I’m vegan so I don’t eat eggs, what kinds of breakfast items are good to eat for an alternative source of protein?

Mariko F.
Nuts are full of protein, you can eat it to make your muscles stronger and earn protein too. Also nuts are diabetic and you wont receive sugar ❤️
Becky S.
I’m also vegan and enjoy baked beans on wholewheat or whole grain toast. Scrambled tofu is also lovely, made with black salt. There are lots of easy recipes online for this.
Sean C.
I like making scramble tofu which can be seasoned according to your taste, and other good sources of protein are beans, soy milk or soy yoghurt. All of these do not need a long prep or cook time, so they are also good if you are in a hurry in the morning.
Kelly J.
You have many options to choose from, you can try a smoothie with fruits rich in protein, for example: pomegranate, kiwi, cherries, bananas, oranges, peaches. You can also try some salads with: lentils, avocado, broccoli, soy, beans black.