), and any preferred fruits. I usually make my parfaits in a small glass because it actually fills you up and doesn’t leave you hungry. Another recipe is just two slices of whole wheat bread with 1/4-1/2 mashed avocado with some garlic if you’d prefer and hemp seeds. absolutely delicious!
Ella C.
I drink water first think in the morning. Also, I’ve switched my routine right now with food. I eat plain yogurt with fruit.
Tilde X.
Hi 👋🏻
I usually prepare breakfast the night before and exercise after work ( i know it should be in the morning but i wake up at 5am) 🙈🙉🙊
I hope this helps! 💛
Gerry J.
What has helped me with the super early morning shifts is having a bunch of grab-n-go bags on hand. These bags just have a hand full of mixed nuts and some raisins and I can eat it during my commute. I will prep a bunch of these bags in advance, when I have time after work or before bed, so I don’t need to worry when I’m pressed for time.
Pietro F.
I would go for banana or different fruit. Eat before going to work and then something heavier like bread or yogurt at work
Jayden F.
I boil eggs the night before and toast a piece of gluten free bread and eat it for breakfast. This way you have the protein for energy. I have also eaten almond rice chips with cashew butter. Bananas with peanut butter.
Heiko O.
Buy oatmeal, you can prep that before bed. And have a banana or any fruit. Yogurt is also great! Buy some zip lock bags. You can put a handful of nuts in one bag and handful of fruits in another.
Delmano C.
I think most of the breakfast you can eat won't take you more than 10 minutes. I eat cereals with milk sometimes. Others bread with butter and juice, or just fruit with something else. Maybe it's not that healthy but anyway, I don't think that the breakfast is what it's going to hold you back.
Candice C.
I'd recommend a protein shake. It's fast and super easy to make. My fav ingredients: soy milk, chocolate powder, macca powder, banana, peanut butter or almond butter and chia seeds. I promise you'll feel full the entire morning and your body will be super energized and ready to take on the day. It's also a very easy breakfast to digest, if you have to wake up so early.
Jim P.
I prepare oatmeal the night before either in the slow cooker or in a microwaveable container. Adding fruit and nuts or edamame and vegetables makes it a complete healthy meal.
Nick C.
Better you live as close to work as he can. Not waste time for this stuff.
Go to bed early for sleep enough. And prepare breakfast, clothes, glass of water at evening)
Caroline Z.
You could prepare during the weekends & pack them for the week’s breakfast. Avocado on toast/bagel is good for on the go breakfast.
Dennis U.
Simple answer: meal prep. The dreaded words we all hate. Batch freeze a bunch of healthy breakfast burritos you can eat on your way to work. I can never be bothered to meal prep either. So I make smoothies. Easy on the go. I use more lots of spinach, 2 vegetables and 2 fruits and then water. And it does the trick. Easy on the go. Or something that is really quick is scrambled eggs with spinach. Do it all in one frying pan and you’re done. Add some tomatoes. It’s super quick and easy.
Abbie E.
For quick breakfasts I focus on getting as much protein as possible and something that doesn't need cooking in the morning. Think…hard boiled egg, cheese and fruit, or a yogurt and granola bowl that you ca make the night before. Meal prep is a major habit I started that helps me make healthy choices ahead of time and saves me time and money on breakfast and lunch!
Marvin E.
Have a breakfast packed and ready to go the night before. An apple, a banana, some almonds in a bag. On days when you have a bit more time do oatmeal and throw in a few almond pieces in.
Lana T.
2 eggs omelet with some topping, like cottage cheese or mashed avocado, for a real quick one ill will eat a banana and a mix of nuts
Julie X.
I recommend buying some yogurt (like the sour-cream type containers) and some granola. It's easy enough that you can just throw some granola into another container and grab both the yogurt and granola and eat it at work. I think it'd be easier for you to focus on getting ready for the day and then eat when you're less stressed (hopefully) at work! Plus yogurt and granola is really yummy 😝
Fred F.
Prep the night before – mix plain yogurt, frozen fruit (I like blueberries and mango), and large flake rolled oats. Oats will soften over night. Eat in the morning – can add some walnut pieces, ground flax, etc. Very filling, ready to eat.
Brett Z.
One cup water, half a cup of oatmeal . Microwave x 1.5 minutes, stir. Add 1 scoop nonfat yogurt and a handful of walnuts. If you nuke it in a big coffee mug, you can eat it right out of the bowl. Or on the weekend make some "breakfast muffins" with scrambled eggs and veggies you like. Pour the egg mixture into muffin cups and cook them. (There are all kinds of good recipes online.) Then put them into the fridge and grab a couple every morning. They're tasty even when cold and you can eat them in the car or on your commute.
Romain O.
Leave everything ready for breakfast the night before, set the table, check the things you have on the fridge and leave them outside (if they can be left outside) or all together in the same spot. Buy a bottle where you can carry hot drinks and drink them on the go.
And well, of course leave out of your morning rutine anything that's not completely necessary to have done by morning!
Zilena P.
I have found making breakfast burritos ahead of time to be one of my go to breakfast. I have truly noticed a huge difference when I add a meal replacement shake to my breakfast option.
L Tus P.
Preparation is your friend! You can make a breakfast ahead of time and just heat it up in the morning. Make some hard-boiled eggs, have some Canadian bacon slices ready to cook. You can make pancakes or muffins on Sunday, refrigerate, and just heat them in the microwave in the morning.
Mikkel Z.
You should try eat overnight oats. It’s so easy to make: Add oat into a bowl and pour twofold milk. Then you can add other ingredients: banana or apple slices, almond, cranberrys and cinnamon. It’s easy, quick and healty( oat and milk contain high proteins, almond is for eat healty fat, cinnamon is good for balance sweet)This is my recipe but you can also try your own style bowls.

P.S: Sorry because of my broken English. I’m learning still

Noe S.
Prepare overnight meals so you can quickly eat a nutritious meal! Overnight protein oats with peanut butter are the best! Carbs, protein and fat.
Penny G.
Pre prepare oats for a porridge breakfast, leaving them to soak overnight.
Heat the following day and add a teaspoon of honey with a handful of organic blueberries… for a quick & easy breakfast with slow release energy, vitamins, minerals and natural sweetness! 🙂
Rebecca Z.
I'd suggest stacking fats, then protein, then carbs. One of my go tos is full fat Greek yogurt with some peanut butter granola dumped in.
Andreias C.
Hey if you need to be at work by 6:00 am sharp maybe for breakfast you need to eat avocado toast with a banana or oatmeal and water
Noah C.
I would prepare my breakfast the night before, so as to avoid any stress in the morning. A protein shake with added vitamins etc is a really easy and filling breakfast.
Nicoline N.
I struggle with this frequently, although my schedule is inconsistent. I find on days like that I grab a handful of walnuts, heat up oatmeal in a to go cup and go or I just grab an apple or banana. It’s doable. I promise!
Becky F.
Make your breakfast the night before. Cook some oatmeal, make a breakfast taco, or put together a fruit salad. Put whatever you made in the fridge, so it does not go bad. Then the next morning, when your in a rush, you can just take your breakfast out of the fridge, mabye microwave it for a short amount of time depending what it is, and you have a good, healthy breakfast ready to eat. If you are worried about not having enough time to eat it just wake up 15-20 mins earlier. You will have a longer time to be mindful when enjoying your wonderful breakfast.
Magda Q.
When I don’t have much time in the morning for breakfast I make a shake with protein packets I purchase at Whole Foods (usually by two or three for this reason). Blend 8oz of almond milk, half banana, spinach, the protein powder and depending on my mood I add chia seeds or peanut butter. Pour the goodness in a to go cup and I’m out the door.
Erhardt Z.
I recommend some yogurt with fruit and almonds or oatmeal with milk and fruit. Avocado toast with eggs is another fav of mine
Paula C.
I would make smoothies with Atkins protein shakes in them. Portion out the smoothie ingredients ahead of time and then just blend, rinse the blender, and drink on the way to work.
Another option is to make egg and meat breakfast sandwiches or burritos and either freeze them or keep in the fridge. Heat them up as you prep your coffee on the go and again eat on the way to work. Good luck. 🙂
Erwan Q.
there are two recipes I found that together have about 30 of protein which is what you're supposed to have for breakfast. The first one is a vegan cashew shake recipe, the second one is a peanut butter Chia bar. In my opinion they're both delicious and this breakfast takes me approximately 10 minutes to make.
Marvin E.
Honestly, I recommend getting ahead of the game and prepping the night before, I would do a small fruit pack with some diced up pineapples a few grapes some honeydew and watermelon. I recommend pre-making some Chia seed pudding which is really easy to look up on Google. Primarily go after proteins, fruits and vegetables stay away from sugars and carbs because that’s how you crash in the middle of the day and you get tired quickly.
Clifton P.
An overnight oatmeal. Do it the night before and it’s ready to go the next morning. Or make a smoothie the night before for an on go breakfast – but don’t forget to add a protein (spinach, banana or plant protein powder)
Calvin P.
What I tend to do when I start work at 6am is have a piece of toast and a fried egg. They each only take 3 minutes to cook, and for me, it’s healthier and more fulfilling than a bowl of cereal! If I can, I have a banana as well, normally whilst frying the egg. Hope that helps!
Jeremy Z.
I really love overnight oats. You can throw oats, your choice of milk, fruit, cinnamon, honey, and all sorts of ingredients into a mason jar and by morning its a nutritious and tasty breakfast for home or on the go!
Feliz Z.
Start with a large glass of water first thing in the morning as it will help to get your metabolism moving. Optionally adding in some freshly squeezed lemon juice will also perk you up a bit and will provide some cleansing for your body.

When you only have a short amount of time between waking up and leaving for work, you will want to aim for something that is quick and easy to eat but it should be high in protein.

Consider two hard boiled eggs and a slice of toast. Eggs are amazing for how much protein and nutrients they provide. The protein should help you feel fuller for longer. If you are able to get a low GI bread, it is slower to release energy and should keep you going for longer.

Alternatively if you are keen to do some preparation in advance and are not a fan of eating first thing in the morning, consider a smoothie. You can add banana, berries, kale, flax seed, and also a bit of protein powder. Smoothies are easy to drink, I find they leave me feeling fuller for longer, and don’t take much time if you have already prepared the ingredients.

Flaviana S.
The night before, prepare yourself something you don't mind eating cold. Something like a breakfast burrito can also be warmed up in the microwave and eaten one handed in between motions as you do other tasks.
Anselm X.
I’m up by 5:15 and need to be out the door by 6:30. I keep hard boiled eggs in the fridge and plenty of fresh fruit for a quick breakfast.
Ver Nica Q.
I can recommend to take 10 minutes the night before and just get your breakfast ready. What I can recommend is to eat fruit, natural orange juice and a cup of milk. You can cut 3-4 different fruits the night before as well with cutting oranges and make a natural juice.
Isaac F.
You can make a smoothie full off lots of fruit and greens the night before and put it in the fridge and have it on hand first thing when you get up. Works a treat to wake you up. Then I’d probably have a coffee at work or something if your still feeling like you need something else but it really fills you up if you put the right things in and it’s so easy. A tip to keep frozen fruit and freeze bananas ect to keep for longer and to make the smoothie cold and creamy !
Xuxa Z.
How about preparing more dinner the night before and having leftovers for breakfast? Or you could prepare a protein shake and have this with fruit and nuts and work? No hassle!
Amelia B.
My go-to breakfast for really time crunches days is a low sugar protein bar and an apple.
I also use the Starbucks app to pre-order their egg white sous vide bites and a dry cappuccino, so that I can just drive up, grab it, and go. Then eat that with an apple in the car on my way to work.
Caroline W.
On the mornings where I'm tight on schedule and don't have time to whip up a hearty breakfast, I found breakfast bars and supplements (such as Boost or Carnation drinks) extremely helpful. They'll at least hold you over for a while until you find time to sit down and have a real meal. Another option is to have packets of instant oats on hand or frozen breakfast so you can bring them on-the-go. Also preparing the night before is useful so you can just pop it in the microwave and go. There's always a way!
Alfred Z.
I used to make burritos for breakfast, pack them, and eat them when I got to work. Often I microwave oatmeal and add nuts, raisins and milk just before leaving.
L On Y.
I think a simple scrambled egg and some chilled yogurt can boost your morning a lot. I don't usually do this but I think its the best I can give. Good day. 😁
Gavin Q.
Youcan prepare a smoothie – banana, oatmel, cacao, cifee, nuts, almond milk. You can freeze the solid ingredients and on working days just take out from freezer and add cifee and coconut milk and blend it together! Easy, fast, nutritious!
Ria O.
Maybe you can leave something prepare a night before so in the morning you don't have rush to prepare something… That's what I do something, or get up a bit earlier
Frithjof O.
I would recommend plain Greek yogurt with fresh or frozen fruit and granola. It’s quick, delicious, satisfying, and filled with protein.
Il Dio W.
I don’t know what your day looks like, if you have a few minutes throughout the day however you could try to prepare your breakfast for the next day. A quick healthy oats package would really help in this case. Put it in the fridge or even put it bedside so you have it at the ready when you wake up.
Morris J.
It has being said that the human body need rest, if not the brain will not be active. Actually, I do reach to my working place by 6:30 am or 7.00am.The best option is to eat fruit.
Kirk F.
I recommend having a bowl of oats on milk with dry fruits and nuts of your choice. Another quick and healthy option is a super food shake, many of them is now available on the market. You just add milk to a ready powder and drink it. Keeps you going for around 3 hours.
Samuel P.
Try making granola or oatmeal cup the night before. Place granola or oatmeal on the bottom with fruit like berries, pineapples or water melon with Greek yogurt on top! You can grab it and eat on your way to work. I recommend sitting still and eating your breakfast mindfully. Enjoy!
Josefa X.
I am exactly the same, trying to fit it all in and get 2 kids ready all before work and school run. I find scrambled eggs on toast is super effective and takes max of 4 minutes to make so quick to do as well and I usually only start getting hungry around 1pm for lunch
Durvalino Q.
Meal prep! There are great recipes like overnight oats that are high in protein or homemade frozen breakfast wraps you can make in advance.
Livia E.
A handful of nuts (almonds, pistachio, walnuts), two eggs (as per your liking), a slice of whole grain bread with peanut butter and a glass of skimmed milk should do.
Leonard U.
Granola with skimmed milk and berries, a boiled egg from a day before with almonds and an apple, peanut butter, whole grain toast with an apple or overnight oats with fruit.
Lea W.
I prepare a meal replacement shake before going to bed each night. In the morning, I grab the healthy shake and an RX Bar before running out the door. While it isn’t traditional eggs and bacon, it’s healthier and faster.
Franz Josef Z.
Instant oatmeal works great. It's quick, just a minute or two in the microwave & it's ready. Also oatmeal is really healthy. You can spice it up by adding some fruit like banana, apples or berries.

Hope this was helpful.

Maxwell P.
Aaple, banana, oatmeal cookies and a bowl of quinoa with boiled eggs can be good ideas. You can take them with yourself and have it on the way to work.
Mille W.
You can think of healthy
Smoothies which you can put all these healthy ingredients, and it’ll take a few minutes, and you can drink on the way to work.

Practical one bananacado
1 banana, half avocado in a milk or smilies with addition of some protein like yoghurt plus some oat mill or flaxseed
For fiber lil cinnamon you are done

You just need few minutes if you prepare some ingredients for your breakfast in the morning.

Alternatively you can have practical protein sandwiches or always easy to gram some fruits with nuts so there are too many alternatives

Milo T.
I recommend overnight oats which consists of rolled oats, chia seeds, milk (of your choice), honey or maple syrup, and any toppings of your choice such as fruits and almonds. You can make the oats the night before and add toppings in the morning if you have time.
Liva P.
Do you have enough time to boil an egg? This will give you your morning dose of protein, combined with either an apple or a banana. Or if you don't have enough time for an egg, I suggest a quick energy bar along with the fruit to get you going.
Earl F.
Have you ever tried to make your own breakfast bars? You should check it out! If you like smoothies try getting some frozen fruit and tossing it into the blender with fresh juice and viola!
Damaris Z.
I think you can keep grab and go breakfast available like cooking oatmeal at night and grabbing it to eat on the go. I eat at work by keeping quick oats at my desk and microwaving it in a container.
Samantha B.
When I’m most rushed I eat a high fat yogurt for breakfast. Fat of course has a bad reputation because it is high calorie and burns slowly. That’s exactly what makes for an efficient breakfast. A small high fat yogurt is quick and easy to eat, low in sugar, and gives me energy for several hours.

It isn’t my everyday, but it covers when I can’t do more.

I also find it easy on my stomach, when low or especially zero fat yogurt upsets my stomach.

Ethan Q.
So something I really like that’s really easy is just to make a smoothie. There’s are hundreds of healthy recipes online that are delicious and nutritious. You can even put protein powder in some of these and it just makes it so much better, they give me so much energy and I don’t get a sugar rush since most of them don’t contain sugar. Also it’s really easy to take on the go. Another great option could be just some oatmeal. You could make it the night before and its really easy and delicious.
Marie N.
A piece of whole grain toast with peanut butter and banana or a hard boiled egg. It’s best to sit and eat it, but it’s a mobile option if needed.
Wibke Y.
Pack your breakfast the night before , something like Overnight oats, jar full of fresh fruits which can pop into juicer or smoothie maker while you brush! Make your own trail mix by mixing dry fruits, nuts.
Cl O E.
I would recommend something you can make the night before or overnight. Smoothies with protein powder or tofu to boost it, overnight oats if you have a slow cooker or maybe a breakfast soup. There are loads of recipes for this type of thing online, none of them are difficult to make. I would also suggest you make a menu, shop for it and prep as much in advance as you can, like having all your fruit for a smoothie cut up and portioned out. Hope this helps.
Christian J.
When I am tight for time I grab a banana and two low-fat mozzarella sticks and a 32oz water bottle.
The optimal thing to do is prep on Sunday. I do 1/2 dozen eggs in the pressure cooker. I then bag them individually and pack in finger food veggies. I also sometimes make a sandwich on whole grain bread, chicken breast, veggies and avocado instead of mayo. If necessary I can have it in the car. I love Greek yogurt, low sugar and high protein, with chia seeds and cut fresh fruit. I am a proponent of not limiting myself to “breakfast choices”. I’m now trying to have healthy food. Food is food and doesn’t have to be for a particular meal.
Liva P.
A sugar-free greek yogurt with a piece of fruit(you can leave it ready the night before, in a sealed pot and eat it in the car or as soon as you arrive at work), or a sandwich made with whole wheat bread and scrambled eggs and sliced tomato. Maybe a smoothie. It has to be something “grab and go”
Basile Q.
If you don't have time to prepare something fancy, just grab cereal a fruit and juice. That covers alot of what you need. Then again, waking up a little bit early also helps.
Joyce J.
You may want to split your routines into morning and Evening at it fits, As for having a healthy breakfast you can focus on taking raw fruits, nuts, or a healthy leftover protein.
Vilator F.
My favorite quick breakfast is Greek yogurt with granola and either craisins or bananas mixed into it. It’s quick but filling and gets a lot of nutrients.
Victoria X.
One thing you can do is meal-plan and have everything ready to go for the morning. Prepare your breakfast the night before for the sake of saving time. Fresh fruit is always a healthy (and efficient) option, nuts, oatmeal if you want something filling (with fruit or anything else you want, or nothing). You can have eggs premade for a breakfast with protein (if you don’t like the idea of having to heat it you can have hard-boiled eggs). Toast is always an option and not unhealthy. The best advice I have is to plan your meals ahead of time.
Henry J.
I would recommend chia pudding! It’s super easy to make. It takes about 6 hours to set, so by the time you leave for work it should be ready. Paired with sliced apple and peanut butter. Also pre boiled eggs and a banana are great additions!
H L Na O.
Have you thought of having boiled eggs ready to eat with some fruit and whole-wheat toast? If you don’t like eggs, maybe yogurt and fruit with granola.
Dinor Z.
an option is doing overnight oats. you make them at night, but then in the fridge, and they are ready in the morning. fruit is also a good option. just have bananas on hand and grab one on your way out. smoothie packs in your fridge are also good. just have bags of whatever you want to put in a smoothie and put it in the blender in the morning.
Christl J.
Hi! Let me help you with that based on my experience. In the evening I cook 2 eggs and put them in the fridge, so that I just peel them in the morning and they are ready to eat. I do weekly shopping over the weekend to ensure that I have at least some veggies for every day (I usually go with tomatoes and avocado). Last but not least I buy more bread over the weekend cut it into smaller parts and put it in the frozen. In the morning when I wake up I put one piece in the microwave for 3.5 min micro + grill and I have fresh bread ready. I eat 1 egg, some veggies and portion of bread at home, rest I take with me and eat when I come to the office.
Ang Le O.
I think the best option is either something super fast like a smoothie, or something you can prepare the night before and just eat in the morning like overnight oats recipes.
Nicklas C.
That is really early.

I personally prefer to spend less morning time to prepare an energy breakfast. So I like to mix a variety of seeds in 2/3 jar of peanut butter. In the morning smear some on a piece of bread and eat with a banana or apple. I like sprouted raw seeds from Go Raw. Can mix in lightly toasted sesame seeds, hemp seeds and grounded flex seeds, etc. Spinach and boiled egg are great add-on protein to balance the nutrition.

Overnight oats jar, chia pudding and boiled eggs are great to prepare the night before. Just need a very little time ahead.

Hope this helps! Early bird!

Gilbert F.
Short answer is wake up earlier. If possible go to bed and get up early. If you have evening responsibilities then you do everything you can the night before to streamline the process for yourself in the morning.
Romain W.
My go to breakfast is plain yogurt, fruit and honey as a shake or those same ingredients but with a little bit of granola kind of like a little parfait. If you have your fruit cut up it’s very quick in the morning
Giulia Q.
Ceral and precut sweet orange already slicedeasy to take with and snak on. There is those microwave omlets in the egg section. They have bacon chese and veggies in them make it easy the main thing is to prepare the night before. Try to go to bed early and then it’s easier to get up in the light. You can even pre make your own omlet and stir it up put in a little microwaveable dish. Then put it in a warmed up flour tortillas. Wrap wax paper and a paper towel then something to eat at break or at your desk or workplace.
Alma Z.
I have different shifts and sometimes I have to wake up early so I’ll have small breakfast like a piece of toast with nut butter and banana or tea cake and then have balanced breakfast around 10-11 am. I don’t like to eat in a rush but some people prefer breakfast on the go like a smoothie or you can prepare overnight oatmeal, keep it in the fridge and just grab it in the morning. Chia pudding or sandwich with hummus and veggies can be prepared the night before. I personally prefer to eat plant based food in early hours and enjoy eggs or more heavy food later in the day. Good luck
Alexander P.
What I do is make a dozen hard boiled eggs on the weekend so that I can grab those for work in the morning. I also make a peanut butter and banana protein shake the night before and stick it in the fridge for the next morning. Both are good healthy options and I don’t have to do anything in the morning besides grabbing them from the fridge.
Rick F.
Overnight oats made the night before – or a smoothie, also made the night before.
Or a banana (for potassium) with some nuts – the addition of nuts keeps you fuller for longer.
Or make some savoury muffins in advance.
Or hard boil some eggs in advance and eat with a glass of orange juice (the OJ helps your body absorb the iron from the egg).
Sergio E.
I’ve been trying to eat a pear 🍐 or 🍎, a couple hard boiled 🥚 without the yolks, carrot sticks, water, and coffee ☕️ sometime I try to drink tea 🍵 but usually I end up needing coffee… sometimes a banana…

I actually can’t eat a heavy breakfast or lunch… I and yo feeling sleepy at work if I have a big or heavy meal…

But then my problem is I binge at dinner and on snacks at night.

I have been really working hard for the last 8 to 10 weeks and have completely stopped eating junk food (pretzels, crackers, little muffins, cookies, etc) at night… but I sill end up eating like a sandwich or seintging in the evening before sleep even after having a big dinner.

I have cut out red meat a lot… I eat more soups, salads, vegetables, quinoa, cauliflower based stuff

Ethan B.
Plan your breakfast ahead of time. Say, prepare a weekly or monthly meal plan. This takes the guess work out of the options. Then, before you go to bed the night before, put your breakfast together (a fruit, oatmeal sachet which you can pop into a microwave at work, cup of unsweetened yogurt, nuts, etc) In the morning all you have to do is grab and go. Set time to eat your breakfast during your first break in the morning.

Let me suggest another radical alternative: It will help if you set a definite wake up time each morning. 30 minutes is not sufficient for all your morning routines. So how about go to bed earlier, and wake up at, say, 4.30am. This way you will be able to accommodate all your morning routines and still be at work on time.

Tyler U.
I boil eggs before I go to bed at night. Also I cut some fruits like papaya or melon. I pack these along and have it in the morning-either when I'm travelling to work or after I reach office and I'm checking emails.
Xaver O.
Small leaf oat flakes are no more than 5 minutes on the stove, but you can also make overnight oats just by soaking them in some milk/water and leaving them in the fridge overnight. I personally like big-leaf better but they do take longer to cook (around 10 minutes or so). I do half water-half soy milk, and I like to sweeten them and sprinkle on some raisins and nuts.
You could also make eggs on whole-grain toast, which should take even less time to cook.
For a no-cook option, I’d say go for avocado and olive oil on toast, sprinkled with some chilli flakes.
I hope this helped!
Lisa U.
I boil eggs the night before and peel them ahead of time and put them in snack baggies to grab with a carton of yogurt for those hurried mornings.
Anna Z.
I would suggest to prepare something quick the night before, or to prepare a smoothie in the morning if you have a blender. Banana, milk and oats is my favourite smoothie, but also carrots, milk, cinnamon and nutmeg is very tasty! If you prepare your breakfast the night before I suggest you overnight chia puddings or oats puddings. With coconut milk they taste amazing 😉
Ruperto C.
Prepare your breakfast the before or prepare in the weekend. Easy stuff like sandwiches, or but your fruit and a youhurt in a zipplock bag. Instant oatmeal that cam be prepare with just hot water. Keep it simple, Breakfast don’t have do been complicated
Elsa C.
I make a protein shake the night before. I use whey protein, peanut butter, almond milk, collagen, cocoa powder, and a small handful of spinach. If you blend it the night before, all you have to do is shake it up in the morning and it’s ready to drink on your way to work!