Do you prepare your breakfast ahead of time (aka on the weekends)? If so what is your favourite breakfast item?

Gianluca E.
I love to have some brown rice at hand. I can mix it with leftover, or put an egg on top of it… But it gives me with satisfaction and good quality carbs…
Messias C.
I will normally prep my breakfast for the week on Sunday. During the week I enjoy making chia seed pudding with almond butter and berries. It’s an easy grab and go breakfast. On weekends I enjoy a nice healthy breakfast hash loaded with tons of veggies like bell peppers and kale.
Mattias F.
I buy all my ingredients in the beginning of the week, including breakfast items. I prefer Greek yogurt with some fruit and honey, but also oatmeal, fruit and toast with a nice spread like avocados.
Shaunicer W.
I don't prepare my breakfast ahead of time on the weekends like I do during the week. I like to make my breakfast fresh on the weekends. It's great way to start the weekend. Right now, my favorite breakfast is homemade french toast, scrambled eggs with spinach and strawberries. I love it!
T Bori X.
No i don't prepare my breakfasts because i like making it in the morning. It wakes me up and also i am very 'what do i crave right now' person
Catrin F.
I personally don't take the time to meal prep. That's a good idea though! I've been trying to stay on a low-carb route, however I still eat my morning oatmeal as my main carb source. It runs about 30g of carbs a serving. I add a nut and raisin mix to it as well as banana. An easy source of protein you could do on the weekend is boil a bunch of eggs.
Mashook G.
Not at the moment. My breakfast is simple bread and eggs and prepared by my wife in the morning 😉

but i do just grab a few dates, or spoon of hanuka honey or chia seeds on alternate days.

Ladybird N.
I usually just throw my breakfast together each morning. I only have cereal usually. I sometimes work weekends so my days off work can be any day of the week, so I don't have a set schedule for that.
Nelson Z.
I prepare for the week by stocking up on the foods I’ll need for breakfast and for lunches on the go: eggs, peanut butter, nuts, granola bars, apples, and tomatoes. For breakfast, I usually make a simple over easy egg and eat it on half an English muffin (if I’m hungrier or want more fuel for my morning, I’ll have two eggs on an English muffin). It takes about 10 minutes to prepare, and while the food is cooking I can also start prepping lunch to go: usually some combo of an apple, a granola bar, and nuts (along with water!). If I’m having lunch at home, I might have fruit with peanut butter, or I might use the tomatoes to make something like a small caprese salad.
Rose T.
I don’t plan it out very well but a breakfast casserole is a great way to have breakfast for the week. Eggs, sausage, hash browns and some other yummy stuff, topped with avocado once you serve. It’s awesome.
Aurore Q.
La preparo giorno per giorno però mi sveglio presto per prepararla e per gustarla. Il cibo che preferisco è un tost/tortilla con prosciutto e formaggio.
Sheryl Q.
The only preparation I do beforehand is making sure I have the ingredients or items that I want to eat for breakfast for the week. I tend to like a quick breakfast like a piece of fruit along with an egg or too. Simple, yummy and quick. Also cheap
Glen C.
I usually don't prepare breakfast in the evening. I don't have time for it and I know how to make good breakfast fast! I simply put a little amount of hot water on the oats, wait 5 minutes, then add soy yogurt and some fruits or berries – this is my favourite bowl ever!
Mathias Z.
I don't prepare it but it's similar everyday. I love peanut butter and banana. These are the main ingridients that I mix either with crackers or joghurt and oats.
Hannah N.
I have the luck that my boyfriend makes my breakfast for me. He likes to cook. He normally makes a smoothie for me with avocado, mango, spinach and a bit of water. It tastes really good and sweet. I also like to eat soy yoghurt with an apple afterwards. But normally the smoothie is enought until noon (12:00).
Katie Ann F.
Im currently fasting 16:8, but when i do break my fast i like eggs. Hard boiled, scrambled, fried or as an omelette. With A cup of creamy coffee