How can you make sure to have a great breakfast every day?

Livio C.
Maybe by eating food that I like and it have to be healthy at the same time ex: cornflakes, eggs and bacon, oatmeal or just a healthy smoothie would be enough
Aaron Y.
Well, I wake up early so I can prepare for my breakfast. I make sure that my breakfast have enough carbohydrates, vitamins and some fibre also.
Kish O.
Firstly, buy what you like and add a lot of veggies and fruits to your fridge. Secondly, imagine your breakfast you will be eating is delicious food that you can get from a luxurious hotel by the balcony somewhere warm and beautiful. Then cook that beautiful breakfast that consists of all the ingredients you love. Personally, i love fruits, eggs, avocado, sausages. But do not have soda or anything too sugary.
Gerald N.
I "want" to be 'happier', and "fabulous" so i dont even give a chans to forget or … even if there is nothing great to eat! i eat lighter food…
Jaxon F.
For most it starts the night before. Have a good dinner well before bedtime for enough time to digest before rest. Then, with an early rise, you'll be on the right stage of your eating cycle to be hungry and have enough time to make a good meal.
G Lsen X.
Definitively the best way is have the ingredients ready, and if is possible, have the breakfast prepared the night before, good luck
Deborah O.
1) Have things easily accessible and do as much prep the night before as possible.
2) Have an easy backup if you're running late or had a rough start. A baggie of mixed nuts (made night before) and a banana and apple.
3) Have a stash in arms reach in your car for drastic times haha.
Sofie F.
I plan ahead. Making a list of go-to breakfast or even meals helps me since my days are always hectic even if I'm working from home. I'm also lucky because I have a loving family who loves to cook.
Marie B.
I make sure to involve fruits, some protein, a good coffee or tea that will boost my energy. I usually add a sandwich but not always. Also I drink water because I do not drink enough in the day and I'm fully ready to start my day.
Jelay P.
Prepare a good and healthy dish. Before sleeping asked yourself what would like to eat in the morning so when you wake you will prepare all ingredients you need.
Vianei F.
Usually I already decide the evening before what I want to eat in the morning. I also make sure that the kitchen is clean. That way I feel more motivated to cook in the morning and it doesn't cause any stress.
Josefine A.
By having the food in the kitchen ready to be made, and by setting a time with yourself in your mind of when to be stood in the kitchen and when the food should be ready by. You want to give yourself enough time – say 20 minutes – to make the meal you want, rather than only 5 minutes just to grab something small. It is about making the time to cook what you desire, and having everything ready to make.
Soham P.
Prepare 7 breakfast oat jars ahead – layer in oats, nuts, kefir or milk, blue berries, dried fruits, spices, yogurt – refridge. Each am remove one & microwave reheat.
Christina O.
Look at what food items you have to choose from in the house and think of what you may be more likely to actually eat the next day. Set it aside in the fridge or table in a container. Through trial and error you'll find out what you prefer then you can plan ahead for the next week. Go to the store to buy food and give yourself a few options. That way whether you're in a hurry or have time to eat before leaving there will be something to choose from.
Dino Z.
I went shopping for things I would like to have for breakfast, and made sure that they'd be healthy. I wake up early enough to be able to prepare it, that helps too.
Angie S.
The way I can’t make sure I have a great breakfast every day, is to make sure I go to bed early and wake up on time to do my morning yoga, shower and dress. Also, if I meal prep the day or
two before will add to my success. Another way to contribute to a great breakfast is to write it on my calendar inside of my mother’s planner. Visualization helps me with setting and achieving my goals.
Shams Z.
Try to have something that you like in your house and can eat early on. If you dont feel like eating, you can still take it and eat it a bit later in the day
Arianna J.
Buy all you groceries at the weekend for the next week thinking about each day, if you have it in the kitchen you’ll want to use it up because you’ve payed for it and don’t support wastefulness and they only way to do that is by eating it. But make sure there’s no sugary cereals or carb loaded pastries around. Opt for things the porridge oats and weetabix, bananas and eggs. As they’re all filling and good for you.
Emmie S.
I take time to prepare my breakfast. I dont rush into it. If I let my intense morning hunger get to me and rush me, than I would eat more than I need and should.
Isadora Q.
You can prepare the foods in the evening before. Even though you think you won't eat them and maybe yoı can even take them to your jobwith you. For this you will need a bento box. And a Thermos.
Neli A.
Have the ingredients in your kitchen, make it tasty, do not force your self to eat something you dont like or dont know how to prepare, just make a healthy version of your favourite breakfast
Annabelle O.
Make sure you have time to make it in the morning or ask people to buy you stuff at the store that is easy and good to eat.
Kakoli P.
I have to wake up super early because my work is a bit far away. Also, I have to leave my house by a specific time in order to not miss the train, which means every single minute counts. I was extremely bad with breakfast but I have started putting alarms/reminders on my phone to let me know that I need to eat breakfast.

I keep a banana or an apple on my bedside table so I can eat something when I wake up. My train journey takes around 40 minutes so I carry things I can eat on the way, like protein bars, fruits, sandwiches.

The most important thing that will help you eat breakfast regularly is preparation. If you prepare everything the day before, you won't have an excuse to not eat when you wake up the next day.