Should you eat breakfast right after waking up?

Ramona O.
No, not necessarily. Taking time to refresh and making sure your mind is completely awake first is better for me. This makes the breakfast more thoughtful and appreciated.
Laro A.
You should, but this is something I struggle with as when I wake up I usually lay in bed on my phone for approx. another hour.
Sara T.
No, First drink atleast 2-3 glass of normal water as per your convenience and then get fresh. Move your body by stretching a little bit and then eat your healthy breakfast like An Apple or Egg items low in Fat or Oat meal.
Sebastian Z.
I do intermittent fasting so my first meal is around 11am. For that meal ive been trying what this app recommended to eat for breakfast
Th O E.
Depends on your body and your goals. A study found that compressed feeding windows (delaying breakfast and eating dinner earlier) caused fat loss with no changes in diet.
Mark T.
Personally, I like to eat 30-60 minutes after I wake. I drink my water… if I’m working out I would rather do that with very little in my stomach. So I might eat a banana , workout, then have breakfast.
Clayton Y.
I do, because I take my vitamins with food. However if I excersise, I just drink water and get on the treadmill, then eat after.
Antonin Y.
I like to eat within an hour of waking up, so that I can get my metabolism started. However, in the mornings I go to the gym, I wait until after my body has cooled down from the workout before eating.
Andreas N.
Right after waking up the first thing you need to do is drink a glass of water, your body needs hydration after a long period of sleep. Right after the water you should eat breakfast, a rich breakfast to help you go through the day.
Deborah Y.
No. We have to give time for our digestive system to start working before we eat our breakfast. We must first drink a glass or two of water then after 30 mins or so thats the time we can have our breakfast
Pelaio E.
I try to eat within 30 minutes of waking up, even if that's a breakfast bar or a piece of fruit+1 cheese stick. I feel better and have more energy, and know that I'm taking care of myself first
Laura W.
It all depends on how hungry you are. If you are really hungry then yes you should eat. If not, then wait until you are , but don’t wait to long because next thing yah know it, it’s time for lunch.
Leslie U.
I'm usually not that hungry when I wake up, so what I do is drink my water and prepare my breakfast , I take it with me to work and eat it as soon as I'm hungry
Clayton P.
No way! …to be honest, do what you want. However, for me it always feels best to drink a whole bottle of water 500-1000mls and then exercise, and then have a smoothie and then shower and then have breakfast!
Anne Rose O.
The app says eat breakfast within an hour of waking up, with the first thing being water. After the water and if you have thestomach for it, I say go for it!
L A Q.
No you shouldn't because I think you need to drink a glass of water,brush your teeth, and wash your face first before breakfast
Christopher S.
I personally like to do a short workout before I eat breakfast that way I don't have to wait for my food to digest first
Vicki W.
I prefer breakfast post workout or a walk. Because it's important to keep our body healthy with some sort of exercise followed by balanced diet
Nathaniel U.
I do so, becoz I usually get hungry in the morning, also I have to work out later, that's why I have breakfast after I wake up. However, I think it depends on how u feel in the morning, do u need it? Or do u prefer a warm-up in the morning, then having breakfast later. In my opinion, just find a suitable way for yourself as long as u could keep it as a habit and feel energized in the morning!
Timothy Z.
no i think you need some time to fully wakeboard up and begin to feel the hunger before you eat your breakfast so you can eat enough to last you to lunch
Mariusz X.
No. The reason why is because you have to give your body time to wake up. Maybe do a few stretches before eating in the morning.
Jessie Y.
It really doesnt matter when you eat your breakfast it really only matters what you eat in your first meal to break the fast of when you were sleeping. So kickstart your metabolism with healthy breakfast choices
Nasser P.
I guess not because i want to do other things first like exercise and stretches and maybe down a glass full of water first before proceeding breakfast
Grace F.
I believe you should take some time to properly wake up first – about 15 mins or so – so that you at least can taste what you eat 😀
Paige E.
Yes. Or at least within 30 minutes of waking up to get your metabolism going which wakes you up and gives you energy. Reaching for your coffee to wake you up is less effective than eating soon after waking. Most people get the coffee boost of energy from the cream and sugar, not caffeine. This will only some your blood sugar and you'll crash midway through the morning unless you have protein with your coffee. I like to eat lunch meat rolled up if I'm in a hurry.
Zacarias P.
I try to eat intuitively so I dont always eat right after I wake up. Some mornings I might be really hungry and will try to nourish my body with a full breakfast, sometimes its a small snack before the gym and othertimes I wont eat until 11 or 12. Just find what works best for you and try to take a note of how you're feeling.
Ursula J.
Drink water right after waking up. Make a routine that suits you that would include some stretching, exercise, hygiene and possibly meditation. Where does eating best fit into your personal morning routine? Choose what works for you.
Edelbert E.
I think it all depends on the person and how hungry you are. I usually wait a little bit after I’ve had my coffee to eat breakfast, and during that time I normally make my bed, get changed, etc. if you’re not hungry, then wait a little bit. However, don’t wait until you are absolutely starving and just chow down on a bunch of junk food. If you think you’ll get hungry, bring some trail mix and fruit with you. I hope this was helpful!
Jason O.
No…. after wake up i drink 1 glass of water.then i walk for 2-3 min on terrace…after that i brush my teeth and after getting fresh up… Ie at a banana then i go on a walk/running.after that i do exercise for 10 min. And after the exercise i eat my breakfast.
Anthony F.
For me its a Yes. Because if you do it immediately its easy to do the other routines. And it will finally kick Start Yuor Day very easy 🙂
Nicklas G.
No, you need to wait at least one hour for your blood to start flowing. After waking up your muscles are still in shock from going from completely still to awake and moving around.
Nikolaj W.
No I don't think that you should eat breakfast straight after waking up. Maybe a cup of tea or warm lemon juice half an hour before eating.
Elias X.
I'm not actually sure. I would probably think have your water and morning exercise then have breakfast after that but not an expert so might be wrong.
Tilde A.
I will usually work out before I eat anything. That way you are not working out on a full stomach and it will also be pulling energy from your body so you will be able to burn more fat during your workout.
Curtis T.
I usually give it a few minutes, but if I wait too long I don't count it in my morning routine. Twenty minutes seems reasonable to me, two hours does not
Alan G.
I don’t know, but I feel that you should start with a glass of water right after waking up, then getting ready: showering, brushing teeth, getting dressed,… after that have the nurturing breakfast.
Terry U.
I think it depends on your body. I don’t think you should force it. It sometimes takes me an hour or two before I can eat. Keep in mind your body has been fasting for about 8 hours while asleep. I think it is best from what I’ve read to start by prepping the digestive system with some gentle liquids, water is best to start or herbal tea or water with lemon. This kind of gently wakes up the digestive system and rinses it a bit too while it’s completely empty. Sometimes I like to wake up have some water with lemon, go for a nice little walk or do some gentle yoga and then usually after that I’m ready to eat. 😊
Christoffer F.
Not right after, but close to waking up. I for myself can't eat after waking up, so I have to wait a hour or two at most. It helps starting out your day, and I think the energy you get from sleeping adds up with the energy you get from the food.
Maja W.
Drink water first thing. Exercising before eating will ignite your inner furnace and your body will be ready for the breaking of your nightly fast. I drink more water right after I exercise and wait 20 minutes after drinking water before eating. That gives me plenty of time to prepare something fantastic.
Lori O.
It depends on your body’s response and if this will fit into your lifestyle and morning routine. For me I drink water and brush my teeth after waking up. Then I workout because I can’t really exercise with food in my stomach and then I have breakfast. So it really depends on you. Try different things and most importantly listen to your body’s response.
Alison E.
It depends on wether you wake up with your hunger. Often i don’t or I grab something small because I found out I like I exercise first thing. That idea is to grab something and maybe you might like or not and move to the next idea. Good luck!
Lorenzo E.
No, I normally drink water, brush my teeth, get dressed and make my bed before having breakfast because I often feel a bit sick on a morning