Any new breakfast ideas?

Dera Y.
Whole wheat toast with some nut butter and sliced up bananas is quick and easy as well as healthy. Pair it with a hard boiled egg or two. If you make them ahead of time you’ll always have Some on hand.
Adriana O.
Something that I do for most of my breakfast is taking a slice of bread and immerse it into a plate with scramble eggs. Then I put it into a pan to cook. Actually is delicious! An extra thing you can add is cinnamon.
Jacqueline T.
Greek you hurt with fresh mango cut chunks and granola with dark chocolate. The best way to enjoy a tasty meal and get all the energy you need for the day 🤗 keep pushing! You’re doing great!
Hailey W.
My favorite breakfast is a rice cake with an egg on top, along with sliced avocados and smoked salmon. It’s like a super low calorie eggs benedict!
Tala X.
Hmm, I’ve lately just been having a simple breakfast like an egg with a toast and some cheese. Sometimes I add avocado and some fruit as well. To be honest my breakfast is always based on my mood.
Adam Q.
Greek yogurt and berries. Or a protein fruit smoothie. Both really simple breakfast options. Maybe a hard boiled egg too.
Mike U.
I have precooked rice with chicken pieces (meant for a salad), an egg and raw spinach. Doesnt require much effort, but low fat, high protein. Oh and i sprinkle a pinch of nutritional yeast
Alana Z.
A new protein filled breakfast I started eating recently has been scrambled eggs with kale and tomato. It keeps me full for longer and gives me energy to start off my day
Sara T.
Simple pancakes: flour + plant based milk + sugar -> cook in a pan 2 minutes for each side
Oat porridge: plant based milk + oats + maple syrup -> cook in a pan 5 minutes -> move it into a bowl and add what you want (chocolate chips, jam, nuts, berries, …)
Have a great day 🙂