What are your favorite breakfast spreads that you prepare the night before?

Belinda X.
🍌 /🍎
Now own peanut butter. Will replace with cashew/almond next tub. Aim for one jar a week max
🥛 weekly delivery starting soon
Plenty of oats for porridge
Mackeral/kippers/eggs for a mega protein push
Maria Y.
I like to prepare Oat-Meal an store it in the fridge, so the only thing I have to do in the morning, is to put some fruits on it. Especially in the summer it is a great start in the day, because it's super refreshing and easy to eat.
Aneta F.
I haven’t started doing this but, if I was to choose I like a simple butter spread or maybe Nutella. I guess I should start incorporating breakfast
Ilinca I.
Hm…. I actually dont
prepare food the night before. Some scrambled eggs or oatmeal porridge are my favorite! I like avocado toast too…
Lucas Y.
I don't really eat breakfast spreads. I usually eat other choices like eggs, egg whites, cottage cheese, fruit, protein shake with fruit, oatmeal, yogurt.