How can I make sure I don’t overeat?

Reynie N.
Get a calorie tracker like MyFitnessPal. You can make recipes and meals for homemade dishes so it’s very useful (you can also log servings for recipes so it’s even more useful) and if you use a product of some sort, it not only has nutritional information, but you can also scan the barcode to log the food into the app! If you roughly estimate the amount of food you’ve eaten, it should be fairly accurate.
Sam F.
I have also felt like I overeat then and I feel very uncomfortable so I started to eat at regular intervals time . And if I overeat then I sit in a yoga position known as vajarasana which really helps
Joy Z.
Take a smaller plate so that psychologically the amount do food you put on the plate looks bigger. Take small bites and chew 15-20 times per bite. Put down your fork in between bites. By slowing down your eating, your brain has more time to register that you’re eating and to register when you’re full.