What is your favourite morning smoothie combination?

Landon F.
My smoothie is with rice milk and banana is my favorite base. Then I like to add strawberries or some other kind of berry. In the end I add some nuts, chia may be my favorite. Bom apetite!
Manuel P.
My favorite morning smoothie is half an avocado, two scoops of protein powder (any kind will do, but lately i’ve been using a chocolate orange one and it’s delicious), as well as banana, kale, and berries. At costco, they sell a bag of six premade frozen baggies with the bananas, kale & berries in them. Super easy when you’re running late in the morning.
Alyssa Q.
I really don't drink breakfast smoothies. I can't have raw banana and most recipes call for it so I usually opt for other breakfast options.
Elifaza Q.
Walmart has smoothie packs frozen. I love the berry pack. I ninja it with a cup of almond milk and keep diluting as I go with an "ice" drink flavor.
Liane J.
Greek full fat yogurt (10 oz.) Banana (1/2) strawberries (3-4) protein powder (2 tsp.) Cocoa powder (1 tsp.) Peanut butter (1 tsp.)

It's easy to prepare, and it takes just about 5 min.

I use all natural ingredients, it gives me a huge boost of energy to start the day.

Try it once, I'm sure you'll love it.

Kiara Z.
Spinach (i use frozen)
Oranges (2 to 3)
Ginger (the size of a pinkie for a powerful kick)
Fresh mint (from my balcony)
I shop everything the night before and blend it the next day
Mamede N.

i like my smoothies to be like milk shakes. And of course, the best flavour is vanilla and banana.

adding some vanilla protein powder and a frozen banana is the way to go!

Manuel X.
I love to do a vegan protein powder… usually chocolate. I throw in a frozen banana, but of cashew milk, cold brew and also add a tbs of chia,hemp, flax blend. Then one hazelnut, Brazilian nut and walnut. Blend till creamy and enjoy. It keeps me full and taste like a dream. You can also add a nut butter for super protein and even more nourishment.!
Johnni P.
2 scoops of my organic protein powder, a handful of frozen mixed berries, a handful of kale, and 1-2 cups of unsweetened vanilla almond milk or coconut water. Maybe some flax or chia seeds too!
Gwendolyn F.
I don’t make smoothies much, but I love mango and cream, as well as other tropical fruits like banana and avocado that aren’t too sweet but not bland either.
Ellie I.
If I drank smoothies often I would probably use a combination of strawberries, berries, mangoes or just random fruits I like.
Sofie C.
I dont drink smoothies. Chewing our food has multiple benefits. And endodontists love smoothies! They've seen an uptick in clients needing root canal with the popularity of smoothies.
Jacek J.
Frozen fruit bag of peaches, strawberries blueberries, half banana, oatmeal uncooked, v8 juice, tomato juice, 1/4 oj, 2 other ingredients. This will give you energy for the day with high focus. The smoothie will make you full all day..NO JUNK FOOD OR SNACKS..LOL
Stacy I.
Personally I love mixing strawberries, raspberries, honey, one spoonful of yogurt, ice cream, and blueberries. If that is too sweet for you, then you could always do bananas peanut butter honey and blueberries. Thankfully there are plenty of options!
Anne Marie E.
I love a good banana, Greek yogurt and chia smoothie! I add cinnamon and vanilla almond milk to mine and make it the night before so I can save time in the morning and have it all ready to go. The chia is super good for you and keeps me full ‘til lunch. The next time I make it, I’m going to get a little more creative. I’m thinking I’ll do a banana yogurt “layered” smoothie, where I’ll add coconut flakes and berries in between layers of smoothie, like a beautiful parfait!
Sophia C.
Peanut Butter & Jelly Breakfast Shake:
-1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
-1 scoop Chocolate protein powder (I use Vega)
-1 heaping table spoon of peanut butter powder (I use PBfit. You can use peanut butter instead if you don’t have the powder)
-1 cup spinach
-1 cup frozen blueberries*

Add ingredients to your blender in the order listed. Blend it all up and enjoy!

*If you used thawed blue berries, add 1 cup of ice as the very last ingredient to chill it. If you used frozen blue berries, the ice isn’t necessary, and will make it too thick.

Matias Q.
Back in university I used to love making strawberry and banana smoothies! I fell out of the habit when I left though. I ought to try it out again sometime.
Hardy U.
One cup of coconut milk, one cup of coconut water, one cup of frozen fruit/veggies. Sometimes I add a tablespoon or two of matcha for energy. Delicious, nutritious, and hydrating.
Charlotte S.
One with chocolate protien powder. Then I add some peanut butter POWDER. Gives the flavor without the extra calories. Add a couple strawberries and yummy!
Cust Dio W.
Depends what kind of smoothie you’re making. I usually make breakfast smoothies. Banana, Greek yogurt, other fruits, juice, oats, peanuts.
Naja Z.
I like something fast, easy, and tasty. I use frozen bananas, milk- any type works- and whatever other frozen fruit I feel like having that morning. I have a stock of all kinds of frozen fruit, like blueberries, strawberries, and mangoes, to put in my smoothies for added flavor. Blend these three things up and you have a simple way to enjoy some fruit! My favorite is to actually use all my fruits, the strawberries, blueberries, and mangoes, to make a combination smoothie!
Emma A.
I have not gotten my blender yet, but my plan is strawberries, ground flaxseed, kale, spinach, and vanilla protein. The protein can be switched out for greek yogurt and the fruit can be any kind you like.
Hana O.
I like smoothie greens (kale, spinach, etc), mixed with frozen mango, pineapple, and grated ginger. I use almond milk, lime juice, and water to help blend. When it's blended, it tastes like a ginger-y, lemon-y fruit smoothie.
Bryan Y.
I love fruity smoothies such as peach, watermelon and mint or apple and milk. I love to pick up what there is in the fridge and mix it 😁
Rebecca U.
I really like avocado, almond milk, pineapple, orange, and strawberry. If I am lucky enough to have peaches, I like those as well.
Ilse O.
I would rather eat my calories. Smoothies sound fun and cool, but I’m hungry an hour later. But if you gotta have a smoothie, add spinach and a healthy fat to make it a complete meal replacement .
Hamilton F.
Vega performance protein powder (120 cal for 30g protein), 8 oz almond milk (40 cal). That’s it! Fast, easy, low sugar.
Charlie J.
I don't actually drink a smoothie every morning. I drknk a cup of white coffee (or coffee with milk). I try to eat a slide of toast and an apple
Freddie F.
I dont like smoothies in the morning, too cold. But I like the no carb isopure cookies and cream with marshmallow flavoring.
Eugene Y.
I like anything with banana and strawberry in it, but occasionally I'll add other fruits and even some almonds. I also like to add peanut butter, cocoa powder, and hemp powder if I have it on hand.
Swetlana U.
my favorite morning smoothie combination would be something healthy like frozen berries consisting of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. also, with spinach and some almond milk. maybe some almond butter as well.
Mathieu Z.
I like to put pineapple, celery
a small green apple, a spinach and water or cashew milk when in work out. I like my smoothie chunkier so I put good amounts of celery and spinach, so feel free to experiment and find the consistency you like
Ava U.
I have two scoops of Coffee Huel, plus chia seeds, flax seeds with Acai berries and a bit of maca powder. Depending on the hunger levels, I eather have it on it's own or plus some kind of fruit.
Saionara N.
I get Abel and Cole smoothie boxes each week, they always having amazing, unusual flavours. All vegan and under 300 calories per serving.
Valentine E.
My all-time favourite is orange-banana-kiwi, but I recently tried one with kiwi-lime-spinach-cucumber thatI teallyenjoyed.