Do you keep your breakfasts interesting and different? Or do you have the same breakfast every morning?

Wade A.
Every day I eat different breakfast. I would fell boring in life if I would have same brekfast every day. Good brekfast is good way to start good day.

Reinhold G.
I tend to eat the same, with some variations every two or three days. For example I usually oats with fruits and nuts and to change I eat eggs with some vegetables and fruit

Willie W.
Okay so ,some weeks I keep it interesting,most times I just stick to my oats ,but I love experinmenting new recipes.have any recipes you think I should try?

Dean N.
Honestly I have been doing IMF and love skipping breakfast. On weekends I eat breakfast with my family and look forward to the special foods and meals I don't eat much during the week.

Karen S.
It actually depends on availability. If enough ingridients are present in my home then i try to create variation in my breakfast. If there is shortage of groceries i usually have to eat the same breakfast i have had the day before that

Marta X.
Mostly the same variation of it. One dayI'll i have scrambled eggs and toast and then thnext I'll have a regular cooked egg

Tammy Q.
Most of the time my breakfast contains the same components…..but i just tend mix it up with different combinations.
At times I get bored of eating the same foods and just want something simple like a smoothie or fruit bowl , it just depends

William E.
It depends on my mood. If I'm feeling simple I have cereal but if I'm feeling different I'll have a larger and more complicated breakfast! (English breakfast, pancakes)

Bruce C.
I try to have a different breakfast..but it remains the same if I'm in a hurry or I've not bought the right food in advane to build variety and choice…so it's down to me to make sure I'm a bit more irgained about this..because I find I'm more in control of eating habits if I've had a breakfast. Things get chaotic otherwise…biscuits mid morning starving at lunchtime..etc….And the other foundation to this is getting up in time to have and enjoy a better more nutritious filling breakfast really is the most important meal of the day !

Araliya Q.
On school days I have the same thing every morning because I have to be at school early, but on the holidays and weekends I keep breakfasrs big and Varied because I have more time to eat it. Its better for breakfasts to be different or else I would get sick of the food.

Lise E.
My breakfast tends to be the same with slight variations such as using jam instead of butter on my toast or over easy instead of scrambled eggs. Repetition makes things easier for me but slight changes keep things from getting boring.

Tracy Z.
I have the same breakfast each morning to simplify and streamline my day. Nutrition is the key. Eat to live rather than living to eat.

Cindy Q.
Depends on time for effort & prep but usually I try to mix it up couple of times a week. Bacon & eggs at weekend, omelette, grilled turkey rashers & scrambled eggs. Try to avoid carbs, which is hard for me, and stick to proteins.

Leta S.
I keep mine different every day some times I eat fruit sometimes I eat cereal it is usually different everyday but I never skip breakfast I used to skip it but now I haven’t been and my energy is way up.

Ashley W.
I keep mine different. That’s mostly because I usually don’t have the ingredients for the same breakfast. I just take whatever I have and see what I’m in the mood for!

Arjay A.
As much as possible I keep it interesting and at the same time healthy. But it always depends on my budget and time. Normally, I would buy healthy ingredients in advance such as fruits, oats, and milk, so that every morning I could prepare my own choice of breakfast. However, there are times when I can not buy ingredients due to financial restraints and sometimes I do not have much time to prepare my breakfast so I just buy somewhere. Nevertheless, I alwayd try to make my breakfast interesting not only to me but to others too.

Catherine U.
Keeping it interesting is key. Even with something as simple as oatmeal, mix it up by putting different fruits, that way it will still be exciting and fun enough to keep you excited to eat it the next morning.

Alfredo G.
Generally the same. Mostly toast and some coffee, sometimes eggs and bacon with juice, or some pistachios(always eat savoury breakfasts, if i have to resort to cereal it ruins my day)
Really miss avocado toast though! And would like to get some new ideas